Scam letter(s) from Valentina Bolshakova to Bobby (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Bobby, Thanks for your remarkable letter. I loved it very much. I am very glad that you answered me back and give chance to develop to our relations. I like your photo. It is very pleasant for me to receive from you a unusual daily photo:) If we can meet I shall to like to prepare for you for Russian dishes. I very much like to prepare, since in the childhood my mum teach me to this. She spoke that the man in the house should be always full and pleased with meal:) In Russia many women are brought up by ancient Russian traditions. For the Russian woman of money not the main thing in a marriage, the main thing that that there was a love, mutual trust, understanding and respect. I do not search rich for the man since I think that money not the main thing in a life. I am very glad to hear that for you this same. I never smoked. The smoke of cigarettes is very unpleasant to me. I use alcohol very seldom. I can drink wine behind a romantic supper at any restaurant. But it happens very seldom. I think that we pursue common plans this creation of family. How you will understand that the person correct for you? I do not know as relations through the Internet develop and whether it is possible to fall in love each other, but I think what difficultly to understand each other but if we shall set more questions we can get acquainted closer. I think that you agree with me. Bobby, I shall set still some questions. Whether you trust in love through the Internet? Write that you like in the woman? How many you would like to have children? How passes your day? I do not know what is the time you have to write to me the letter, but I hope that you will find time to answer these questions. I simply want to learn you closer. As I already spoke, on July, 19 I shall go in Moscow to receive my visa. If we shall decide to meet sooner or later, I should receive her right now. Process of reception of the visa borrows very significant time and we should not lose such chance. Under your letter I see that you want that I arrived to you, and I am very glad that we have sympathy to each other. I not the rich person also, but I shall try to find money for reception of the visa and trip in Moscow. It is road in Moscow and back, + reception of the visa will cost approximately 600 $. I shall try to borrow money and to use the best efforts for our meeting. I very much would like to arrive to you and to see as our relations face to face develop. I shall send you still my photos in the following letter. Please, send more about you and if it is possible still your photos. I shall wait for your fast reply. It is pleasant for me to get acquainted with you closer. Valentina.
Letter 2

Love Bobby, Thanks for your letter and new photo. How your day was? I think that at you all well. I had good day today and waited for the moment when I shall read your letter and was glad when have seen your letter and photo. You are very nice to me. Tonight I should go in Moscow to receive the visa. For trip to Moscow and I should have receptions of the visa approximately 600 $. Dear Bobby, in your letter I see that you want our meeting, and I should speak that if you will help me you should have time to do it asap. To me your words are very pleasant. I also think of our meeting and I dream of day when we can be together. I shall arrive to you by the plane and when I shall go down I I shall look caiiai beautiful and the most remarkable the man. You will go to me, and I shall go on a meeting to you. You will embrace, and to kiss me gently. I very much dream of this I shall be happy to be with you and to see those so beautiful places. I shall like to be with you, to walk keeping for hands, to have walks in parks under the moon. It is very pleasant for me. Dear Bobby, we absolutely soon shall together and I am sure that we shall to build the happiest pair. Bobby, we still have not enough time, and we should have time to plan our meeting. Tonight I should go in Moscow to receive the visa. I learned that the fastest and reliable way of a sending of money it Western Union. After you will send money during one hour I can to receive them here. Ok, I shall allow to you the data. Use it: 1) Country - Russia
2) City - cheboksary
3) Name _ Valentina
4) Surname - Bolshakova To me have told that these data will be enough. Go in Western Union and use my data. After a sending I should know yours: 1) Full your data
2) Your full home address
3) control number MTCN Ok, I finish my letter and I hope that at you all turns out. Write to me asap. I shall wait your letter. yours lovely Valentina. P.S. I send still my photos, I hope that will like you!!! P.S. I have MSN Messenger, and would like that we tried to communicate with you. Mine ID:
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