Scam letter(s) from Lilia Petrova to Gorjan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Good afternoon my love gorjan !!!
How there passes your day?
I very much hope that we needed to wait very little and at last that we will be together!!
I so wait for this moment my dear.
And what weather at you now?
To me hunting to appear in your country somewhat quicker. To see where do you live,
What family at you and in general very much I wish to be somewhat quicker near to you!!
I descended in travel agency. There to me have told that 920$ sum of money is necessary.
I descended in bank. Also wished to take the credit for this sum.
But as to me have explained in bank at my small salary the credit does not stand out as my salary of little bit more living wage.
I had saved up money I thought that they quite will suffice but it only 300$
Also remains to 620$ me does not suffice. My aunt cannot as to me to help.
As if you wish pay itself tickets you can to write to agency which I use:
As a site agency
And to tell that you wish to pay documents of Liliya Petrova.
And I ask the help from you.
I very much hope for you my love.
Today when I came into travel agency, girls which legalise papers have taken an interest where I treat.
For rest or to the native. I have answered that I treat to the favourite person.
That I never you saw in live but is ready to arrive in any point of the world to you and to be always the true companion.
They have told that it sounds as a fairy tale and that never met something similar in a real life.
They have wished us a long joint life! You are glad?)) I hope what exactly so at us and will be always.
And than you were engaged yesterday? How there has passed at you night?
You think of me before a dream? And I think. The truth I worry a little.
I so am afraid that with you there can be something. That I will arrive and you will not meet me also I will remain absolutely alone.
But when I see your letters, I read them. All my fears disappear also I is assured that we will together!!!
I am right? =)
We necessarily will be happy together.
I look forward to hearing from you
I kiss you! I will miss!!!
Only yours forever Liliya !!!
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