Scam Letter(s) from Veronica to David (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi there, dear mister!
I have no doubts that there is a an ordinary fellow who can love me, respect me, treat me well and bring happiness into my life.
I am a free girl and I am unhappy!
What I need is your care and tenderness!
I dare and tell you about one thing: I hope to try and start communication with you with the aim of developing a true serious alliance with you.
By all means on condition that you are not against this thought!
Oh, I 'm so sorry! I failed to mention me name! My name is Veronika!.
am a young lovely, jolly, clear thinking and affectionate female!
I hope you will answer my letter, you will not leave my message unattended and our intercourse will flourish.
I will be waiting for your letter soon.
Have many enjoyable moments every single day!
All yours, Veronika, your potential friend from Russia!

Letter 2

Hello. I am very glad, that you have decided to write to me, and have shown interest to me. My name Veronika. The most usual Russian name. I very much love when I name Nika, this one of reductions of my name. You can name me as it is pleasant to you. Because I love the name. You know, many wish to seem better, than they are actually, and for this purpose choose to itself any exotic, absolutely ridiculous names ? But my name for you, possibly, will be in any case exotic. I live in the small city of Krasnoturyinsk, it is far from Moscow, on the east approximately 2000 km. I like my city, here very beautiful architecture. Many various churches and different mining operations.
It is a pity, that only they do not concern me. To me of 28 years, the truth, many say, that I look younger. I do not know, whether the truth it. Here you, looking at my photo what you think in this occasion? If it is interesting, I can tell, that at growth of 162 sm 50 kg weigh.
At me usual work. I the usual seller in shop. I sell a foodstuff. In aerobics was engaged since the childhood, I like to move under cheerful clockwork music. To brag - not in my rules, but nevertheless I will notice, that dances for me is a love. My work not the best. But to work it is necessary, that there was money. And also money is necessary what to contain themselves and to feed. Unfortunately, sports not free pleasure. Also I wish to tell, that my English language at very bad level. It is possible to tell, that I badly understand it and consequently I write to you through the translator.
I hope, that it to you will not prevent to communicate with me.
Suddenly, if at us with you something turns out, always it is possible to pass an intensive course of English language. I do not have bad habits, I do not smoke and I do not use drugs, it simply is not necessary for me. Sometimes happens, that during holiday in the company of girlfriends I afford a little easy alcohol, and that is faster for the sake of company maintenance. All do it sometimes.
Married never was, children are not present. Probably, then I will tell more in detail why so has occurred. That I all about itself yes about itself! Tell, please, everything, that you consider it necessary: how you live, where work, than take a great interest? If you certainly want it. If you do not wish to continue to communicate with me and to get acquainted. That do not play for time and tell to me fairly about it. Probably you also set to yourself a question. What for I have written to you and what from you is necessary for me? I will tell fairly. To me something would be desirable to try new. I wish to get acquainted with the man from other country. Suddenly my desire is destiny and once we with you will have relations or good friendship. I with pleasure send you my photo! I hope, that she to you will like. And with impatience I wait for your letter, and your photo!
I will be happy! To tell about itself it is possible long and much.
But I think, that to start it will suffice. Now to you to solve, whether you wish to continue to communicate with me mutually, and to tell about yourself or not.
I look forward your letter! Your new friend Veronika!



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