Letter(s) from Anastasia Verlatova to Aslak (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello dear Aslak!

I am very glad that you have not rejected my letter, I am very glad that again I write to you! I hope that you understand me, I could not answer you as I was with the girlfriend at it on a visit. But now as soon as I have come home I have decided to write at once to you if I am fair all I think of you! I do not understand that such occurs to me, but at me all thoughts only about you!
I with you would talk to pleasure on Skype, but at me was not present Skype (((I too very much would like it.
I so have thought that I do not wish from you to hide the address, I will be very glad to receive from you a card))) For this short time while we write each other, I have understood that you for me very much the loved one, I never tested such feelings as I have started to test it to you!!! I did not expect from myself such!
Well I am fine now I will write you the address. My name and surname - Anastasiya Verlatova
The city - of Perm, Russia. My 5-12 address-sverdlova the Index 614014))) I will be very glad to your gift)))
Now I am going to go to a shower, I hope that soon you will write me the letter.