Scam letter(s) from Maha Khalaf to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Friend, I am writing to inform you the situation we are facing here in Niamey,.. am from Libya and my husband is one of the late Gaddafi sons driver. it was my husband who took Gaddafi family to Niger and Algeria when they ran from Libya. but he came back to Libya and died when their convoy was hit by NATO bomb. but he told me something very important when he was alive. he told me how he took some money from Gaddafi son and kept it in a secret place and Gold. i have 4 children for my husband. I am seeking your help to stand as my upfront receiver of the FUNDS & GOLD, that means i will name you as our foreign beneficiary receiver of the Fund and the Gold, all i need is your trust and sincerity and i know you will not betray us... When i hear from you i will discuss more on the easy way to go about it and how you can contact the vaults company where the Fund and the Gold was Deposited for safe-keeping ..meaning that i will provide you with the Deposited Certificate of the Fund and the Gold and Death certificate of my late Husband and also provide you the full details of the company for you to contact the company.. Kindly view the attach file will find my picture and my children.... Waiting to hearing from you... Yours Sincerely,
Madam Maha Khalaf
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Name: Natalia Burlakova
Age: 27
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 38
Name: Jennifer Murrey
Age: 24
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Age: 25
Name: Karen Mendelsohn
Age: 38
Name: Marina Kozlova
Age: 30
Name: Galina
Age: 35
Name: Svetlana
Age: 25
Name: Claire Aleah
Age: 31
Name: Clarissa Ildole
Age: 34
Name: Bertha Kinder
Age: 30
Name: Ekaterina Soukena
Age: 30
Name: Catherine
Age: 34
Name: Kate Smith
Age: 28
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Age: 33