Letter(s) from Olga to Gorjan (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hi my darling ....
Thank you for answering my questions! I think Spa Aurora is a beautiful place! But if you want to make your choice I do not mind!
I will have 4 weeks vacation and I can spend as much time with you in Macedonia as you want!
Today I went to the travel agency to find out About the ticket. I was told that first what I need to have is international passport. I went to the passport office and I was told that now to apply for international passport I must pay $290. It is too big amount for me, I earn only $180 a month. I can't manage with paying for my passport. But I do not want to lose opportunity to go to you! This situation is so iniquitous that I'm nearly to cry! I want to meet you very much! I already imagined how everything will be! I already told my parents and my friends that I'm going to meet you! I do not know what to do and I hope that I can rely on you! We made this serious decision to meet and I expect that we will work on this together! What can you tell me? Can I rely on you?
I hope to get good news from you soon!
Kisses from your Olya