Scam letter(s) from Nina Kalashnikova to Les (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my Les!
Today, I have a very good mood ! Today is my last day at work ! Tomorrow I should not work and I will rest.
I hope that very soon I will be with you . Today not cold in Ivanovo! This is +10 degrees.
I am very glad that you wrote to me. Your letter gives me a sense of warmth and feel happy .
Today I can not work well because all my thoughts are about you. But I have to finish my work today, so then I could have a relaxing holiday . I'm going to my colleague explains Galina, what she should do when I'm on vacation.
She will replace me in my office.
I'm glad you told me the name of the airport. Can you meet me at the airport, if I tell you in advance arrival date and time my plane? You're going to meet me in person , or should I take a taxi ? Tell me about it.
I hasten to tell you what I learned in the agency . Last night I went to the travel agency to learn about the journey.
I told them that I want to fly to your country . I was offered a lot of options for recreation at the hotel. But I said that I want to travel to meet my friend abroad. Therefore, staying in a hotel does not suit me . I explained to them that I want to own travel. The girl in the agency explained to me that for that I must have a passport to travel , visa and plane tickets .
I knew about it and I was interested only visa. Explained to me about it. Unfortunately in our city has no embassy .
And I was told that the nearest Embassy located in Moscow. Term visa from 3 - 7 days. The visa fee for tourist $ 100.
The validity of the visa 90 days. In order to get a visa , I should have 4 photos , a certificate of my salary board , a certificate of ownership and my passport for travel. I have two options to get a visa : 1. Agency will help me to get a visa . I will provide all the necessary documents to the agency and they will for me to get a visa. It will cost $ 420 and will need 2 - 3 weeks. But I still have to go to Moscow to personally attend the interview at the embassy. Therefore, this is not an option for me. When will I have a visa the vacation will end already .
2 . I will get a visa on their own . To do this, I should go to Moscow and provide all the papers in the embassy independently. It would cost me about $ 100 and will need 3 - 7 days. But I would have to pay for travel to Moscow and a hotel. Cost of the road to Moscow by train 4600 rubles or $ 130. Hotel cost 2100 rubles or $ 60 per day.
I think I should have $ 750 to pay for 10 days in a hotel and food. Les, I told you that I have the money to travel. It is $ 400 and today I received my salary.
$ 1050 . But I have to pay the mortgage and car loan for $ 600 and now I have only 700 $. This money will be enough to pay all the costs for a visa , but I have no money left to pay a plane ticket . I watched today the prices plane . It is worth around C $ 1300 transfer and direct flight. I looked at this site
It is a sorrow to me that I did not have enough money for a ticket . I waited for so many of our meeting and now I do not know what to do.
forgive me for what I am asking you this. You can buy a ticket for me? You can learn how to buy a ticket for me?
I'm really sorry that I can not pay my own travel . I also can not put it off because my holiday already starts tomorrow.
I booked a ticket to Moscow to train at 19:00 (Moscow time) . I hope that you will be able to answer me this time.
I can return the money to you after my holiday will end and I will be back to work.
So I bought a card to call you, but today I do not have time. I will call you from Moscow.
Once again, forgive me , that I should ask you for help, but I think this meeting is necessary for both of us . We should understand our relationship. I do not want our relationship ended because we could not meet .
Les, tomorrow as soon as I come to Moscow and rasmeschus in the hotel I 'll write you immediately . I also explained that I can check my e-mail in any internet cafe. To do this, I should go to, enter your password and then I can see your letters.
I knew about it, but I did not know well how it works. Now I should not use any special program .
I'm sure we 'll have a good business together! I'll wait for your answer tomorrow, and if you have money , then I will go to Moscow to get a visa ! I'm waiting for your letter with the hope that soon we 'll be together and I'll kiss you . Write soon.
your Nina
Letter 2
Hi Les!!!!
You've been waiting my letter? I took the time to write to you as soon as possible . I could not wait for the moment when I will have time to read your letter ! I think a lot about what we can meet soon .
I've already made the first steps for our meeting . First I talked to my parents about what I'll go to you. I explained to them that you're a good man , and we're good friends. I also said , that you will take care of me when I'm with you. You meet me at the airport and then spend me to the airport . But I also can take care of yourself , if you can not meet me .
Mom worried , but I tale that your country is safe for travel . Also, I know English, so I do not I will have a problem with talking . my mom told me that she does not mind my stay, but it is said to I wrote a letter when fly to you . So she can know that I'm safe .
For me it was very important to know that my parents approve of my actions . I have very good parents .
I love my mom and dad . They are well educated us. I am glad that my parents supported me.
I hope someday you'll meet with my parents and you will be convinced that they're good people !
Les, today I also spoke with my director. I have good news. my director told me , I can start my holiday the next day ! ! This is very good news. But I still have not learned about the visa.
I will go to travel agencia tonight after work or tomorrow afternoon , when I have lunch.
I should also learn about the cost of the ticket . Tell me the name of the airport, where you can meet me .
Good ? I'll look flights from Moscow . This will be the airport Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo. I think that the ticket Moscow will be cheaper. As soon as I find out where and how I can get a visa, I will inform you about it .
When I traveled to Thailand , everything was taking care of visa travel agencia. we arrived in the airport in Thailand , there we met the bus and we traveled eight days in Thailand . We had a tour group of 40 people.
But now I will have a little more travel. In any case, I'll know about it tomorrow .
I can not believe that soon I will be able to see you. Every day I think only about what separates us only the distance .
I look forward to our meeting. Les, are you waiting for our meeting ? I'm a little excited , but that excitement !
I like to think that soon I will be able to meet you personally .
Les, I want to ask you to give me your home address and your full name. Can you tell me this?
my mother asked me to ask you this, so she knows how to find you.
my full name - Kalashnikova Nina
Here in Russia, we have only one name and one name .
my address:
st. Mira 34-13
I'll finish this letter. And I expect you to write me soon your answer. Do not forget to tell me the name Airport, which is close to your house . Good ? I also expect you to let me know your address and your name.
Tomorrow or today I will find out in the agency about how I can get a visa and then I 'll write a letter to you .
I hope you like my pictures. Your Nina.
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