Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Omysheva to Gorjan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I received your letter, and I understand that I - just starting to live.
You and I are still just beginning. Now I find meaning in life.
I can not imagine life without you is more.
Today I learned all concerning my arrival in your country, and I was told that I must have a visa foreign passport and other documents for registration.
We have identified the type of visa is - a tourist visa.
This visa allows you to stay in your country within 90 days. In the future, the visa can be extended.
I asked about the price and was very upset.
Visa costs 145 euro, passport, 90 euro and health insurance 110 euro. All I need 345 euro.
It makes me a little depressed and disappointed. I do not have that kind of money.
I asked my friends, they said they do not have such a sum.
I know that there is a reliable system of remittances worldwide, it's - the company Western Union.
I went to Western Union and learned about their service.
They said that sender must go to Western Union and to have the information:
Name and surname of the recipient country, as they give Ten secret numbers.
With these numbers I can get your translation.
Information that will be needed to be translated: Country: Russia
Name: Svetlana
Surname: Omysheva I need to know your full name and your full address.
You should know that I'm asking you about this because I love you, and I really trust you.
I think about the meaning of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other.
In most cases, money plays a huge role in my life, but this is not correct. I'm sure!
Money has never been, and will not be important to me.
I never aspired to material enrichment and not looking for a rich man.
I appreciate human qualities, I love you Gorjan!!!
I do not want you to think that I decide it spontaneously, I thought about it for a long time. I do not want to lose happiness.
Every day I think about our meeting, I think that we should use this opportunity that fate has given us.
I love you and I want to be with you forever!
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