Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Silenko to Jay (Saudi Arabia)

Letter 1
Morning my lovely Jay i am happy to receive your letter and want you to know that you are always in my mind. i cannot do anything with myself((i am waiting for the time that i will be able to whispering how special you are for me.... for the moment that i tenderly touch your hair and kiss your lips whispering how long I have waiting for that moment... my Jay, i am waiting that you feel my hands tenderly touching your body and my lips be whispering my fantasies about you.. Darling,thanks for offering your help,i appreciate your care and happy that we'll meet very soon in Istanbul. i found in bank that you can send money by western union, you will need my surname Silenko,and my name Svetlana.
city Perevalsk,Ukraine.
street Dzerghinskogo,2
post code 93294. (i don't live in Donetsk) but it is close to me.
Waiting impatiently for your reply,
Only yours Sveta
Letter 2
Hello my sweetheart I so much missed you,Jay. words can not describe how much i want to hold you and how much i want to kiss you right now. i dream about being close to you and hear your voice every day that can make us to manage with distance and always be in touch..we are on a distance but our hearts beat as one. our souls have already touched each other. I had a wonderful dream of us together we are there in your beautiful city, we where on my boat and all is still and peaceful all around us, we where holding each other looking at the stars as it got dark I look in your beautiful eyes and your smile made everything shine in the dark night then you kiss me it felt so real to me we where so happy together nothing could break us apart. my Jay,i so much want to see you.. I found my Jay that it's possible to make my passport in one week if to pay 350 dollars and possible faster only in one day if to pay 450 dollars. can i rely on you,my lovely man? i am not financially secured to pay for it( Honey,please reply me soon! Many kisses to you)
Truly yours Sveta
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