Letter(s) from Olga Tkachenko to Chris (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, my name is Olga. I read your profile and I liked it.I decided to sent you this message,because I want to know more about you. I too am looking for that someone special and like you I have not found her yet! I want someone who I can care for and look after,respect and love.In return I would like love,care,honesty,truthfulness and honesty. If you would like to know more,then please email me: Tkachenkoo@mail.ru. Thank you for reading this. Olga

Letter 2
Hello Chris!
It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter as I really have become interested in you and it was interesting to me to hear your answer. I at once would like to start telling to you about myself, I shall try to tell to you all as it is possible better as probably my language will be not so clear to you.
I live in city Kazan, it is rather big city and was city which it is pleasant to me and I am glad what to live in such city. Certainly weather and average temperature very much do not like me, but I to think to go there where more warmly and the sun as I very much like to spend time in the street when the sun is hot to shine. I live in an apartment practically in the center of this city, with the grandmother, also I still have brother only it lives in village with my mum.
I not so frequently see them, all depends on time.
Very much I like to go in for sports, as I think that it is a normal way of life, and I try to give more time for holding the body in the good form.
I think that it is necessary, as it is useful, in general I respect a healthy way of life.
I do not smoke and seldom I take alcoholic drinks, as I think that it rather harmful.
But certainly when we gather our company the girlfriends and together spend time I can dare to drink a few fault or good beer, but only not so it is a lot of.
I love such evenings together with the girlfriends as it is practically unique way to have a rest.
As time to borrow from me my work. My real representation about good rest will be to observe a sunset on the sea together with loved and to see as it is big disk to disappear from visibility and it it not becomes visible, this simply remarkable show and I to love it.
Excuse me I simply such girl that I love sunsets.. .. It seems to me that very romantically.
Now I to work in a drugstore as a saleswoman of medicines.
But I do not see the future in it as to not see prospect for family at us.
I think that would like to create family with the person more provided, more morally brought up as I think that life and education in Russia will not give my future children of what I would like for them.
I to think that it is necessary give children all that we can to give, formation, the future, life eventually what she and what I her to see. Probably in it opinions can miss ours, but I hope that you also to have in the plans to create such family and if it so to me will be very pleasant to hear it.
Also it would be very interesting to me to learn more from you concerning you and your work, than you to be engaged?
I have many interests, like to travel as in the childhood a lot of time carried out in Russia and travelled with the parents. We carried out a lot of time together, were in the south of the country where had well a rest. But it was very much for a long time and already approximately 10 years I had not a rest as earlier.
BUT I think that at me still in the future.
I was not abroad and unfortunately to not see it, but many times to see your country on the TV and me very much this country is pleasant, by way of the future life and certainly places where will live our children and where I shall think what to find the happiness.
Your country has more better quality and a standard of living certainly on much higher lives in Russia, and to seem to me that this best place where children could be happy.
I to speak you that if I shall find the love I shall be happy.
Likely it is interesting to you why I to not find the person with whom I would like to be together at us in Russia, it rather complicated question. I want to tell that here there are good men and in general fair and kind people.
But I to not want to continue the future in this country as I think that there has come time to change my life and in general all that me surrounds. I am ready to think that it will be possible to make hardly to me it, probably but if there will be such opportunity that near to me there will be such person who will love me and to support at that time when to me it becomes difficult. I hope that it really will be so.
I also very much would like to learn you better, all than you to be engaged and as you to like to carry out the free time.
What you to think concerning the Russian girl, me interestingly your opinion?
My girlfriends speak me, that it is very interesting idea and are glad for me, that I have decided to try to find the love in other country.
On your intentions how many are serious and certainly it would be very interesting to me to learn, what you to think concerning family and the future, you build what plans? Also it will be very pleasant for me to inform you all that will be interesting to you. I with pleasure shall answer all your questions as you really are interesting to me and I hope that we can continue our dialogue.
Tell to me about the parents, more, where they now and how frequently you to see them?
Send me the photo!!!
I hope that have not strongly tired you with the story about myself.
I with big impatience shall wait your new letter, and I hope that I shall receive very soon from you new.


P.S. The love does not know that such age, all age are obedient to love!!!

Letter 3

Hello Chris, I have been occupied on work, because of it I could not answer your letter, Now while there is such opportunity can to write to you!
I very much like your letters, I hope, that you also like to receive letters from me.
I hardly believe that have found under the Internet of such fine person as you, probably the god has directed me to Internet - cafe. You so do not think? I liked your structure in agency and we with you are already copied, it very much to like me. You are ready to continue our dialogue? I think yes because if you have answered my letters something means you too have found in my structure, whether not so. To me it seems to us it is necessary to continue our dialogue through the Internet because may not be that the destiny has connected us in the Internet that we again were separated. I do not oblige you to anything to other except for dialogue with me, you see it is very important for me that one more friend has not thrown me, you have not overlooked that I have lost the friend more recently. I hope that you are not capable to put to me such wound. I see that you the good person. My heart is overflown with pleasure when I understand that have found to myself the new friend there where I it expected least. Which that person I wanted would seem to me you to find under the Internet. The my dear friend Chris you trust that we might become more than simply friends under the Internet? I would like it. I send to you still the photo that you have learned me even better. And you might send me some more a photo because I very much like landscapes . If you want about me still something to learn I ask you about that that you have asked me about it in the following letter. I would want to learn about your interests more, about that that you like and about that that you hate?
It is very pleasant for me to receive your photos, I shall send you also!