Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Fidchuck to Ray (UAE)
Letter 1
Hello my dear friend Ray, thanks for writing back. I know is not easy to share about us considering we are complete strangers but reading your letter I am glad to learn more about you like we been writing to each other for sometime. I believe it not difficult if we feel the attraction and want to know more about you and I. So here we are, and it is our first "meeting", virtual meeting of course. The first meeting, the first impression... The first impression is the most right one, don't you agree??? I live and work in Ukraine, in Krasnuy Luch! I guess you want to know more about me? You may also feel free asking me questions, i will gladly answer all of them.))) I want to tell you a lot of things, and i want to ask you a lot of questions too, but let's go just step by step, ok?) You may ask me why such a cute lady like me(I think i am cute:)) wants to find her beloved abroad? Well the main reason is because i don't see here any potential future husband for me as i see him in my mind.
Our men unfortunately lost the feeling of love...there are many men who drink a lot and then raise their hands to a woman... and I don't want such kind of man, as this is definitely not a prince with a white horse from my teenagers dreams. Sometimes I feel that I am alone in this big world. I had been grown up at the orphanage, and i know nothing about my parents and relatives. I feel even more lonely because I need just one my special beloved man who would like to talk to me, listen me when I come home from my work and I would like to say him about my emotions and feelings for all the day. And he will be happy to tell me the same about his day as you know the real daily life is not just a paradise always but daily duties also, right? But well, it seems to me i am starting to dream right now) Let's back to the reality! My character, my inner and outer world - everything is alike butterfly's;) You do not have to try to catch it, but you have to attract it, so then it will calmly fly and sit down at your shoulder.
Naturally i am calm person, i like summer and outdoor activity. It is possible to think that i am fragile person, but, being a lady butterfly, i have a strong soul. Also I am an romantic, senseful and sentimental girl. I have quite interesting job! And i think my job perfectly matches my personality and my character. I am working as social worker! I like my job - communicating with different people who are in need of something, trying to understand their problem, and finding possibilities to solve them. This may be mother of many children who need some additional help from the government, this may be a teenager, who was abused in his school or family, this may be elderly person who is in need of expensive medicaments and so on. Help your neighbor - this is what the Holy Bible teaches us, and this is what i learned through my life. I like to help people and so - i like my gob! Well, yes, there is one thing i do not like at all working here - my boss. Do you like your boss??? Or, probably you are not having any bosses, so then let me to congratulate you - lucky person, believe me, millions and millions of people envy you! Ohh it is time to run now))) I hope we have a lot more to talk about in future emails to learn about each other. I would like to send you my pictures, hope you like it, and also I hope to get yours in return)))! Have a very nice day! bye-bye))) Your Elena.
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