Scam Letter(s) from Philomina Akyen to Tony (UK)

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Letter 1

Good morning My love
How is everything with you? Hope well. I am also doing fine, just feeling so lonely, but i know it wont be forever, Time will come when we will not need the computer to talk anymore, we will then see face to face, Sure i strongly hope that special dreams of ours will come true. Thanks a lot for your emails, they made my day nice, reading such wonderful words from you. I love you too and thanks for all the good plans you have for us, i see to it coming through, Yes i agree with you, emails and text will always draw us closer, i really like that, you sound someone encouraging and have strong faith. My love for you will never die, trust me 100% i am a woman of my words. I have devoted my love to you, and finally determined to spend rest of my life with you. I cant live or do without you. All my life i have been praying for someone like you. Glad to have also found you into my life. Tony my T shirt size is large or Medium, not too small. So so i guess average will do. Concerning Perfume, my taste is Issey Miyaki or Calvin Klein Euphoria. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to get me a nice Cotton Jacket like the ones footballers dress in when coming to the filed to play football. Nike or Umbro, very simple and nice to wear on T shirts or sweat shirts. Any will do for me. I love you so much and thanks for your love and tender affection that you give me in your emails everyday. I end here and wait to hear from you soon with all my love

Letter 2

Hello Tony my Love
Good morning and how is u? Hope well, and believed your weekend went very well as well. I am also fine, just so lonely and really miss reading your emails that contains sweet loving words. I have really been thinking a lot about you everyday of my life. I cant stop doing. Your love means a lot to me. Tony do not worry as i have already asked you not to feel any pains when u dont hear from you, Internet is very rough here, and i check on it everyday, Do you know how your words means to me? I have you in my dreams, cant live without you. My Dear will it be possible for you to get 400 Sterling so that i can be in your arms this weekend? There is an up coming Choir group tour, which i would like to be part to visit UK where i can decided to stay after the singing competition is over. Its a very good chance and opportunity for us to meet as soon as possible. I love you so much. Did you get my text messages i sent you? Never had one from you for a long time. Hope all is well, makes me worry also, cant wait at all to be in your arms, i just want to be there so we can sleep and wake up together, every morning. Tony my sexy body needs your arms moving on, caressing my breast and fondling my nipples, I miss good hot sex for a long time, really want you to get me pregnant. I love you so much and wait for your respond towards my coming. Love always



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