Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Packerson to Ian (England)

Letter 1
Good Morning Ian, Thanks for getting in touch from the dating site and sorry about the late reply.... I will attach my photos to this email and I will tell you a little more about my self ... I am single , never married , No Kids .., I am 5'9 fit tall , Blue eyes , long Light brown hair, athletic built , love sports in general especially long tennis footie and basket ball , In my free time I love to read , listen to cool music or watch a good movie / DVD , I like all sort of music , starting from the 80's , Blues , country music , classical's and continental music . What I am looking? I am looking to start a serious relationship with a genuine loving , caring man is that you ? I know only time will tell lol , I believe trust and honesty is the key to a successful relationship I would like my relationship to be built on trust love and honesty , I take my relationship very seriously I'm loyal , faithful and honest , loving and affectionate , I don't play games I am 100% genuine and I expect the same from you if we become partners.. , I am easy to get a long down too Earth kind of lady , I have been single for over two years by choice , I have only just decided to give it a go thats why I joined that dating site and I hope this will be the end of our search . I don't really care about looks the inside of a person is what matters to me if you have the above qualities then I am sure we will engage in a serious relationship.A little more about me ... I was born In liverpool we moved to the IOM a few years ago , I am the only child of my parents , lost my father in 2009 , I live with my mother here in Ramsey we have a sweet home I live here with my both of my parents before loosing my father it was a big loss as we are one small happy family , its such a lovely place out here In Ramsey lots of sea shores though its boring sometimes ..but I would love to relocate if I find the right person else would like to make new friends and see other places around the UK. A few questions for you now what do you seek on that dating site ? how serious would you take our relationship if we engage in one ? would you discuss private stuff with friends after a couple pint or are you a private person like my self? ...are your both parents still alive? have you got brother and sisters ? where you married before ? have you got kids ? do you want children? whats your occupation? hobbies and interest ? hope I am not asking a lot of questions just want to know you better , would be nice to learn more about you and see how we get on ..hopefully we will get on well and this might be the start of a great relationship between us , I will stop here for now and wait for your reply don't forget to attach your pictures , my mobile number is 07564451939 text to let me know once you reply so that I can have a look ok ..bye for now **
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