Letter(s) from Tamara Horoshevskaya to Jipi (Luxembourg)

Letter 1

Hello my Tamara!Hello sweet Jean-Pierre!
i did not hear from you for a long time., i hope that everything is ok with you. you do not call me any longer, i do not understand why. i am so sorry for making you wait for my answer, i was very busy with my work here, and i hope that you understand me i could not write you. i was waiting for your telephone call, but you never called me. i would like so much to get to know you better. I hope that Putin is not controlling you to call me:)))
i am looking forward to get the recipe for the marmelade, because you were talking about it with so mcuh delight that i can not wait to taste it))))
As for the photo you would like to get, ok, no problem, I will make for you the photo with the date on it. I wish you could do the same for me, ok?
By the way, I liked a lot the photos you sent me, you are very good looking there))))
Today is a very nice day. You see, the sun is shining and people are smiling in the street. I thought that I am a very happy person. I have all I need in my life. It is so great to realize that. You see what I mean? They say life is a zebra – the white stripe is changed with the black one. I realized that in my life there are so much more white stripes. I see that it is so great to know that all you want you will get, like in the book of Paolo Koelio “when you really need something all the Universe will help you to get it”. I think that the most important in life is to find someone special you can share all you have. It is so few one need for the happiness. What is a perfect day for you?
I think that this day is perfect for me, because I have woken up in a very good mood, I have turned on the radio while cooking a cup of coffee and the was my favorite song, Garou “Gitan”, the sun was shining brightly, I have a long and interesting day ahead of me, I knew that I will be able to write to you today and that probably you will be able to call me, what else do I need to be happy? Only you asking me for a date?)) and Peace all over the world!
I wish you a very nice day
Take care
Kisses to you
Your Tamara