Letter(s) from Grace Falli to Helmut (Austria)
Letter 1
My Dearest One.How are you,i hope you are Doing well.I am happy to received your mail, first of all i will like to introduce my self to you.My name is Miss Blessing Dion, I'm 25 Years Old, i am from Ivory Caost in west Africa,i am fair in complexion,5.8 feet in height.I was a graduate of medical student,i finish my education last year being 2013.My father was a successful business man,he was also the Director of Dion Christ rubber plantation and also the Director of Dion Industry West Africa which is popular in my country.He is also the formal assistance head of state during military Reign.Unfortunately i lost him last year because of the problem he have with his elder brother concerning his company.His elder brother was assisting him as the manager of his know that this world is full of wicked and evil people,my father help him because he is the only blood brother which he have,Due to his wickedness and greediness he plan with high killers and killed my father and pretend that my father was killed by armed rubber but he don't know that i know his secret.After some months he plan to kill me as he killed my father so that he will take all the factory and the company alone, but one of his guide review the secret to me and i escape from my country after i received some trait that show me that he want me dead so that he will take all my fathers company because i am the only child of my fathers.I manage to escape to the nearest country called Senegal which i am liven with a pastor in his church.i want you to take me as you take your self because my life is in danger now.i will like to get in contact with you and also know more about you,i attach my picture here to show you who i am and i will also expecting your picture in your next mail. because i have something very very important to tell you which will help us in future, when i receive your pictures and know everything about you too.Take good care of your self and remain bless. Yours Faithfully
Miss Blessing.
Letter 2
My Dear.
Please everything i told you about me is truth and i need a serious man that will help me out from my situation, i know there is allot of scam in the internet, please consider my situation and help me out am crying as am writing you this mail. Please help me come to your country to start a better life with you.
Letter 3
My Darling.
Thanks so much for your mail and understanding, i really appreciate that, i want you to know that am not such a person that use internet to make money, am searching for the right man who i will proud to call my husband and the father of my baby after our marriage, i will be waiting for your mail with your pictures and phone number so that i will deliver you my number as well for more communication i love you so much from all my deep heart.
Letter 4

My Dearest One,
How are you hope fine, thanks for your mail i want you to understand that i don't have any personal computer of my own Ok, i will be happy to chart with you face to face and to know that am dealing with the right person before i will enter into bad peoples hand, But i want you to understand that am making use of Rev pastor office computer to check my email only and he will not allow me to use it for chat Ok, if you are willing to help me then you let me know so that i will send you the number that you will use to reach me any time that you want to hear from me and also send me your phone number I AM WAITING FOR YOUR RESPOND SOON.
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