Scam letter(s) from Olesya Sergeeva to Goran (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hi dear Goran. The large thank for your surprising letter, for me it is very pleasant. I hope at you very well and you in perfect mood I think that the meeting with you is destiny, the destiny is possible gives to us chance, a gift which we should use. I before this time still under impression of your imaginations and you became so close to me. I want to be divided and to tell to you everything, is sincere and is clean, because you now not far from me. Once I loved, loved very much, I did not see anything except for this love and when I to stop and to try to consider all that I to understand that the man whom I loved only entertainment with me, he did not want to have family, did not want children, he did not love me, and I to learn it only after 3 years. I dont think that I lost with him the time, I think that life to give me a lesson, though this lesson was very sick for me. I don't want that was as is sick, therefore I ask to not joke and to not play with me, I ask only it. I'm a girl who am ready on much for the sake of love, and believe I don't search rich life, I only search who can care of me, who can give me warmly and smile each day, who will help me to bring up ours *****.. Then I give all myself. I am not afraid of difficulty and problem and I to believe that together it is possible to overcome, main love and understanding. Goran unfortunately my time in internet cafe to come to an end and I should go to stady. I will be waiting for your letter. Have a good day. Sincerely yours Olesya.
Letter 2

Hi dear Goran. Large thanks for your letter, it does my day better. How are you today? I hope at you very well and you in the perfect form. You as to me like to me very pleasant your words, also I want to know you more. Through email we only acquaintance but to know each other well and to spend perfect time reality together is necessary. I think to see you, to hear and you see it will touch you surprisingly so strange. I to feel heat inside when I see your letters, it is strange possible I to experience new feelings because to meet such the man? Probably meeting for us early, but I don't think that internet can acquaint us closer than we are familiar now. We live one life and probably this life we can be together? If we to like each other why not meeting in a reality, I present as I can see you, go for a walk with you holding you for hands.. I don't want as to live at loneliness and I want to try to find love. I don't know than to come to an end our correspondence but I know that I want to see you. How we can meet? I never travelled but likely it very expensive. My holiday in August, I shall have 30 free days. It will be a perfect opportunity for meeting because then I shall not have holiday till January then to come to an end my rates. You would like to come in Russia? It will be surprising if after our warm letters I can have perfect time with you. My break to come to an end and I should go at study my rates. I wish to you perfect day, don't feel lonely and knows that the girl there far thinks of you. With hope yours Olesya.
Letter 3

Hi dear Goran. Large thanks for your warm letter and photo, it does my day as always much better. I hope that my letter is given to you even by a small smile and good mood. At me very well, yesterday I to spend day of a house and only in evening I to go with the girlfriend to go for a walk in park, we spoke also much I to speak with her about you. Really strange feelings when to not see the man but to feel affinity. I thought much of ours meeting, how you think it will be emotional or is constrained when we see first time each other? You can come in Moscow or Omsk to a beginning August? I think what is it good variant for meeting and we can spend some days together and look together Moscow. I never was in Moscow and me the capital Russia will be very pleasant to visit, but more it will be pleasant will see you this unforgettable time. I think when you will know precisely date arrival to me as it is necessary already to reserve the ticket up to Moscow, if you want I can in more detail find out about it. I did not think of places for travel, I am possible would like to visit western Europe when or, it is a history and beautiful sights, likely it is very fascinating to travel? I should finish and go home, today there was a difficult day. I wish to you perfect day. I think of you. Sincerely yours Olesya.
Letter 4

Dear Goran large thanks for your surprising letters and wonderfull photos. How are you today? I hope my letter finds you in the perfect form and good mood. You are right I to feel very strange, for me it for the first time, in general relation with the men it not often for me, I to like once and very strongly both dream about mad and eternal love. Your letters and your internal world to conquer me, I am sure that you the surprising man and very much I want to see you in a reality and to get acquainted with you closer, to spend perfect time together. If we really want it why to not try? I never to travel but probably about your help I can travel. You to understand that for me it not simply first travel to my life, it is possible travel for our happiness!!! I think that I shall go in travel agency and to find out concerning travel to Moscow. While between us distance and time I wait for your beautiful letters with impatience. I think of you all time.. Sincerely yours Olesya.
Letter 5

Hi dear Goran. How are you today? I to find out rather travel in Moscow, it is not difficult and any date is possible to choose. The ticket up to Moscow costs 194 euros, the return ticket and consequently it is very convenient. I find out in travel agency as though you could to me to help. They speak if the travel was in Sweden then you could to me help, but it is the ticket inside the country and you can not buy to me the ticket. To me have said what there is a very convenient bank system western union, you heard about it? It is very convenient also for me have said what is it within 30 minutes I can receive from you the help on the ticket up to Moscow. But you should know my address, you would like that I to send it to you. I as think of our meeting, this surprising adventure and I very much to experience but nevertheless very strongly I want our meeting, this travel the largest step in our life will be possible. I think of you.. Sincerely yours Olesya.
Letter 6

Hi again dear Goran. Large thanks for your letters. Already late and my letter will be short. I to find out rather western union, and me have said that you should know my complete data, I shall send you it at the end of the letter. As soon as you can help me I at once to go in agency and I shall reserve flight for Moscow, but I should know what flight in Moscow at you. I think that we could take flights in Moscow in the same airport, so it will be easier to meet, what you think? I shall find out about it in agency tomorrow in more detail. I very much want to see you and hope what is it not dream and soon we Moscow will look together, I can not believe what is it truth. I wish to you perfect evening and all best. See you tomorrow. I think of you.. Olesya.
Letter 7

I forget my data: Olesya Sergeeva; Russia, city of Omsk; Street Krasina 16, apartment 37. Birthday: 27 april, 1981
Letter 8

Hi dear, excuse that so late to come here and to write to you the letter, I was at the grandmother and to help her. Now I shall write shortly to you, I shall write down the information on translation, and as to take my passport and to go in bank. As soon as I shall receive money I to go in travel agency and to reserve the ticket up to Moscow, I as to write down the information on your flight. As soon as I shall do all I to write to you. Thanks what to give to us chance for meeting. I wish to you perfect day and all best. I think of you.. Yours Olesya.
Letter 9

Hi again dear Goran. I just to come back from bank, I to not go in agency because I have a problem. I to not receive your money. To me have said that by transfer of money you to do a mistake in a surname, I think that a mistake in my surname. I shall send to you once again my data, you can ask them or check it?? I wait here your answer. I think of you.. Olesya Sergeeva ; Russia, city of Omsk; Street Krasina 16, apartment 37. Birthday: 27 april, 1981
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