Scam letter(s) from Hawa Bansi to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jimmy, What can I say about me? My real name is Getrude you can call me Getty for short, I'm sorry I had to hide my real name for safety reason, Now I feel so safe and comfortable with you that's why I'm telling you my real name, forgive me Dear I'm sorry. I'm 32 year old and I will be 33 year old next 2 days as you already know, I'm 5"7" tall, I'm 121 lbs, Very healthy and strong woman. I was born and raised up in Sweden - Stockholm.. My Mom is a Ghanaian and My Dad was a Swedish, He died 9 years ago and My Mom relocated to stay in Ghana with me ... I'm a University Business Graduate with a First Class Certificate in Business Management and Accounting.. I work in a Local Gold Mining Company as Secretary to the Manager for couple years now. Honestly its a good Job but they offer very poor salary bcose its a new Company. My hobbies are not too many but to mentioned, sports (Basket ball, Golf, Snooker, and others),watching movies, going for walks, listening to music (almost all types of music), I like going to the beach, walking and holding hands with my partner, Having ice creams and having some more fun together. Oh I like dancing to a good music with my partner or having him watching me or close to me. My favorite movies are romantic movies, adventures and action. Eating habits just about anything. I don't smoke at all but I drink alcohol occasionally. I'm always smiling and don’t easily get irritated, It takes Heaven to fall before I get mad but I easily get hurt bcose I'm very emotional and Sensitive. I'm the type of person who always try to make people laugh and smile. I always share the little I have with others and I put others happiness before mine especially my family. I'm a single woman, I've never married before, I have no kids and Sure I understand if you cant have a Baby with me, I told you happiness, true love and respect is what I want the most in my life so if you can offer that I have no reason to leave you or ever stop talking to you Dear Jimmy. I have been into a relationship before once in my life which nearly made me killed myself bcose my heart was broken so badly. I've been single for almost 6 years, I gave myself this period of time heal my heart from all the pains and emotional stress in order to love and be loved again. By God's Grace He has prepared my heart to love again Dear and I think God so much for that. I am looking for a True Love, A long term relationship, a relationship that's full of Joy, Happiness, Trust and Understanding which will surely lead to Marriage some day... I'm not here for games, I'm not a cheat and I'm sorry but I don't have time to waste. I'm looking for a Real Serious Loving Man, Honest, Caring, Loving, Faithful and a Trust Worthy Man. A man who will love me and appreciate me for who I am but not what I have or where I'm coming from. I have so much Love in My Heart to share with my future partner and I believe God will grant us all the Happiness and Joy we deserve with His Blessing. I am one man's woman. I'm a very good Christian too, I was born and raised up in a Christian Home, I have a strong faith in God and do believe all things are possible with Him. Sure , I also put God first in everything I do bcose He is the reason for whoever I am today. I put my Family second in my life before my happiness. Honestly I don't have any problem with our age difference or physical appearance, I told you no matter whatever scars you are talking about or however it looks like I dont have problem with that and I will never stop talking to you or ever leave you bcose of that or for any reason at all. I repeat again Jimmy "All I want is Love, Respect and Happiness". I only do consider most what the heart says and decide, like I said I dont consider physical appearance or age bcose God created every human being with his or her own special qualities no matter what or how they look like Dear. Trust me, nothing at all will ever change my mind from what I've decided today bcose you seem to be a very nice, so gentle and very kind man and I think I like you but I would love to be much more closer to you and learn more about you. My arms are widely opened for you to know more about me too. I think I will end here for now. Please feel free to ask me anything at all you want to know about me and I will be very honest to you. I'm looking forward to have a long chat with you to get to know each other much better. Sure I will understand if I'm not good enough for you or I scare you away too. LOL. These are few photos of me, I hope you would like them.
Take care and have a wonderful evening Sweetie. Hugs and Kisses...Stay Bless. My Regards
Letter 2
Hi Sweetie, I contacted few Apple Stores here and they said the exact price is $799. You can send it through Western Union or Money Gram. Getrude T. Amartey
103 Dansoman St
Accra - Ghana
00233 My cell Phone number is : +233-505-256-952. Good night Honey.
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