Letter(s) from Laura Bennet to Russell (USA)

Letter 1

Why aren't you responding ? I just tried calling you via google voice. Its 4am and I haven't slept. Could you please respond !?

Letter 2

Russell Dear,
I am really sorry for how i reacted to what you said. I am also very sorry for not believing you. I am so used to always getting dissapointed that i thought it was happening all over again. You gave me a reason to believe in love again and after i responded to your ad, the emails we sent each other, your pictures, your grand son... everything about you gave me hope that there are still a few good men out there. And i am lucky to have one; and that's you.
I am really sorry about the situation with your identity and i am also thankful that you are on top of it. Sometimes i wonder why we spend so much money fighting terrorists in other countries when there are lots of crimes going on in the country that could ruin peoples lives and nothing really tangible is done to reduce it to the barest minimum. And then on the dollar bill its written "in God we trust" depicting the oxymoron that we all tend to survive on (The vicissitudes of life)
Well, i did visit some banks here and i have been told that Western Union cant handle large amounts. And even if you send the money install-mentally you ll be charged everytime you send. And also, the account i am going to open won't have an IBAN (Inernational Bank Account Number) making it impossible to transfer directly here. So the only solution is to get a dommiciliary account anyhwere but here. That way i can access the funds here. I am going to send an email to my Uncle and Aunt back home to seek permission because i have authorization on both their domiciliary account. If they agree to it, i will forward the account details to you. least i forget, i asked one of the Bankers here and they said 11,079 Euro is 17,550USD. Let me know if you can manage that ok dear?
Once again i am very very sorry for reacting the way i did. I really do need you in my life Russell more than you know. Right now i am use to having you in my life so nothing is going to change that. I love you and miss you hoping to hear form you soon.
Your Laura.

Letter 3

Russell Dear,
I am so glad that you are understanding. You have a way of making me feel really special and i am grateful for that. I wish i could have gone with you to unwind in the sail boat. But my consolation is that very soon we will go on more trips like that. (fingers crossed) The first thing i want us to do when i come over is take the boat out. And please tell me your love making is good...like really good...cus lately i have been feeling really moist in a very special place when i look at a particular picture of you in shorts(smile)...if you know what i mean... i haven't had that in months so get ready. I am hungry for a lot of things but the one that tops the list is a very tight hug when i see you.
My dear i made the same arguments with the banker telling them its exactly 15,000 approximately. She said if you pay in anything less than 17,550, what i get in Euros will be less than 11,079 Euro. She kept talking about bank surcharges and the whole banking mumble jumble that i could barely understand. A friend advised me to just do as they say so i can get it over with. From what i heard they are the safest here. My friend said one time that Money was sent to her via one of the banks here and they told her point blank that nothing was in there. So baby i don't want to risk anything. I am sorry this is costing you more than your boat. I am really sorry but understand that when i come back i am going to pay you back. I cannot lie to you, all i need is 11,079 Euro. nothing more, nothing less. If you want us to be on the safer side, you could make it 18,000 USD. Its a Loan baby and i will pay back. I promise. Don't tell me not to... i feel really bad inside that i am asking for way to much already. Sometimes i wonder what i ll do if you didn't come to my rescue.
My Uncle and Aunt are in Newark, New Jersey. They are really happy that you are helping out and they cant wait to meet you when i am back in the States. (They were the first people i emailed for help and my Aunt had a panic attack because she thought i was going to be stuck in Africa because they couldn't help) Since you are in Florida they sent me this account info:

Wells Fargo Bank
4511 Weston Rd Weston FL 33331
Swift Number: WFBIUS6S
ABA Number: 121000248
Account Number: 7938437824

And i have been given authorization. So baby once you have made the payments, i need you to send me a copy of confirmation of payments because without it, i wont get the money. So baby please do it as soon as possible because one of my worker went into a rage when i told him his money is yet to come. I am forever grateful for all you are doing for me love. Hope to talk soon xoxox

Your Laura