Letter(s) from Galina Egoshina to Yukamar (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my name is Galina, I'm from Russia.
I'm interested in your profile and would like to know you better.
Let's know each other better, and see where it'll go.
Wait your reply. My email is: egoshina_1967@land.ru
Sincerely, Galina

Letter 2

Hi . Thanks for the answer and picture. Sorry, but I cant to send you mine in childhood. But can send this one. Yes, nnow it's cold here.
About me I can tell next. I live alone in a separate apartment in Samara city. I'm 37 years old, it's time to think about future. I have elder brother and sister. My parents live in an other district of city. Mother is school teacher, and father is colonel of army, he is on pension now. I live with my cat. I am working in cell phone company.
I tryed to find my happiness here, but Russian men drink a lot and have no target in their life. So I decided to try find happiness with other man from other country. I'm tired to be here. I value in people such things as honesty, openness, sincerity. I want to love and be loved. I'm tired to be one. I like swimming and horses.My height is 173 centimeters, weight is 60 kilograms. My eyes are green and hair as you see long.
I'm interested to know you better. I have serious intentions.
Wait your reply.
Tell me more about yourself: occupation, interests, hobbies, about your place, family and etc.
Sincerely, Galina

Letter 3

Hello my honey. How are you? How did you spend Saturday?
Among prices and figures? Hope not only so.
I just came at home. My friend came to me, we had some lunch, and then went to central city square. here is big X-mas tree with many beautiful colour fires. It was very interesting, many people, families with kids, youth, pensioners. Different attractions. Also there were horses, one horse open sleigh, little horses and one even one donkey. They rided all who wished. And little tractor with mini-carriages like train rided kids.
Like in ancient. Sensation of merriment and holiday. Only on Monday days off will over, and people will start to work. Also we met there one more friend, and went with her into one of different cafes there. Well, I don\'t pity about time I spent. If you could be there with me...
I think everything could be unusual and interesting for you...
To celebrate russian X-mas.
And now I want to have supper, and go to bed. Starnge, but I feel tired. As they say, I did everything, and did nothing.
Also I\'ll try to load Messenger.
And as for your words about trip, it\'s not simpe question, and we must solve many things and work together about it. Are you agree with me? You should understand that everything will be new and unknown for me, so, you\'re my alone hope. I\'ll know what I\'ll need for coming to USA, about visa, documents, plane tickets. In the long run, meeting should be the next step.
But know few about your place. What weather do you usually have there? What are the customs and traditions? What and how will I do there? Where will I live?
Are you serious or not? How and where will I arrive to you? Of course I can know about visa and air tickets.
How will you prove that you\'re serious, and do not joke? May be later you or I\'ll sorry about this. In the long run, we\'re talking not about visiting restaurant, for example. I hope you understood me correct what I want to say.
Wait your soon answer.
Sincerely, yours Galina
P.S. Funny pic!

Letter 4

Hello my honey. How are you? Glad to hear that mom feels better, tell her "hello" from me when you can.
Also glad to hear that there are some progress in your work. I did first part of your ask, and exactly found info about visa. Well, I got the next.
I knew information about visa on site http://visas.ru
I found there next things. I can get tourist visa B1-B2.
For this I'll be must to prove, that I'm not going to immigrate to USA by this visa, and that I go only to you. To prove it it'll be enough to show your letters. And proof of immigration intentions will be that I have in private property my apartment here.
Also I'll be must pass through interview and write all documents. I can send all this papers by mail. I can get visa till maximum 3 years, but it'll be necessary to connect with embassy again. And minimum is 3 months. But probably, as I've read there, I'll get it only for 3 months, and not for 3 years. Becuase I'll go to USA 1st time, and it's maximum time which I can expect. But I think it'll be enough for solving our future problems.
Also I can change my visa status and after coming to you I'll be able to make fiancee visa with your help.
Visa may be ready during 7-10 days plus time of giving all documents (not more than week or two inclusive). So, in ideal, during this week I can gather all documents, pics and make written statement. And only from beginning of the next week my statement may be started. It'll be hard but possible. And if everything will be ok, during the time while I wait, I can decide problem with my work, and also we can to find best variant for tickets. What's your oppinion about all this things?
And also I think I'll be able to pay for it by myself. It'll take about 150USD, and I'll find this sum without your help.
Well,I wait your answer.
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 5

I have the same feelings as you. Impatience and excitation.
Every day I wake up and go to bed with this feeling. Realizing that soon we'll be together. At once after ordering tickets there will not be back way. Hurry up!!! Final countdown will start!!!!!!
Hope your day began nice.
I'll be short because today our colleague has jubilee, and we finished earlier, at the dinner we went to buy gift for her and now we're going to lay the table. She's very good woman, and I'll congratulate her with pleasure! So, don't be offend, but I must go.
Send you many my kisses, and wait your answer.
Very sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 6

You're right, my honey. I mean about parents. Only we were at the garden again. On Friday I got money, thanks. And then at the evening we went to the garden, sister, me, mom and dad. And only today at the morning we returned. We have holiday today, Independence day. I with friend walked by the city, and then with her and her husband we went out of the city to look at the racing. Reigon championship took place. It was interesting to see race, but there were many cars and track was close to spectators. And weather was dry, so there was cloud of dust. I just took the bath. My white blouse became brown after race. And later I'll go to her with my other friend, she invited us to celebrate holiday. And then I'll come at home, and will go to bed. Also today I'll have day off. Such things happened with me.
I understood your request about arrival date. I think tomorrow I'll start. Hope your weather became good, and it there is no lighting. Send you my many kisses an wait your answer.
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 7

I was very busy these days, and also still busy. This week I leave my work, so, I must finish all my work which I had. You should understand that now I'll have many problems. I'm glad that these problems will be only nice and pleasant. Also I must make farewell party for colleagues. They're sincerely glad for me. Also I knew and ready to do visa. Well, I have many things and not so many time. But as I told you, it's pleasant troubles. I'll write you tomorrow, don't lose me, and know that I'm busy with our troubles.
Send you my kissssssss!!!!!!
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 8

I'm here, only don't have many time and will be short. I'm very glad that everything is ok with you. I have everything good too. Only as I told you very busy. Today my last day at the work. Tomorrow I'll have farewell party, so must prepare for it. Also parents are waiting for me tonight. So, know that I miss you and wait your answer.
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 9

Thanks for e-mails, so gentle and so interesting. You're right, I'm excited and full of impatience. But I have few time. I couldn't imagine that there can appear so many little but so important problems before leaving. I just returned home, we went to my aunt far from my city. I'll write you later more detail letter, don't lose me, don't be angry with me. As I told you, it's pleasant problems. Kiss you, and will write you later/
Sincerey, yours Galina

Letter 10

I'm here sweetheart. Glad to hear that everything is ok with you. Hope you had nice time during watching old movie. I saw these days 2 films too: "The Bourne Identify" and "The Bourne Supremacy", spy actions, I liked it. Did you see it? Yesterday we again were in garden, had night there. On Tuesday plaster will be taken off mom's leg, and she'll be ok. I'm very glad. Today a the morning I came at home, and was at home till afternoon. Then friends came to me and we went to the lake for swimming and getting sun burn. Do you have lakes ort rivers there? I like water. And about 30 minutes I returned. We swam, played volleyball, and laid under the sun. I feel so tired and so hungry. I put my supper on gas stove and cooking it. Also I took Bingo with us, that time it was the happiest creature in the world. To say that he likes means to say nothing. He didn't leave water absolutely: swam and ran by the shore in water, played with ball, and now, after supper he's yet sleeping. I think that after supper I'll go to bed immediately. I watched weather forecast, and there shown that tomorrow will be rainy day. Bad. How is your weather? Hope you have nice weekend.
Send you my kiss and wait your answer.
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 11

Congratulations with Independence day. Hope you had fun and celebrated it good,a and enjoyed firework. I have good news. I got positive answer for my visa. I'm so glad. One more important step we closer. Perfect!!!
I spent weekend at the garden, Saturday, and on Sunday I had night at parents place. May be last time. Tomorrow I think to try to find best variants for flight. And also to look for useful information about air trips in Internet, different rules and advices. In the long run, so far I'll fly for the first time.
How is your work? How is ? How is weather? BY the way, what is the approximate weather forecast for your place? What clothes should I take? I think any clothes, and warm, and for heat. We have not fixed weather here, sunny and rainy days change each other.
Well, I go to cook super as usual. Luggage is almost packed, and I have to wait last days here. Nice feeling.
Miss you, kiss you and wait your answer.
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 12

I'm here, had troubles with Internet connection.
Yes, it's terrible to hear about terrorist attack in London, just turned off TV with report from England capital.
Weather is terrible here, it rains yet 2nd day. Tonight planned to spend time in cafe with friend, but it seems to me that we'll stay at home. I'm waiting for her right now. Well, also I have not so pleasant news. I'm about tickets. As I was afraid, price is up. Only not so big. 200USD for one ticket. Bad. The best and nearest variant I found on 14th July, next week. Till this day there are no tickets absolutely. It's flight with stop in London. I can leave Moscow with Russian company "Transaero" till London airport Gatweek. Or Gutweak. Don't know how to spell in English, translate from Russian. And after 3 hours I should take place in plane of American Airlines, flight number is AA 079. So, I break sown after news about tickets. And also now after terrorist attacks to London precautionary measures may become stronger, and this fact is able to have influence on price. But I think the faster I get yet 400USD, than more chances I have for buying tickets in time. Well, I'm waiting for your opinion,. Also don't forget, that we cane return 200USD if I'll stay with you.
Send you my sad kiss and wait your soon reply.
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 13

I'm surprised that you didn't understand my news.
In short, I told the next. There is no free tickets till 14th July. Then, price has grown up on. 200USD for one ticket. You know, that if I could, I bought one way ticket. But it's impossible, because in this case I'll be under suspicion as possible terrorist. I think you know laws of your country better than me. And in Russia after yesterday's acts in London precautionary measures are amplification. And it's reflected on price of the tickets. So, I can't do anything. Mother asked one rich friend to occupy money, but that woman will go to vacation to Europe, so I have no chances to find money here. So, think what we can do. I'll try to connect with you later.
Send you my kiss too.
Sincerely, yours Galina

Letter 14

Glad to hear from you today. Of course as I told you, if it could be possible to buy one way ticket, I could do it. But I can't do it. Your laws don't let to but one way ticket to such persons as me. I mean that I go as tourist. So, 2 tickets and 400USD. But don't forget that we can return 200USD if we return ticket. I'll stay in your place during 3 months, I think this time will be enough for understanding each other and building good relations. I don't know if I'll be able to take tickets on 14th. Because yet I must buy train ticket. But after 14th there is possibility to buy ticket and on 15th, 16th, and so on. The faster we solve this problems, than faster I reserve tickets. I hope you understand me. If you do it tomorrow as you said, I can try to made reservation on next Wednesday. I think 5 days will be enough for me to come to Moscow. So, I wait your opinion.
Kiss you strong and wait your answer.
Sincerely, your Galina

Letter 15

I'm here, everything is ok, I got your transfer yesterday, thanks. Today during all day I was with mom, we went to her friend, and then I was in parents place. Just came at home, want to walk with dog, but weather is terrible, it's cold and rains.
I think to start reservation tomorrow, on Monday, when all will work after weekend.
And yet after some minutes my neighbor must come to me, we agreed about meeting yesterday. So, I'm a little busy.
I'll write you al details later, tomorrow or after tomorrow. Don't lose me.
Send you many kisses.
Sincerely, yours GAlina

Letter 16

Everything is ready. These days were devoted to preparation problems. Now I feel as if I broke mountain, so many things were done these last days. I bought train ticket on Saturday evening. On Sunday afternoon I'll be in Moscow. I sent application for plane tickets for Tuesday, tomorrow I'll get answer. I think on Tuesday I'll be able to leave Moscow!!!
It's main news for these days. I'll write you after tomorrow, before leaving my place.
Now I must go to mom, she's waiting for me.
Send you many my kisses and will write you later.
Sincerely, yours Galina