Scam letter(s) from Joy Canlas Lopez to Van (USA)

Letter 1
thnx you so much my baby for that i feel blesed to have you in my life !
i cant wait to start my whole life with you !!
god bless you with yuor big heart my baby !!
Letter 2
thnx you so much my baby !!
i love you very much !! muahhhhhhhhhhh
Letter 3
baby,,, dont judge me on my dresses, it just happen i know how to dress well and i know how to put some accesoeires to my self,, present personality is very needed on me coz i am working on the food services !! yes, that why, i was asking you, coz i am being true my baby,, as you said now, if i needed, i will ask to u i am good here,, pretty fine my baby,,,
Letter 4

sometimes, i experieed being starving for food, cant pay my rent due to my small salary but iam never give up,, i cant ask a lot of it coz i dont want yuo to think i am only aftering a money from you,, those dress i wore are only borrowed to my close freind of mine it just happen that i know how to mix a dress to be look good and classy,, everybody said that i have a filipina classy beauty, specialy to my SMILE !!
Letter 5
hi my baby i am doing good here !1
i miss you a lot so much !!
i will be open an acoint this week ok !!
jst be wait my baby i want to be with6 you so much !!
i love you very much !! muahhhhhhhhhhhh
Letter 6
from the start i was being true and honest my dear i always mark my self as a woman of virtue and character !!!
i am yuor woman who will fullfill the love and care that you wanted my baby !! muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Letter 7
i am just having a simple life and daily life jhere wake up every morning, then going to work work for 17 hours a day,, no dayss off,, that it my baby nothinbg new, nothing special in my life, that why, i need to be there now coz my life is so boring with out you !1 i love you
Letter 8
im good here,, been tired of my work but reading some of yuor emails make me feel so happy and energize my baby !!
i love you very much !!
Letter 9
i dont have a suit case my dear
yes, i am ready my baby
i know i have a good life wth you my baby 1 that why, i am comin there soon,, i cant wait,, i already open an acounbt, and it takes for few weeks my baby !!
if you just sent the money for my ticekts, i already have my flight shedule my baby, but, you insist for me to open an acount, so, it take a few weeks ,ok,,
Letter 10
hi my baby i miss yuo too,,
i hope we can do next step my baby
i canbt wait to be with you,
yes, it take a for a few weeks my dear !!
Letter 11
been doing good, but i have an dysmenrioa, it females isues, it all about my period,, but i am fine my baby !
yes my baby,,,
i wil wait when u can send so that i can book and have my flight shedule here my bby, and i can have my bank acound soon !!
plssssssssss,, they keep me informing me my baby of when can i book,,so that they can prioritize me as soon as posible !!
Letter 12
and who is they? if so can book with credit card .
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