Letter(s) from Julia Lazareva to Kjn (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Kurt!!!
I take pleasure, when I read yours
Letters. I thank you for each your letter :) Kurt I believe in God and washing trusting Christianity, but I as well as you do not visit church often.
Allow me to tell about my work. As you already know I work As the stylist-hairdresser in a beauty salon.
Tell too on more detailed about the work?
If it is interesting to you, you can visit our site of a beauty salon, there you can see the information on our salon.
There there is a photo of our beauty salon, and on some photos there is I.
On it if to you interestingly I will entitle you of our site.
Here you can see photo gallery, on some photos there is also I:
Employees of a beauty salon: http://izh-fuksi.ru/staff/ Very much to like me my work as I spend much Time with people.
My work consists in that that I should change people and freshen their appearance.
But I do not wish to speak about work much.
In my work there is one minus, I receive in a month about 370 euros. In Russia It is very heavy to find good work.
Tell, how it is difficult to find good work in your country?
I the curious and open girl. Can therefore I set to you too frank questions? Write to me at once if you You consider, that answers to my questions, this your personal and you do not want on Them to answer. I personally want with most have started to correspond with you Frankly.
Spending the majority of time on work, I often recollect the The childhood. When I together with the parents went to wood, had a rest on Lake. Especially to me one summer from my childhood, which I is remembered with The family have spent on lake "Ij". This very big lake and beautiful The nature surrounds it. There we bathed, sunbathed, went on fishing and Ate a shish kebab. It was fine time!
Tell to me about that as you spent time with the Parents in the childhood? Kurt write, how you had a rest and enjoyed time?
It would be interesting to me to read a couple of your histories from the small Age. Since the childhood I liked the big tennis. I look on To the TV of translation of matches. Sometimes I with friends go on the tennis Court. But it seems to me, that we and have not learnt to play well:) Kurt and you What game to like? Sometimes I with fellow workers go to play bowling, or billiards I have started to play not so long ago this game and I very much like :) on an extent of our correspondence you for me became Not simply familiar, and the person close to liking. With which I can To share the problems and holidays. I consider it fine!
Today I send a photo on which you can see my work.
I will wait for your answer. Your curious iuliia

Letter 2

Hello Kurt!!!
It is very pleasant to me to see your letters.
When I them see, to me it is very good and at me is cheered up.
It is very interesting to me to learn about your life. You can write to me about Everything, that you interests. I will be glad to answer your questions. Me Interests, whether you trust in ideal relations, and that for this purpose it is necessary To do?
Spending the majority of time on work, in an environment of people, I Often I recollect the childhood.
Today I have told to my mum about you. She has been very surprised by that, That I correspond with the man from abroad. My mum has told, As showed on the TV, that in the last time in other countries The concept - an intim became popular or to have on the party of the partner for Entertainments. I have convinced her at once of the return. It with the big interest Listened and asked about you. I have told what you the decent person, Also that you are not engaged in such things. I cannot to myself at all To present, that you the darling presume it. In the end of ours Conversations, it has changed the opinion and I was glad to that with you Has got acquainted! She has asked to show me to it your photo, and Has sent you the regards and good wishes. I very much was delighted, That my mum has taken a positive view of you. Kurt you corresponded when Be on the Internet with other girls? I have got acquainted with you, and Every day I rejoice to it! The main thing, that we would understand each other and Were sincere. Also wrote each other letters every day.
I with impatience wait from you for new photos and letters. Good-bye.
Yours iuliia

Letter 3

Hi my darling Kurt!!!
I hope that you not against if I is you so to name :) I so is glad To receive from you the letter. I simply rejoice when I read them.
Now you already know about me I :) I will try much enough To tell about itself it is as much as possible. I consider that we owe all Fairly and directly to speak each other. Only on trust it is possible to construct good and strong relations.
Only so we can achieve ideal mutual understanding. Any Relations should be based on trust, honesty, mutual understanding.
You agree with me? I consider that only if two persons completely They trust each other can be together. I hope you agree with Me. I feel that you very well understand me. I think that it Very well. Only if we understand well each other we We can construct good relations.
Today I have opened eyes in a bed and looked at the watch. Time was 7:00 And I thought of you. Whether I thought there was you already or not?! Then I have risen, Made toilet. Went on kitchen to make a breakfast. Then I Went to watch TV. On the TV showed transfer about the sea.
What it nevertheless the fine big. I was on the sea, but only at us in Russia. I was on Black sea.
I went there to have a rest.
Speak that the sea, it very big and without extreme :))) I even till now I remember taste of the sea :)) when you sit on To seacoast that air as though the salty. Kurt and you were on the sea? I think that You were final on the sea. As though I wished to lay with you on seacoast, That only around there was a blue sky, water, sand, the sun and we Together!! As it is romantic! And it is amusing. I so want it. But I think that we when That can and we will organise it, but I do not wish to think. As speak time Will show. Time treats. After I watched this transmission I went To walk in park and to enjoy the silent nature. Very strange that in park There was very few person, usually it is a lot of people, but it from for weathers is possible that. After I I walked went home, have dressed sportswear and did run that as that To invigorate itself. After I ran I went again home and accepted Cold shower, it is very useful for health! Then I was at home and Thought, why a life such difficult piece?! At first I searched for the person, Which will love me and there will be true to me as I to it, and here we Have found each other but now we wait for our time and is very sick in Heart because we yet together. But such our vital means Stage which we should pass together. I think that the life shares on Stages, that is look, now we while far apart and to us it is necessary To maintain it until while we not together we should To sustain it and then the god will award us! And we will be happy and so Each and any stage! Kurt and you about it did not think?! And I trust that that day will come when we can meet.
We should be waited, hoped and trusted only! Probably that I very much early speak you about all it. If it so that tell to me. Not Hesitate. I hope that you will answer my letter.
Yours iuliia

P.S: today I send you a photo which I have made during rest on Black sea.

Letter 4

Hello Kurt =)
I am glad to read your letter. I feel, that something connects us with the friend the friend.
I think, that our feelings to each other grow.
I have written to you just SMS on number which you to me have given. Here mine
Number: : +7 927 684 6367. You can write to me on this number SMS in Any time. So we can keep in contact at any time :) it Remarkably :) I tried to call you, but at me it has not turned out. Can To be it from for that that you in other country. But it will be always very pleasant to me to receive from you SMS. I hope that you will write to me :) Kurt I said to you, that before a dream I read books. Now I read books about the nature and animals.
In the past, throughout the youth, I read love novels.
There to be spoken about loving each other people, about their relations between them, their problems or holidays.
And today, I have recollected one of such books. All the known novel "Romeo and Juliet"
From William Shakespeare. On it the film has been still shot, and it was one of cult films of time.
Kurt you read this book or looked cinema?
I think, that our relation and in this books are similar that we cannot meet.
As between us it is a lot of thousand kilometres.
Romeo and Juliet too could not meet, because their families were at enmity among themselves.
They have met under difficult circumstances when ran at night from the house. They did all for each other.
Them drew, as a magnet and they were powerless to extinguish the passion.
Love, it very much strong feeling, which not dependently surrounding.
Much to our regret, they had a tragical end...
But you know, every day I trust in our happy end more and more!
I think, that we could get acquainted, and to be together. Each person has destiny, But behind earlier certain end of a life. And how to live this life, the person chooses.
My dear, I wish to admit to you one thing.
When we only have started to correspond, I thought much, whether to continue with you dialogue.
I in the beginning did not wish to write you the letter. Because I was frightened, that we live in the different countries.
And it is nothing me dialogue with you. But after time I have thought again.
And now my fine, I rejoice till now to that has started to search for the man for acquaintance from abroad.
I am glad, that I have found that site of acquaintances on which I have seen you.
And I am very glad to that till now I write you letters!
My darling, I am glad only to that I at least know you, and we correspond.
And every day, I at me more and more confidence that we have the general the future.
I hope, that all my emotions and feelings are sincerely mutual.
Kurt send to me, please, your new photo, that I could admire to it everywhere.
I send you a kiss! I look forward your new letter.

Letter 5

Hello my love Kurt. Today I am especially glad to write you my letter After all we wish to meet. And it very much pleases me.
The darling you say me that your house now in bad condition. But believe for me it not so important. For me the main thing that we will be together. We together can make repair and make a cosiness in your house.
Today I went to some reliable travel agencies.
Today I found time and descended in some travel agencies. I have chosen The travel agency which seemed to the cheapest under the price and The most reliable.
I give to you travel agency data in which I was, and if at You there will be questions, you can communicate with them:
Travel agency "navsegdatur"
City: Izhevsk
Lenin's street the house 62
Phone: +7(3412) 47-323-15, +7(3412) 52-965-65 email the address: izhevsk@navsegdatur.ru Official site: http://www.navsegdatur.ru/ The manager of travel agency in detail explained To me as I can come to you. The travel agency will be To make to my all papers and to order return tickets. It All is included into the contract which I concluded with the tourist Agency. To me as explained that I necessarily should order Through travel agency differently they will not make out tickets to me Documents (the Visa, the passport, and other documents). I should buy Full package deal. In Russia to legalise papers for a trip abroad Difficult enough and consequently it is possible only with the help Travel agency. But I very strongly was upset when left From travel agency. That to me have made all papers Also have booked tickets to me it is necessary to pay to travel agency 670 euro.
It is very big sum for me. I do not know where to me to take so much Money. Today I went to bank to take the credit, but to me have given up, Because my salary very small for credit returning. I so Asked friends, but they to me have told that they are not present so much money, Because they need to feed a family. The darling now I do not know that to me To do. I so strongly love you and I wish to be with you. I very much very much Strongly I love you. I sit every day and I represent us together, I represent ours with you a joint life. But now it seems to me that All it remains in my dreams. The darling I will try that be To think up, whether but I do not know it will turn out at me :'( I all in tears, Because I understand that now ours with you relations and our future, Our happiness and love costs under the threat. My holiday will begin already Soon, and most terrible this that that if we will not meet in my holiday, at us There will be no more such possibility, because my following holiday Will be only in 2 years. I cannot wait so long, I will die. Mine Heart will not sustain. The darling after all is better to meet 1 time, than to write
1000 email. Our world so is not fairly arranged that sometimes is necessary To limit our desires. But I nevertheless hope that in the near future We can be together. All that I now need to be only it near to you.
I love you. I with impatience wait for yours Letters. Yours iuliia

Letter 6

Hello my love.
The darling I am very happy that you can to help to pay to me a trip.
I love today went to a tourist bureau and asked as they accept payment for their services. They to me have told that they accept cash. After I pay in it cash I conclude with them the contract and they start to do to me all documents. The darling at me is the bank account. On it you can transfer money for my account:
My bank account:
Beneficiary's name: iuliia lazareva
Beneficiary's account: 40817810508220023084
The bank name: OAO "ALPHA BANK"
Name: iuliia
Surname: lazareva
The country: Russia
City: Izhevsk
The address: street Kirova 115 apartment 47 The postal index: 426000 You necessarily should send money in currency "EURO". I as have learnt that there are different ways of transfer of money. You can send money "the express train in the way" - I will receive money already next day and there is "a usual way" - I will receive money through 3 - 5 days.
For us it is better if you send money "the express train in the way"
because my holiday will begin already soon and I need as soon as possible to start to do documents. If you can, send to me a copy of the receipt of remittance.
The darling now I send you the letter.
I love you.

Letter 7

Hello my darling Kurt.
Kurt as I already spoke to you I do not wish to argue or swear because of money. The only thing that I wish to be it with you. Whether today I went to the bank and the manager of bank has contacted the Danish bank and asked remittances between the countries are possible, whether I asked my man can to send me money. You know what there was an
answer: "it is final can, for this purpose and there are banks to help people". Between the countries every day pass a lot of monetary operation, therefore I spoke at once to you that cannot be such that to you have simply forbidden to send money. These are your money and who to you cannot forbid to dispose of them.
Concerning yours the daughter, certainly it is bad that try to forbid you dialogue. And I think that you should struggle for it. Main that this decision as has not affected the child.

Letter 8

That that you write it simply delirium. You speak that I cannot go to Denmark if at me will not be a photo on which we will be ours with you isofermentation. Thousand tourists go to Europe not having acquaintances in the different countries.
The tourist visa on which it is possible to go to the countries Europe without problems is made out.
I with you will not argue, but my opinion has changed and now I there were doubts.
You have my address, on it you can arrive. Write me date and time when you will arrive also I you I will meet.

Letter 9

That that you write it simply delirium. You speak that I cannot go to Denmark if at me will not be a photo on which we will be ours with you isofermentation. Thousand tourists go to Europe not having acquaintances in the different countries.
The tourist visa on which it is possible to go to the countries Europe without problems is made out.
I with you will not argue, but my opinion has changed and now I there were doubts.
You have my address, on it you can arrive. Write me date and time when you will arrive also I you I will meet.