Scam Letter(s) from Maria Bukashka to Robert (Luxembourg)

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Letter 1

Hello Robert!
Again you made me happy with your letter.I was very pleased and every day I feel more and more interest.Thank you for your answers. I am so happy that you are enjoying your life and have an opportunity for visiting exhibitions and movies because I am sure that your country is totally amazing,unfortunately I don't have an opportunity for such activities because I am living in a very small town and here we have not so much entertainments.
You should understand that I simply want to be happy.So age and appearance has no matter for me because for truly and actually love it has no weight.I want to have serious relationship with a man who wants the same.Such relationships want only mature men.And I think it is a good position,do you agree with me,Robert?
In my previous letter I have already told You a bit about my family but I forgot to tell You about my cousin.I love her very much and we spend a lot of time together.She lives in my town and recently she became a mother.My family was very happy with this.My cousin is pastry-cook.It is very interesting,creative and I think tasty work.Besides I have creative work too and I sometimes have the same projects with my cousin.
As for my work I am manager of Event agency an I help people to feel that every day of their life can be a holiday.I organize different holidays for people such as weddings,anniversaries,birthdays and others.But especially I usually prepare holidays for children.I forgot to say you that my education is a teacher of junior classes so we can easily understand each other.In addition I love children very much so I like my job because it helps me to be in life the person who I am inside.It helps me to realize myself, use my fantasy and creativity.I am very pleased when I can see happy faces of children after holiday.After this I can go home with the ocean of good emotions and calm soul.
Do you want to know how it is to live every day like a holiday?I can show you and make such days for you.
Impatiently waiting..



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