Scam letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Alex (Belarus)

Letter 1
Each time i sit down i will just be wondering were could you have been all this while on earth when i have been searching for my soul-mate?   I'm indeed so happy now that i have found you and nothing is going to stop us this time, even if we have to be like other creature just to be together, i will pleased.
If you were to be flower, you will be my Rose. If you were to be fish, you will be my Dolphin.
To be stones, you will surely be my Diamond. And to be animal, you will surely be my Lion which is the king of all other animals and you will protect me.
If I were to be from royal linage I will be your princess And if you were to be music, you will be the song i will always sing You're just one in a million in my heart, miss you so much,,,
Letter 2
Alex your health is the most important thing that matters to me most now.
Alex you're not taking your medication or could it that you didn't go to bed after I left last night?
Please Alex stop scaring me,please tell me the true state of your health.
I'm really worried now loveee.Reply back I'm with Ann's phone.
Letter 3
Hi Alex, how are you doing? Each time I come online you're not there or could it be that your job is taking much of your time? Anyway always take good care of yourself and know that a friend miss you and want to see you again.
Hope to see you soon...
Letter 4

Hi  Alex, I could not sleep last and i don't why?
But i'm guess that i was scared of you driving 6000km at night all alone, please don't drive this way again and i prefer you take train if you can't take flight because it is not adviceable for one to drive that long distance all alone.Please promise me that you will becareful. I just pray that you arrive successfully. This angel will guide you.
Letter 5
Where are you Alex?
I just want to say good morning to my prince, and how is he doing?
Letter 6
You are the one,
In my dreams at night.
You are the one,
I’m holding so tight. You are the one,
I want to be kissin’
You are the one,
I don’t want to be missin’ You are the one,
Who holds the key.
You are the one,
I want with me. You are the one,
I want to touch.
You are the one,
I need so much. You are the one,
That I’ll forever love.
You are the one,
Sent from heaven above.
Alex, I waited for you till 10:44pm my time but you didn't show up.
Please take good care of your self honey.
Letter 7
Sweaty where are you, I waited yesterday monday and again to today tuesday and you're not online, I promise not to cry again but I just keep on crying because you're not online and you didn't write me the reason why you could not make it. Is your job taking your all your time again?
I miss you so much and i can't help it because each time i look at your photo standing on top with skate shoe, i just feel i should be with you.
Please write me why you're not on line and tell me you will come tomorrow or you send me mail for the reasons why you can't come online to skype.
I love so much my precious Alex and also promise you will take good care of yourself for my Prince Charming.... Muahhhhhhh
Letter 8
Thanks Alex for making me to atop crying, When i saw your mail this morning, I was so excited and felt relief all over my bones and body. Now i know that I'm indeed in love, Ohhhh Laura you're in seriously love. Alex I will be so happy to be with you later.
Letter 9
I wish to see you smile my handsome, take good care of yourself to my love and always know in your heart that some one love you more than you feel or think. Farewell my Prince Alexander the great.
Letter 10
* I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you
* You are my rock
* You stole my heart, but I love you anyway
* Here's my heart, opening for you, take it darling it belongs to you
* Don't say you love me unless you really mean it, cause I might do something crazy like believe it
* I love you as big as the sky, as tall as the mountains and as deep as the ocean
* My world is a better place because of you
* I didn't know love before I met you
* You are to me as a flower to bee
* You are my everything
* You are my truest love
* You are my dream come true
* I love you to the moon and back
* Without you, I would be…(add your own emotions)
* These are my favorite things about you…(add your thoughts)
Letter 11
Look for every chance you have to share Love and offer Love this month, because it is moving more strongly than ever. The capacity for Love on the planet has increased, which is wonderful, but it can be overwhelming.
Imagine you are in the desert and have longed for water for years. The water is finally coming, but it is coming in a tsunami or a flash flood. If you stand in the way, if you resist opening your heart, you are going to get knocked over. If you try to hold on to grudges or hurt feelings, you will be knocked over by the pain. Whereas if you allow your tears to flow and your emotions to arise, then Love will rush through you and it will heal you. It can shift you more completely into Enlightenment than you have ever been shifted before. There is a really powerful energy this month, and with any power, you need to be careful. But the power Love, so do not resist. Happy val my love.
Letter 12
The three things i wish for are Love(ALEX) secondly, long life and thirdly to be with the man who my heart is with, Alex make that wish to come to pass, Loveee
I was not happy on my birthday and Ann noticed it, She tried calling when she asked me what was wrong with me and i told  her '' I WANT TO HEAR ONE VOICE WISHING ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY''..Immediately she knew you were the one.
She tried calling you and your line was not reachable.
I want you in my heart, I came yesterday 8pm my time and you were not online and also 8:20pm on valentines day, you were not also there, i tears cause no words from you, i felt  weak and down in my spirit Alex, I'm going to the embassy today, I will check mail 12noon my time to get transfer details and then head to embassy straight.
I can't help my self here, My soul is WITH SOME ONE AND I WANT TO BE WITH HIM, IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK?
Please don't let our dreams fade away...
A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,
A song is no song 'til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn’t put there to stay -
Love isn't love
'Til we both be together and become one.
Please don't make me cry...
Stay in my heart.
Letter 13
Dear, I waited three hours for you  to come online yesterday, but you weren't there.
Hope you're not sick again? I love you and i want to be in your arms my loveeee sweet precious Alex. I picked up money yesterday and a very big thanks to my love.
Sweet i will be going to Embassy after i picked up the balance today, every country has their legislation (law) towards money that's why you could not send it all. I'm going to be with Ann's phone all through out today so that i can get detail immediately as you send them to my mail, in other for me to pick it on time then rush down to the Embassy.
Alex please promise me you will take good care of yourself and always take your medication.
My heart beats for you each time I have your taught in my and begins to ache me,
If sending the balance will stress you up today, you can wait till tomorrow, then i can go Embassy tomorrow too, I don't want any sickness to come to you my love. Laura feel like crying, when she didn't find you online yesterday. I miss you my Angel. Loveeee stay in my heart, it all belongs to you.
Letter 14
Sweet heart, i will write you immediately as you send me transfer detail cause I'm going to be Ann's phone, I can't to be called Mrs Polgoun...
Letter 15
I'm happy you wrote me my love, your mail came to me 8:03 pm and i came to Skype 8:05pm, mean you just left 2min after and came in. I was worried you were sick again that's why you couldn't send the balance yesterday because i was with Ann's phone all through out yesterday my love never knew you were busy. Once again I'm so happy that you were only busy and not sick, is okay my love, when you're off chanced you can send the balance so that i can go to Embassy. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY PRINCE AND I CAN'T WAIT TO BE IN YOUR ARM.
Call me whenever you want to come online because for three night now, i haven't chat with and am worried about that, i understand the that your job is taking much of your time, but i still have to chat with my love please. If not i won't be happy. I NEED YOU IN MY HEART.
Letter 16
My love is 5:54am my time, your taught has been in my head all night long because you weren't online and because you didn't send mail last night, this simply mean you're not well. My love. I don't want anything bad to happen to you cause you're all i want and to be with, please sweet heart try to reply back my mails because this silence is me and am scaring me and I'm not happy about it. I NEED YOU MY PRINCE.
Letter 17
Good morning to the one I love, i came online yesterday night and you weren't there, i guess you have to sleep very early in other for you to wake up early for you to go to work on time. Sweetie i need you in my  heart. I saw your mail i left few words on Skype. I just want to wish you a happy and lovely day ahead. Love you my  Charming Prince so muchhhhhh
Letter 18
Sweetie, is not all about money or about finance? I need to speak to you on Skype to know about how  you are faring, must you give  me money first before we chat? If that is your mentality, then you're getting me wrong my love. I love you not for money but from my heart and i will not let it fade away my Prince. Sweetie don't borrow money from any one, month ending is already around the corner so don't borrow money from any one my love. I don't want your heart to be troubled because you could not send me now, sweetie please wait til end of the month is not good to borrow to make love happy. In  no time the month will end. Know in your heart that i love you so so so much from my heart and nothing can make it fade.Because is for better for worst my love.
Letter 19

Good morning my Prince. How is your health and that of your family which you visited?
Hope you gave my regard to your parent, hope you will tell her someday that i will help do her laundry and make meal, It will be my pleasure to d all that from the bottom of my heart, I will not give my love and respect to you only but to all your family members.
Sweetie write me when we can chat.
Letter 20
Sweetie, today is friday, I would love us to chat today cause you aren't going to work tomorrow.
My love i have a great plan in my heart which i will tell you later, I have discuss it with Ann and she said it is very good ideal. My love I know you will love it when i tell you. Please come online when it is 7pm my time.
If you can't make it, then let it be tomorrow saturday. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY PRINCE .
Letter 21
My Prince, I missed you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Each day passes by I began to feel more love and I don't know how it is happening, you have made me to know what is indeed love is like, I always pray for you everyday and your family too, including your old parent.I just pray for them to be alive so that they can also hold my baby and to bless our kids with prayer of love. My ANGEL when will we meet on Skype? Please tell me cause I'm missing you more than i ever think.
Alex, there is one question i have been asking my self, the question is '' Why do i love you?'' I can't figure out the reason why I love. Sweetie please tell me why you love me cause I can't figure out the reason why I love you so much.
Please come to Skype before i dye of missing you.
Letter 22
Each time I open my mail it makes me want to cry cause it make me feel that I'm not caring and don't know how to show you love that's why we could not work things out.Anyway my love, how are you doing today and how is your family? My warm regards to your mum and dad.
Letter 23
Alex dear, I can't stand here and watch you not coming to get me into your home. I missed you everyday most especially when I log into skype and reading your mails, it cried each time I can't find you online and I getting pains because of this. Alex I want to kneel down before your parent and they will ask will take good care of their child? And I will look into their eys and say YES with all my heart. Sweetie motn end has past and nothing is happening please take me into your world my love. Sweetie add me to your messenger so that I can be chatting with you with Ann's phone since skype is bad. I love you and I miss you so much......
Letter 24
My precious I miss you so much. I was on skype yesterday waiting to see if you're online. Alex please make arrangement on how we can meet on skype or messenger. I'm so worried because of your health and hope you're taking pil and medications my love? Please I need you to hold me my love.
Letter 25
My love how're you doing and how is your health? Ann was with me in my house and I must use this medium to write you. My love please always write me message all day so that we can know how each other is doing since is difficult for us to chat on Skype. I miss you my love and I want to join you my love so that we can be together in your flat during snow while you are at home and massarge your mum leg. I love you my prince. Please Alex make provision for me to quick I'm dying to meet you my love.
Letter 26
My love I find it difficult this to come to skype because when you're there I'm not there and when I'm there you're not online. So is very painful for me to wait for you and not seeing you, it makes me cry so much and it hurts me too my love. Ann has agreed to give me her phone to use in chatting with you on Yahoo-messenger since is difficult to find you online, so just send me friend request my love to enable us chat on messenger. I love you so much and I wish to be with you in no time. Please my love do something fast so that I can process visa to come to you. Send whatever money you're having this week so that I can begin the visa because I can't wait to be in your arms and look you in your eyes to tell you how trully I love you. I pray every day for you to get well and be strong too my love because you mean the whole world to me my honey bee.I love you dearly...
Letter 27
Alex, I didn't receive the detail of transfer, please send dear send me the transfer again so that I can pick up money today. Sweaty who did you went to visit in the hospital? Hope you're having a good health? Don't forget to keep my chicken aside. Sweaty how is your son's health now? My regard to your mum.Kissesssss.
Letter 28
Alex my dearie! Hope you're having good time with your sister and the rest of your fzamily this weekend? I miss you so much. Can you come on messenger now so that we can chat, I want to be with you my love. Sweetie I waited for your mail yesterday I didn't receive mail, hope you're fine and I wish you're having a good time with your family. I just wish to join you my love. Please write me my dear lovely Alex!
Letter 29
My love I find it difficult this to come to skype because when you're there I'm not there and when I'm there you're not online. So is very painful for me to wait for you and not seeing you, it makes me cry so much and it hurts me too my love. Ann has agreed to give me her phone to use in chatting with you on Yahoo-messenger since is difficult to find you online, so just send me friend request my love to enable us chat on messenger. I love you so much and I wish to be with you in no time.
Please my love do something fast so that I can process visa to come to you. Send whatever money you're having this week so that I can begin the visa because I can't wait to be in your arms and look you in your eyes to tell you how trully I love you. I pray every day for you to get well and be strong too my love because you mean the whole world to me my honey bee.I love you dearly...
Letter 30
I miss you my Prince Alex!
How is your health my dear?
How is your son, hope he is
Fine? Sweetie please make sure
You take good care of your self.
Letter 31
I miss you so much.Is difficult for me to come online this day because job has been really tight, that is the reason why i ask you to get me a phone so that we can be chatting on messenger whenever you are of chance, but your company refuse to pay you and that is very bad.
Alex please do something,at least if i can't come to you now, you should be able to fulfill your promises. I know things are very hard for you because your boss refuse to pay you for your new job. Alex try this week please am begging you to send me money for the phone because I can't continue to stay without talking to you for weeks. I'm tired of sending mails all the time.I need to hear your voice and I need to chat with all the time to know about your health situation. I miss you so much from my heart.Am not asking of the balance 500 you sent to me now, am asking of the money for phone. I want to hear your . I want to chat with you all the time.
I want carried our kid and cook your mum disk. Make her meal, let her know that you are a good son of her's. Wen i get the phone, we both can know when each other is online.
I love you so much from my heart and I will continue to love you til end of time.
Letter 32
Sweetie I wish you successful flight trip, Please immediately you arrived just try to Email me for me to know to your successful arrival. I will pray for you my dear all the time. Make sure you take good care of yourself while in khabarovsk and always keep yourself from trouble. I love you so much from my heart. Take good my love~~~Kissesss~``` Miss you dear.
Letter 33
I saw your call yesterday and it makes me cry when you can't hear me.I know you trully love me and I just wish to be with you all this days of my life. I don't know what to do. I already ask my dad barrister to begin preparation for every necessary document needed to pass dad wealth to you, since you can't afford to pay for my flight expenses and marriage expenses. I want to be in my husband house and not with uncle. Understand me very clear that I love you and I will always love you til end of time. Alawys know that I love you so much.
Letter 34

MY LOVE!....Welcome back home, I'm so glad you came successful and your job was successfully done too. Sweetie I really wish to join you do some house job most especially your laundry and house keeping.
You really need to have some rest because you have been so stressed up.
Please just call my phone and I will find a means to come online either messenger or Skype. My dear please don't forget to visit your parents because by now they've really missed you so much,send them my warm regards and greetinngs. I love you so much and always take good care of yourself and don't forget to shave your bears clean.
Letter 35
My love please come online now, I'm waiting for you, how was your night?
Please come fast as soon as you get this mail. Sweat heart I really need you to send me 1000 please. I don't want to be a disobedient wife to you.
I want to love you with all my heart and life. I want to build my life and trust in and please don't let me down my dear Alex! I understand when you said one can send more than 350, so my dear you can send three like 350+350+ 300 that is the total of 1000. My dear please call me when you return from bank for me to get the information of payment from mail. Please dear know in back of your heart that I love you naturally and when Dad's asset is been release to me, I promise will take good care of your son, mum and every member of your family.
I love you so much......From your darling LAURA.
Letter 36
My love please come online, I'm waiting for you my dear. How was your day at work?
I really miss, so sorry for not chatting with you last night, by the time that I sign in, you were already out so I felt you were asleep my love. I'm waiting for you tonight my love. I love you so much. Take good care of yourself my love hope to chat with you soon
Letter 37
My dear the iot the first time you are sending me money with this name my love, FAMILY NAME: AKO and other name is Maureen, I was in Skype but you were already asleep my love. I want to chat with you my love because I miss you so much.
My work was stressful too my love, how is your parent? Please take good care of yourself for me my love. And hope to see you soon. Have a nice sleep and hope to chat tomorrow my love.
Letter 38
Please my love never you say you're a dull head again, there is power in the tongue.
If you continue saying this again, what will happen to our unborn kids, my dream is to see our kid become people great in the society, I wish them to become,lawyer engineer just like you. I know you're trying your possible best but you know I really wanted you around during my birthday and after my birthday. Dear it hurts me when some one is having a doubt for my trust, I have been crying and I never wanted a heart break please Alex. I took dad pics and started crying like a baby. All need is to be loved and and to have a happy family just as Dad wish for me. I have promise Dad even if he is dead, I will get married to a good man and not involve my self into trouble and get carried away. My eyes are filled with tears. Please don't make me cry. I love you and I wish to love you ever. Dear you can send money when you think is convenient for you. I understand your job too well almost like dad's own too. Dear I have change my mind about Range Rover car, I will just buy any one your choice, the one you prefer.
Letter 39
I called Ann she said you love me so much, i told her I know. Am fully sure my dear.
I wish you will always be …
- Holding my hand so tightly
- Kissing me so passionately
- And feeling everything inside me I wish to be entrapped with you forever
With my heart bursting with so much love for you
You lay so easy on my mind
In my eyes there can never be anyone but you
If only I could shout to the whole world
How special you are to me
Forever with you is where I want to be
To share every moment of our love…
Letter 40
I need you always in my life and You will be the father of my kid.
Dear I must be the one to buy our wedding car because if dad were to be alive, he would have be the one to buy it, so i will.
Please have a lovely dream and see me my dear. kissesssss.
Letter 41
Hi my dear, I came online and you were not there,I guess you still busy with translation of engine work.
I don't want to disturb you my love, that's why I have to go and do other things. I just hope you will have time for me tomorrow. Please reply my mail if we can chat tomorrow, I love you so much til end of time.
Always keep your self clean and shave your chick before going to bed. I love you...
Letter 42
Alex, there are so many things I have learned in life til today. Transfer aggression is very bad ,I know your son mean a lot to you and I also wish to love him too from my heart because I will take him out for ice-cream and beach vising This days most of your characters has suddenly change towards me and I really don't know what the caused is. I want you to know that a problem shared is half solved, if you have told me about your son and the argument between his mother, I would take to you to calm down. Avoiding me won't make any difference, it will just make me feel that you don't want me anymore and you don't care about me any more. You have promise to send me for month now and yet til today you have not send me anything. Alex there is something I want you to know about me and my back-ground, I choose you because I felt you will take care of me and control Dad's wealth. My dream is to buy my husband a white car during our wedding, buying of the car is not going to come from you or our wedding expenses is going to come from you, all expense are going to be on me and not you. All I just want you to show me now is just love and care til we get married please Alex I don't want to be hurt. I LOVE YOU
Letter 43

Good health, promotion, healing, divine breakthrough, success in your career, achievement of favor, long life and prosperity, these are my wishes for you this day of fathers celebration.
I wish you a happy ''Fathers Day'' Alex! Send my wishes to your father too.
Letter 44
Receive my simple gift
Hello, wakeup, Receive my simple gift of 'GOOD MORNING'
wrapped with sincerity, tied with care and sealed with a prayer to keep u safe and happy all day long! Take Care my love!
Letter 45
Alex, how are you?
Hope you have find your phone and get back your contact?
My love i wait for you to reply me so that we make all other arrangement, please my love just assist me please, please send whatever amount you can so that this can be done..
I want to be in your arms Alex please. you said you will send whatever you can. Please do my love.
I want you to be proud of me, my special regards to your mom and dad, I wish to do this fast so that I can come this month please let this dream come true my love, Kisses
Letter 46
Alex good morning, how was your night?
Do hear from your mom and dad?
My love i want to come before the month end my love, join assistant with so that i can com this month my love. I want to be with you all the time.
Assist me my love lets make this dream come true.
Letter 47
Alex please join hand with me so that my coming can be possible this month please understand that I really want to come be with you now, even if you're returning to Job on the 15th, I can still be with you for days, today's date is 7th, if you can be able to send me whatever amount you have now, then i will borrow from Ann to complete payment, by Tuesday i can embark on my journey to Belarus. Alex I expect you to be happy that am coming next week, if you are away for job, at least i can be with your sister and I know She will be very happy to be with and we both will exchange style of dressing. Don't you think is better for me to come next week or you don't want me around you? Alex please lets make this dream come true so that I can be with you next week please I miss you, you and I know you miss me too. Good night Alex.
Letter 48
Alex boss will soon embark on West Florida trip to for concert and I other and so other person will go with here because our attention will be needed for fast and quick making of dressing for concert, so  i don't know else to come.Alex please permit me to be with your sister at least she can tell you if am good enough to be your wife or not. Alex what exactly is the problem, is that you don't have money now or you don't want to send money to me, what exactly is the problem, if you won't be around i can be with your sister and if possible go to visit your mom and get use to your world please understand. Try to send me any token so that i can be with your sister when she return on the 14th. Alex am showing more seriousness than you, it shows something is wrong
Please i want to be with your family at least Alex, understand me my dear
Letter 49

Alex please my love lets make it possible after you're paid for june, i will like to be in your father's birthday to represent you my love since you won't be around and bake him a cake, okay even i'm staying for just two days, all i want is that am in your family home that's all my love. I MISS YOU SO MUCH FROM HEART.
Letter 50
My dear, my parents does not speak english, this is different place.
I dont have possibility to send your money now. Brother take my money as he bying a car. I will be paid for june very soon, so than i will send you.
its nice you will be traveling, so you will partly live as i am, traveling.
Nobody can tell me, but i would like you to meet her, but she will not stay in mozyr now, she will left kids with grandparents  and will go to miscow. Only in august on 2nd she will come as it is fathers birthday. Unfortunately i dont know where i willl be, but i will have1-2 days when travel saudi.
Unfortunaately i am busy nearest time. I will let you know when i am free. I really want to come to see you, but i need visa and free time... i dont like how its going, we are not third range people, why its complicated for us?
Hope for the better.
Take care, kisses.
Letter 51
Alex, why haven't you write me all this while?
When are we meeting in Poland, please prepare everything fast as soon as possible so that we can meet up as you planned. My love make sure you don't fail this time because am not interested on disappointment my love. Take good care of your self my love.
Letter 52
My dear Alex, please write me the date for us to meet in Poland, am fully prepared now I miss you so much and I really wish to be with my love and prove to you that I truly love you from my heart and nothing can stop me from loving, i expect same from you Alex.
Am working on a great plan which you will be very proud of my dear. Write me the date for us to meet my love in Poland. My warm regards to your parent.
Letter 53
Ok my dear Dear Alex, we chat tomorrow and please make sure you're taking good care of your health.
My love try as soon as possible to write me when to chat, I meant the time.
Always remember to shave all time my love. Kisses and care.
Letter 54
Good morning Alex, I took some pill and it makes me sleep off because I was having headache.
I'm truly sorry my love,please when can chat again? Please my love write me when we to discuss again this really eating up my head and it makes me troubled. I really want to discuss with you Alex.
All I just want to do is to make a plan about our future right now and I don't why I slept off yesterday and that is the reason why I woke up so early. Alex please create time for us to chat, we really have to make things work out this time my love.
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