Scam Letter(s) from Olga Isaeva to Brian (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my lovely Brian,
I am writing you this letter because I really want to tell you how much I love you. I am extremely happy that God brought us together again, I have repeatedly told that IT was FATE, you and me together again, I looked for you for two years and now the dream has come true. We met, and I am convinced that you are my man, we're made for each other, I want to take care of you, don't wanna lose you, I want to build with you our future and build a strong loving family, to give birth children. Such a man as you, I have dreamed, I like your appearance, your inner qualities, I like all of you. You are very clever, careful, honest, talented, unusual. I think we are the same. Therefore, we are with you always interesting and fun.
Think of the last two days spent together, it's amazing, memorable. I think in the future, when we will live together, we'll take a flight from happiness. I want to marry you, want to perform the ceremony in the Church, to get married, because you are my conscious and definite choice in my life, I want to spend with you the rest of your life.
I'm sure that you'll take care about Ivan, you can a lot to learn, much to give him, you will be a good example for him.
We love you, me and Ivan, we very much love you, you are our important man in the house.
I want to build with you good future.

Letter 2

Brian, I love you!
I am happy that we are together.
I'm happy that you're so smart, reliable, responsible, brave, courageous, a lion, a powerful lion! You're like a mighty wall, hiding behind which I feel safe.
You got me changing for the better, I try for you, try to understand you. You shared with Ivan, it's the kind of discipline for him too. He gets habit to you every day more and more.
I really miss you, so I want to touch you, hug you, gentle kiss. We must gain strength, tolerate, and soon we will be together again. Really miss your smell.
I think you agree with me that we are the same for each other, and on growth, and on the shape, nature and kisses we understand each other, feel each other even at a distance, it's all just the fate, so I had of God, that we met again.
Brian, you're just the man I always wanted. I admire when I hear about your interests, and understand that I like too this. By the way, don't forget to tell me the name of that music you are you dream about us))
Wanted to before you apologize, that I sometimes tell you what to do, I just have a bit of a habit, because I am very often talk with Ivan. See that you don't need my advice, because you're independent and you know what to do. I see this, I am confident in you. Sure in your actions.
Brian, I want to build with you family. You are my beloved man and to Ivan, you darling! And my mom you darling))))) You are the best!! I love you, my Superman. Do extrarapid visa and we will soon be together!
Only Yours,



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