Scam letter(s) from Diana Rodriguez to Shailendra (Malaysia)

Letter 1
I already told you baby you don't have to send me your account statement bcos i believe you 100% but what i'm trying to say here is that you can still try to get 400RM money to the money you have if only you can be able to ask 2 of your professor friends to borrow you 200RM each And on Friday once i get to Brisbane and i have my pay cheque cashed i'll send you the money back so that you don't get into any argument with your professor friends. I hope you can understand what i am trying to say. All i ask is just 2days and on Friday i will send you the money back my love. You don't have to feel sad and tense for me bcos what i need is something you can do for me. You're a well respected man among your professor friends and i don't think if you ask them to loan 200RM each it will be a problem for them as long as you can assure them they will get it back on Friday. Baby i will be really glad if you can do this for me bcos i have just returned back from the **** shop and all i have with me now is just 290, I really hope you can be able to manage to come up with 600RM for me today my love and you can send it before western union close. I'll be counting on you my love. Depressed Diana.
Letter 2
Baby atleast if you can get 600RM and i add it to the money i will be getting from the **** shop and commander then i should be able to pay for the balance of my ticket today and by Friday my love i swear it on my late dad's grave that i will send you back all the money you have loaned me. Pls i really don't wanna miss my flight tomorrow and i have to pay for the balance today. I hope to hear from you soon and i hope you enjoyed your lunch though i can understand that you must have been busy at work but i hope you can manage to send me the money while you're on your lunch break. I wanna get into the shower now so that i can aslo proceed further with going to the **** shop to sell off my jewelry so that i can add it up to the money commander borrow me. You're all i have left that i can count on my love and i really do hope that you can be able to be there for me. Love you more and i hope you talk soon my baby.xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
Letter 3
Hi Sweetie, Thanks for the email Shailendra bcos i've almost began getting worried about you, I hope you've been having a great day at work and things have been going pretty great with you out there. I'm just so excited and i really can't wait to be home on Friday. I am still in need of 500 dollars to pay for the balance of my ticket, honey Right now the only way i can get some money is buy going to sell of my jewelry at the **** shop bcos i did stop by at the **** shop yesterday on my way coming back to the camp from the travel agency's office they offered to pay $200 dollars and my camp commander loaned me 90 dollars making a total of 290 now bcos i know that 500 is alot of money but i will still be left with a balance of $210. I don't have any choice left here that's why i have to sell off my jewelry today if only you will be able to help me get the remaining $210 dollars. Can you try to ask any of your professor friends for 300RM each and i'm sure you will be able to get the money my love and when i get to Brisbane on Friday i will send you details of western union so that you can pay them back the money, You really don't have to send me your bank account statement bcos i trust you baby... I have already tried asking my mates at the camp yesterday for a helping hands but no one wants to loan me the money and if not for the fact that the pay out country on my pay cheque is Australia i will have just got it cashed here but i think it's bcos that's alot of money and they wanted me to cash it in my country of residence. Honey i want you to know i've done everything possible that i can to try to get my pay cheque cashed but they're all refusing to cash it bcos they said the amount on it is much and it's payout country is Australia which they said i must go and cash it when i get to Australia. There is nothing UNICEF can do about my situation bcos i have already re-signed at the camp due to the fact that i can't stay over here for 3 extra months when my mission got postponed. I can understand that you've got bills to pay and to also look after your family which is a very good thing you're doing and like i told you they will be so proud of you. I know that it's alot of money baby which is why i have tried to come up with 290 dollars if you read my email you will get to understand what i'm saying and i hope you can see that i am really trying my best so that i can get on the plane going to Brisbane tomorrow, I am sure you should be able to get 210 dollars for me and i promise to pay you back the money on Friday when i arrive in Brisbane. All the money i have with me have been paid as deposit to the travel agency for my ticket and all i have left with me here is just my pay cheque and i can only be able to cash it when i arrive in Brisbane on Friday.. I hope you will be able to help me get the money by today my love so that i can pay for the balance of my ticket today then go board my flight tomorrow down to Brisbane. I'm really gonna be counting on you and i hope you won't let me down Shailendra bcos i will just feel like committing suicide as i'm getting tired and i just wanna be home on Friday so that i can finally start a new life all over.. The feelings that I’ve felt for you all along begin to resurface. Only this time, I am free to act on them without fear of upsetting anyone. Thank you, Shailendra. What more can a woman say to the man who opened his heart to her, allowing her to feel the warmth of his love across the great distance that separates us? You truly have no idea what I feel for you my love I tried to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now. Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence. I have no other words to describe the way you make me feel. No words, no actions could even come close. You're truly my prince from the heaven's, I miss you so so so much and i can't wait to hear from you soon but i hope you enjoyed your lunch, What did you had for lunch?. I sincerely love you with all my heart my future husband and my soul mate Shailendra..xoxoxoxoxoxo. Very Sad and Confused Diana.
Letter 4

Flight Details Confirmation Passenger Name As it is on Passport. Miss Diana Rodriguez Booking confirmation (5**5*2). Flight Summary (OR TAMBO) Johannesburg INTL, South Africa - (BNE) Brisbane INTL, Australia Outbound - Departure Wednesday 18 June 2014 18 Jun 20:15 Johannesburg South Africa - 19 Jun 05:15 Heathrow (London)United Kingdom
BA0054 World Traveller 19 Jun 11:05 Heathrow (London) United Kingdom - 20 Jun 07:55 Changi (Singapore) Singapore
BA0015 World Traveller 20 Jun 08:45 Changi (Singapore) Singapore - 20 Jun 14:10 BNE (Brisbane) Australia
QF0075 Qantas Airways Ltd Economy Departure from Johannesburg Arrival at London Heathrow
Departure Terminal : TERMINAL A Arrival Terminal : TERMINAL 1
Departure Gate : TBD Arrival Gate : TBD
Scheduled : June 18 -20:15 Scheduled : June 19- 05:15 Departure from London Heathrow Arrival at Singapore
Departure Terminal : TERMINAL 5 Arrival Terminal : TERMINAL 1
Departure Gate : TBD Arrival Gate : TBD
Scheduled : June 19-11:05 Scheduled : June 20 -07:55 Departure from Singapore Arrival at Brisbane
Departure Terminal : TERMINAL 2 Arrival Terminal :INTERNATIONAL
Departure Gate : TBD Arrival Gate : TBD
Scheduled : June 20 -08:45 Scheduled : June 20 -14:10 Flight Duration : 30hr 05min Layover Time : 8hr 40min Total Trip Time: 40hr 25min Payment Type - At British Airways Office. Price specification Adult Ticket price 1800.00
Booking fees -
Fuel surcharge 200.5
Sales tax 90.5
Airport service charge 20.00
Passenger service charge 15.00
Security charge 10.00
Passenger service charge 9.00
London noise isolation charge 2.00 Price (per passenger) $ 2,200.00 USD = 23,075.52 ZAR Number of passengers 1 Total Deposit paid = $ 1,700.00 USD = 17,834.74 ZAR Balance to be Paid = $500.00 USD = 5,245.60 ZAR Total for flights = $ 2,200.00 USD = 23,075.52 ZAR Total price = $ 2,200.00 USD = 23,075.52 ZAR British Airways
Travel Agent
Joseph Moloi
+27742171129 Thanks for flying British Airways
Letter 5
Hi Shailendra, How are you doing?.. I have been thinking about you all day long, We've been very busy at the camp all day long and i'm sorry i couldn't get the chance to write you earlier not until this night when i got the chance to get on the computer. How is your day going and how is everything generally over there with you?. I hope you had a nice bed rest my baby and a great day at work today?.. I'm just so excited right now and i'm always happy bcos we feel the same way about each other. Thanks for turning my world around and for making me believe in love again. I'm feeling much more better right now and i'm even back on my feet and can't wait to be home to be in Brisbane this Friday. Do you remember i told you i was going to a meeting today baby?.. My name was called among the nurses that received their pay cheque today at the camp. Thanks for filling my heart with a lot of joy and happiness and i also appreciate the fact that you showed me the meaning of true love and affectionate even though there is distance between us. I'm just so so so happy to have you in my life and I can't wait to have you in my arms pretty soon and have fun with you when you come visit me in Australia in some couple of months time, Cuddle up to you all night long and to see your handsome charming face in person. I do have some good news for you that i got my pay cheque out here and some money today at the camp, I can't wait to see you soon, be with you and also have all the fun in the world with you. I'm really worried right now Honey... Bcos i am so sad and confused at the moment:((.. We had a meeting today at the camp with some UNICEF Authorities.. And it's really making me very sad and unhappy ever since i heard of it.. One of the UNICEF authorities from Somalia came down here to address us today and we got to find out that our mission out here is no longer ending soon and that it has now been postponed further which means we will be working longer down here, They didn't even let us know when exactly we are going to be coming back home. They did that because our mission out here is no longer finished yet. They pleaded with everyone down here though and they gave us some money and i was given a pay cheque of $86,000.30 cents and i was also given $1,700 cash to use for our up keep until when they will get back to us that our mission is over again. They didn't even let us know when exactly we will be coming home and how long we will be staying here for but i know we will be staying out here for a long time atleast some couple of more months. But we were told that anyone who wants to leave can go bcos we have been paid and we have our pay cheque with us. I don't want to stay out here any longer here though i feel i have dedicated enough of my time to humanity. I'm always missing you everyday and you're always on my mind baby. I asked the camps commandant about how to get my flight booked down to Australia and he said that i have to book it out here in South Africa.. I went to see the flight agent today over here and they told me that to book my flight down to Australia is going to cost me about $2,200 and i am with only $1,700.. I am just so confused right now cos i don't know what to do baby i am still in need of $500 to add to the money i have to book my flight down to Brisbane.. I even asked the camps commandant if i can cash my pay cheque out here to book for my flight but he told me that South Africa banks don't cash a international paycheck which was confirmed to me by my south African mate at the camp and also at the bank today when i took it there. They told me at the bank that they can't cash an international cheques, That i have to cash it when i get to Australia bcos that's it's payout country. But i have paid a deposit for my flight to the flight agent today and i told the flight agent that i will bring the balance real soon if possible by tomorrow or Wednesdaybefore checking in time closes. That's why i had to let you know what exactly happened today at the camp. But i have booked my flight for This Wednesday and all i just need now is the balance so that nothing will stop me from getting on the plane going to Brisbane... The flight agent told me that i'm gonna be having a stop over in London and Singapore before arriving at Brisbane on Friday. i did pleaded to the Flight agent that they should please give me the flight details so that i can send them to you and you can see that i'm going to Brisbane on Wednesday night. i promised to bring the balance to them as soon as possible before Wednesday since i won't be allowed to get on the plane if i don't pay for the Balance for my Ticket.. I can't wait to be home and I'm sure you know that. I know you care about me too cos you've really been there for me and have always given me a shoulder to lean on whenever am down and you've always brought a smile on my face with your emails everyday. I just can't wait to be with you and show you my sincere appreciation and care for you in return for making me feel the way i feel. I really do care about you Shailendra and i just can't wait to be with you. I really can't wait! I'm always thinking of You and always missing You so so much already.. I can't wait to run into your arms and give your a warm hug and kiss you when i first set my eyes on you at the Airport when you come visit me in Australia. You make me feel happy and i know that i will be very happy when i am right there in your hands and someday become the mother of our unborn children and your Future wife. I'll be waiting to hear from you real soon and let me know what you think about it all Shailendra and i will be very grateful if you can help me out with the money when you get my email.. I promise to pay you back the money when i get to Brisbane and have my pay cheque cashed right there at the Airport in Brisbane on Friday i'll send it through western union to you, my flight will be arriving in Brisbane at exactly 14:10 on Friday. I will be sending you a copy of my pay cheque and my ID card for you to be able to know that i am going definitely going to give you back the money when once i arrive in Brisbane on Friday and i have my pay cheque cashed. Thinking about You Always and Missing You Always Till I'm With You!! Take good care of yourself and be safe... Always remember that i care about you so so so so much and i can't wait to be with you Shailendra. I sincerely love you with all my heart Shailendra. The rest of my day will be so sad and i will remain unhappy till i get an email from you Shailendra.. Love Always,
Your Soul Mate,
Kisses and Hugs,
A Very Sad Diana:((. P.S: I will send you my flight plans in my next email, You can send the money on my camps commandant details, Here is his full details you will need to send the money to when you get to western union money transfer outlet and also don't forget to write it out when you're going to send the money at western union :-

First name: Barack
Surname: Nelson
Address: 15/25 Nelson Mandela Rd.
City: Centurion
State: Guateng
Country: South Africa
Zip Code: 0057
Letter 6
Hi Baby, It's really nice to get an email from you today and i hope you did had a nice bed rest and also you've been enjoying your New week so far?.. You've been on my mind all day long and i want you to know that you're the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I went to church yesterday and i did say a prayer for us and our future together. I'm sorry i couldn't make it back online and this morning things are really busy here at the camp bcos we got information that our pay cheque and flight plans will be arriving at the camp today but not all the nurses will be getting their though i pray my name gets called among the nurses that will be receiving their pay cheques and flight plans today, Don't worry i will keep you posted as soon as i get off work but we'll be having the meeting around 1:00pm noon, I can't wait to be back home so that we can always talk over the phone once i get back home to Brisbane. The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life. Nothing can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebody's life. The excitement which tortures me while waiting for you, the sweet emails that keep me awake even when I'm exhausted to death, because I wouldn't miss a thing. The feeling that you know every corner of my heart. All these things are the most beautiful signs of my love for you. Every email you send me to express your feelings, every single word you say is a part of my soul, as if I have already known what you have been about to say. Every step I make is safe, because you are around me. When we first met on that site, I didn't even suspect what a wizard you were about to be. But apparently life can show us such wonders, that we can stay amazed like children, wondering how this could happen to us! Well, I want to thank you for being my best friend, for being my angel, for being my soul, for being my life! And I want you to know, that I haven't received anything sweeter than this email you sent me: " I have never felt like this before. Nobody has taken me so far, except you, my prince from the clouds. Take good care of yourself, Always stay out of troubles and be a good boy You will be on my mind until i get an email from you soon, Thanks for showing me the meaning of true love and i'm so happy to know that we both feel the same way about each other. All i just need from you is your trust and understanding and i promise to give you my heart and all the love in it in return but i hope you don't break it in a long run. You've got my heart right there in your safe arms and i hope you will always get to show it some love from time to time till i will get to see how you've been treating it and showing it lots of love. You mean alot to me now Baby. I will be online when i get off work to chat with you. Have a lovely day and a blessed. Always thinking about you Shailendra. Love always,
Your Baby,
Kisses and Hugs,
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