Scam letter(s) from Natalia Trushina to Egil (Norway)

Letter 1
I am glad to see your letter! I hope you will not laugh on to me. I not the small girl which wish entertainments. I search for the adult, good man who wishes serious relations.
But there is one problem. In my profile there is the error. I have badly understood registration. I thought, I need to specify the country of search of the man. It has appeared, I needed to specify the country where I live. I don't live in Norway. I live in Russia.
You probably are strongly surprised... I hope it won't prevent our acquaintance? The big distance doesn't frighten me. I have the big desire to find the man for serious relations!
One question, In your country many beautiful girls.Whether I am similar to the girl from Norway? I heard that Norway very cultural country!
I want to know about your country more! I want to visit sometime your country! Probably, to construct there the family. It while dreams...
Well... I will tell a little about myself... I the Russian woman, 34 years, not married, have no children.... Unfortunately I did not manage to create long, serious relations with my last man... But about it later... I live in small city Akhtubinsk. 1100 km from Moscow.
The population of 39 thousand persons. My city beautiful, with the good nature... It is located on river bank Volga! Whether you know this river? It is one of the largest rivers in the world.... You Can already were in Russia? In Moscow? Unfortunately I was not in other countries..
My biggest travel, is a trip to Kareliya! There it is very beautiful! The nature of Kareliya the surprising. In its territory two reserves, two national parks, 108 nature sanctuaries are located. The rivers are very strongly attractive! I liked that in Kareliya there is a considerable quantity of thresholds and falls. It very beautifully also bewitches attention! I am very glad that to me was possible to visit Kareliya!
I also visited the city of Sochi. It is the south of Russia. There I was surprised with the Arboretum. It is unique park in which plants and trees from every corner of the globe are collected.
Probably you have guessed? I love the nature, flowers, a beautiful garden!
I would like to set to you many questions... In what countries you were? What beautiful places you saw? Your Hobbies? Interests?
From a hobby: I like to sew, cook food, to go in for sports. In the summer I run at stadium, I play volleyball. I ski in the winter, ice skating.
Whether I cannot tell you are pleasant to me. It will show time. Only through dialogue we can learn each other! I have the great interest to get acquainted with you! And you?
I wish you good evening! I hope our acquaintance will be good! Natali I send you a photo me. I hope to you it will be pleasant.
Letter 2
Why you have written to me very little? I don't see the big information on you. I don't see the good answer to my questions. I don't see good questions. All that I see this your desire to see my photo. And all? More you interests nothing? Probably you the hunter for women? I already wrote to you. I search for serious relations. I hope you you understand sense of my words.
Letter 3
I see you search for the woman of the age. Then what for you have written to me? If you search for the woman of the age it was possible not to write to me simply.
Letter 4

For me doesn't play the role your age... I want will find the man which to love me, to care of me... Many men want that only women cared of them, loved, constantly forgave changes... I had the man to which there were 34 years... It constantly changed me... I very strongly loved it. Ran behind it... But unfortunately it has hurt me very much... Now I don't want to think of that man... Now I want to find the man is more senior myself... I want to find the skilled man which knows life, knows much in life... Which will show me the right way... Which won't admit that that I made mistakes...
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