Letter(s) from Emilly Harold to Dennis (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hi my beloved Husband today is another day babe and this have started babe they are still on me my love I really want to be with you there this is not a counterfeit Dennis I can't lie to you babe is I am going to hurt you like I will not cry and cry on you Dennis I don't want to lose you Dennis don't lose hope in me babe I love you and I am going to come to you if you help me today babe this is your last help babe when I get to you,you can sell the Gold and then get every money that you have spent back babe you are last hope babe I really want to be with you babe I am not a bad woman Dennis we are meant to be together my Darling try and do something about that babe ..
Well Dennis this is not going to help me and you babe. I am in Amsterdam here babe and I am not going lie to you and take your money babe I really want to be with you and I wan to see you in Sweden babe ...i did not SMS to at 12:00 babe I don't know that this will happen to me here If I know like I will not book my flight ticket babe and I will stay in Ghana get everything done before coming to you babe this is not my fault my love I really need your help Dennis I can't live in Amsterdam here babe please don't doubt me and don't change your mind on me I love you Dennis you are my King you are my Lover boy and you are World I don't want to lose you babe I want to you with your arms I want to feel something with you babe I want to see your whole family Dennis please do something babe love you and don't let me share tears babe