Scam letter(s) from Olga Tkachenko to Gordon (South Africa)

Letter 1

Greetings Abdul!!!
Thank, for the letter.
It is pleasant for me, that you that have responded.
I live in the city of Kazan, republics Tatarstans.
I work in a drugstore. Has finished the Kazan state medical institute.
My father was the military officer, but unfortunately was lost protecting the native land. My mother after death of the father worked on several works.
At me aneou the brother, to it of 18 years. He lives with mum. Mum lives in village Almetyevsk, I have left for the city of Kazan, to the grandmother to study in institute.
All my basic time leaves for work, and at leisure I prepare for a meal, I am cleaned and read fiction.
It is pleasant to me romantic and historically films.
I love music of various styles, pets.
I do not have harmful habits, on character the optimist.
I search for the person who will be the reliable husband, the friend beloved for me and who likes Children because I adore children and would like to have happy, amicable family and children in Alive pleasure in an atmosphere and happiness. It - my dream, To create my own family, caring and to give tenderness to my future husband and children.
Than you are engaged at leisure?
What films, books and music like you?
Write to me on
I wait for the answer.
Letter 2

Greetings I am glad that you have written to me. I shall tell to you a little about myself: My name is Olga, me 25 I live separately from parents, in the city of Kazan, and my mum lives in village, with the brother, I have grandmother and the grandfather Which live separately in same village. I have many hobby I like to dance and sing and at me it not badly turns out, my favourite color green and white. I work in a veterinary drugstore, but by education the veterinary. I very much love the nature, earlier I frequently went to campaigns, I like to collect mushrooms, I years, whenever possible try to leave more often on the nature. I love animals. I have understood from your letter that is pleasant to you practically too as me. I hope that we shall communicate with you for a long time, and we become good friends. It is very pleasant for me that you do not forget me and continue to write to me. I'm fine, and how at you? I recently went to myself in village, I there have very well had a rest, walked breathed fresh air sat on coast of lake. I want to tell to you about my village: My village is near to Almetyevsk. There we have house where very cosy to sit in the evenings, there is a bath, a beautiful garden, an apple a garden, cherries, near to the house there is a lake it very beautiful, on the next coast there is a church when on her the sun falls, her domes start to shine. Beauty. Well and you have house behind city? If there is that write to me about him. You have very much liked me, you have very well left in the photos, at you very good work, you help people, you very kind and courageous person. It is very a pity to me that you have lost mother God forbid to anybody such misfortune. At you probably was so hardly on soul after divorce with the wife well I hope that with you such any more do not happen. I shall tell to you about the love. When I studied in institute, but I have got acquainted with one nice young man, It{He} to me has very much liked also I to him too. We together walked, had a good time, in general, it was good us in a place. It he promised me, that we shall get married. … Like all would go well, and in one day he has very strongly deceived me, h} simply has taken advantage of me, since then I am afraid to trust men. I for a long time could not forget him because it there was a first love, and, as is known she for a long time is not forgotten approximately About 2 years I did not have partner in life, there were only friends, but also among them I could not find the one who is necessary for me. But there can be I soon shall find that who will grow fond of me and who will be grown fond by me. With impatience I wait for your letter Olga.
Letter 3

Greetings! You live in very interesting place to me about such only to dream. I am struck that your grandmother so for a long time lives not many presently so much the few live, at us in Russia average life expectancy at women of 65 years, and at men 50, men at us drink much, smoke, conduct a wrong way of life. But women as that try to conduct correctly the way of life, but some from smoke and drink as the man. It is very a pity to me that with you so act. I know that there are people which earn thus, but believe me please I not such, I during our dialogue was always frank with you and I hope you too. And tell to me why you think that from you pull money. With impatience I wait for the letter Olga
Letter 4

Greetings! It is pleasant for me to know that has well had a rest. I too have had a rest, I went in village to parents and there I too have not badly had a rest. We with the brother and the father went on fishing, to a wood behind mushrooms, behind berries, we bathed sunbathed, we well spent time also I even I feel had a rest. Excuse but I without your sanction have shown your photo to the family, you have very much liked them, they so were glad for me that I have person on which I can to rely a difficult minute, and in a place with him to be pleased lives. Answer me please 2 questions Why you so for a long time did not write to me And what feelings at you to me I shall wait for your letter Olga
Letter 5
Greetings Gordon!!!
Excuse, that for a long time did not write at me there were small complications.
I went to mum, she has called me and has asked to arrive urgently.
She was unwell, she needed to be helped on the house.
There there is no Internet and consequently there was no opportunity to write to you the letter. Olga.
Letter 6

Greetings Gordon!!!
Thanks Gordon my mum became better. But it was very difficult for it. I am glad to your letter and happy to read it. I am glad that we do not stop communicates and to learn each other. I want to tell to you that I do not have experience of dialogue with foreigners, you at me the first. I think that it will not afflict you and you will not stop with me to communicate. Because I want to find present the man what to find a support in a life. I not to time was not abroad and I want to meet you as you on it look?
Write. With love Olga.
Tkachenko []
Letter 7

Greetings Gordon.
It is very pleasant for me that you have answered my letter!!! I very strongly wanted it! To me of 25 years! I live in Kazan! I work in a drugstore as the seller! I live with the grandfather and the grandmother, my parents have got in accident when to me there were 15 years, I very badly transferred this shock and in many years have departed a shock! I am afraid to lose relatives for me people, and I am afraid to become attached to them! I have younger brother to which 13 years, I very much love it and I try as it is possible to care of it better!! I am sure that you the decent person and we can grow fond each other I is ready to give all to the person which me will grow fond and will respect! Please send some the photos and tell in more detail about itself! Than be fond at leisure from work? Whether be engaged in sports and what? Your Olga.
P.S. I wait with impatience of the answer!!! Brick []
Letter 8

Hi Gordon!!! I am glad to receive your letter. Thanks that you experience for me and for my mum. To my mum she became much better also already works. Do not worry I receive your mail at once as I come in Internet cafe. Simply Internet in Russia costs very dearly and I sometimes have money, but I try to write as it is possible more often. At me it's OK. I want and further to continue with you to communicate. Write. Whole Olga. Tkachenko []
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