Scam letter(s) from Helen Docas to Russ (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Russel, Thanks for getting back to me and i feel so warm hearing back from you, am a young lady of aged 31, loving, caring, darling, down to earth, open minded, God fearing and loving heart.
I'm on the site seeking for the right man for my life no matter the age different between us, i just need someone with your qualities who know what true love is all about and whose ready to be loved and love with open heart. I was born in United State, to an African race parents, my dad is a native of Nigeria while my mum is from Ethiopian, my mum relocated back to Nigeria after the dead of her husband so i had to come with her so that i can be able to be taking good care of her and be of helpful to her in every circumstances. Well seeking a man that will always take good care of me and who i can also cuddle for, seeking serious and long term relationship that i can give my all to, i just realized that its time for me to look for the man for me as time count each and every pasing day. What are you doing for living, what kinda of lady you seeking for, what you like doing for fun, what you favorite color, what your favorite food etc. I just send you a pic of me can i have your too. And tell me much more about you as well.
Hear from you soon.
Letter 2
Hi Russell, Thanks so much for getting back to me, i feel so amazed reading your bucks message, i feel so overwelmed and welcome with your message.
You look so handsome, confidence and independent, I understand in your message that you think i'll be little nervous with the age different between us, I never worried about the age and the age seems so nothing to me, there's the word that says "Love don't cost a thing" also 'Love is like a wheelbarrow and nothing will ever happenn until you start pushing". Love comes in difference and severals ways, this is how it has been written from above that we're going to meet each other online. Some meet in a bar, some meet in restaurants, some meet in beach, Cinema, Semina, shows, differents kind of place, but it has been destined that we gna meet trough the internet dating, and am sure we meet for a reason. I never mind of worried about the age different, what am most after the how open heart you're, how caring and loving you're, how you really wanted things to happen between us, how serious you'll be with me, and if truely uou want me for real without any setback at the end. At time mens turn you down when it seems that you heart has been given to them, i think you understand what am trying to say at this point. I'm totally new to this internet dating and seeking for something serious afterward. I don't know how it work on the ineternet, am little shy for someone like me doing online dating, but i give it a trial after a friend of mine meet her future husband through internet, she's the one recommended me to the internet dating.
Well, i want such thing to happen to me and that's why am on here.
I'm still a student of LAW, looking to finish my grade soon.
I don't mind the color of the age, i cherish what you have in your heart to me, and how truely you want me. I'm loving, caring, darling, down to earth, open minded, God fearing and loving heart lady. I'm on the internet seeking for the right man for my life no matter the age different between us, i just need someone with your qualities who know what true love is all about and whose ready to be loved and love with open heart. Well seeking a man that will always take good care of me and who i can also cuddle for, seeking serious and long term relationship that i can give my all to and expected to be the marriage type, i just realized its time for me to look for the man for me as time count each and every pasing days. Did you have YAHOO IM or if you don't you can try and download and sign up for one so that we can have an instant messaging and get to talk more through there, i want us to grown in communication which may lead to grown in love and finally fall in love to each other. I have also attached some of my pics, hope you get it and let talk soon. Hope to hear from you soon. Peace Out
Letter 3
Hello Russ. Thanks so much for getting back to me, been so curious and worried why not hearing back from you so soon, was thinking if you travel out of state or you were busy or something really hold you down. If you can view and reason with me you'll definatelly see that we should develop our communication to Instant Messaging, It's almost like been with each other, we'll be able to express our feelings instantly and says whatever we have in our heart and mind to each other. It so easy to get to know more about each other, you notice in your notice what you really want to have a long and serious relationship with me which is what i've been seeking for all this while, I'm so happy in life in every angle of my life in terms of good living, self confidence but i lack this what we called LOVE FEELINGS.
I don't have anyone to call me his LOVE or to call someone
We're both adult we don't need to left anything behind we should be communicating 24/7 daily instead of waiting for 2, 3 days before we could read messages from each other, its something that would keep backwarding our Friendship and mostly the love we intend to share together. You sound to caring, loving, passionate and ready to settle down man, which is what i've been looking for all of my life.
What did you really understand about Love?, what does love really means to you?
To me Love is a hard rock between two people and can't be torn apart, Love is a beautiful red rose given for no apparent reason.
Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should become familiar with some particular spots.Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones. I want all these to happen between us. Anyway try and sign up for yahoo IM today and let chat on live messanger, also get back to me with your cell # i will text you when i'm online. Hope to hear from you real soon.
Till then Peace Out
Letter 4

Hello Russ, Thanks so much for your kind words, you words really makes me overwelming and makes me happy whenever i read it or get the alert of your message. To be honest i don't about the love message i use to sent to you, i have it all coming from my head while typing, my feelings for you bring it all over to me. Just to let you know that You're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say.
I feel so happy just being with you this way. You're my baby, and will forever be my baby you captured my heart with your feelings toward me and does things that you use to say to me. You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in yourself no matter the age different between us and what time is catching up on you and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve by me. Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat. You're my theme or a dream! Every moment we'll share together will grow faster and closer. What a wonderful beginning to a new weeks between us! It began late in the previous weeks me finding you, chatting online, confessing my love, and then it happens all over again. The feelings that I've felt for you all along begin to resurface. Only this time, I am free to act on them without fear of upsetting anyone.
Thank you, Russ. What more can a woman say to the man who opened his heart to her, allowing her to feel the warmth of her love across the great distance that separates them? You truly have no idea what I feel for you. I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now. Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence.
Will miss you so much till you come back from East Coast of Florida Atlantic Ocean. Until then I will be thinking of you.
Letter 5
Hello My Dearest Russ, Let me start by saying how was your trip from East Coast? Hope all went well, I can not stand this. It is just too hard to be away from you. I am usually okay, but at times like this (especially tonight) it just becomes too much to bear. I can not sleep all night from thinking of you. I just have to tell you, Russ, to share with you that sacred part of my inner, secret life, the thoughts I think that everyone has but does not always say. I know that sometimes pride gets in the way of expressing emotions. I believe that is the cause of my reticence in telling you how I feel sometimes, that and the fact that passion in an extreme state can be scary, you almost just want to shut it away for fear that it will eventually destroy you. I think of my feelings, my love for you not with craving or with hope or even desire, but just with a kind of wonder that such things could be. You have opened my eyes to how love should feel. I can promise you this, I will never leave any stones unturn between us and settle nothing for less. But, at this time in both of our lives, we are surrounded by possibilities of choice, open doors and wide horizons, which I know, may come between us. But I also know and hope that they could eventually bring us together, with both of us being better people for the time we spent apart. And so for now I function between maybe and maybe not. It's a strange mixture of love and *** and sorrow and hope and longing and faith. And even though you are far away, you're all that I can see, I carry you with me through all my days and I miss you more than I can say. Also, Russell, remember this - I love you no less than if you were right here now. I know I have a tendency to be impetuous at times - thus the reason for this letter.
I think I will mail it now, before I consider what you might think of it. I love you and am waiting for the day when I can feel your arms around me.
Yours Helen
Letter 6
My dearest Russell, Its 5hour difference between us, my 05:00PM here is 12:00PM in Florida, Well The first day we were introduced over the computer, I knew you were the one for me. The first hello and the first goodbye we both knew. It has been a little over some days or month between us, and we are still fondly in each other's minds, souls, and hearts. Before I met you I had no idea what love really was until my heart truly started aching for you. Every day we may not have the opportunity to chat, and each day we are apart, tears ran down my face unconditionally for the longing of you near me. I never knew a man could have stolen my heart and made it truly his. I never knew I could love a man more then my own life. I long for the day I can finally look into your beautiful soft kind eyes and tell you how much I love you, and need you. The true beginning of my life is when you are going to be here in . These long days or Month we have both waited, and all my dreams are finally coming true. I don't know about all of yours? Seeing you every day is going to be the biggest blessing to my heart knowing you are in touching reach of me, which does scare me, however in a wonderful way. You are my every heartbeat, my every gasping breathe of life. What I need to survive and make it through this lonely world can only be conquered with you by my side. I do not think there are any words that could describe the way I actually feel about you. All I know, is you are the only man that is in my mind, the only man that is in my soul, the only man who truly and unconditionally has my heart for my lifetime and many more lifetimes the world has to offer us. When I think about you, my eyes start to water because I know you are somewhere else and not in my arms. But the thought of you keeps me going and going for another breathe of fresh air to keep my longing for you in my life going. I will never leave, and I will truly never hurt you. I admire you. You are my inspiration for anything, and everything on this cold damp earth. I never thought my time would come to love, and then it came and I was hit with so much emotion and power I did not know where to put it all.
I have stacked it piece by piece in my heart for you. I truly believe you are my soul mate, my husband and you are the only man I will only give all I have to offer forever. I hope you never let go of me because I love you, and I know you love me too as much as I love you.
Just the thought of you brightens my day completely, and sometimes I do bring you there on purpose to make myself happy when I am down.
Picturing your smile makes me smile, and I cannot wait to actually see that adoring man I know with the unforgettable smile I know so soon.
I treasure you locked in the big steel safe of my heart. I love you, sweetheart, and that is the only thing that is never going to change in my life. Always, and truly yours forever.
Letter 7
Hi, Baby Bear You're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You're my baby, and will forever be my baby. You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve. Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat.
You're my theme for a dream! Every moment we share together we grow closer. I'm simply hanging by a moment, waiting to see you one day and hold me so tight that all else fades, I think everyday if we could have the opportunity to be together one day, but still everyday I wake up dreaming of the time we'll spend together. I will never forget you.
My studies is going quite well, I intend to still be alone till now because i was righfull waiting all for you to come my way and you finally come. Most men here are cheater, also they like hiting their wifes and most of then like marrying 2,3,4 wifes and more, which i don't like and i wanted to end up been a ***** in my marriage life.
Well I hope you still think of me too. I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be. Please know that my love and I are inseparable and I would want it no other way and if time could express my love for you then it's forever and a day, I can't wait to be with you soon, see your smile, look in your eyes, feel your sweet touch, hear your perfect words and kiss your perfect lips. The way I feel about you some people call it crazy, some call it insane, but I call it true love. I really love you, My Baby Russ.
Letter 8
Hello good morning, how was your night?...Hope you sleep well and did you think about me. I miss and love u so much...Still waiting to read your message
Letter 9
Russell how are you doing presently, I hope this my mail will reach you in good condition of health, I will really like to have a good relationship with you and I have a special reason why I decided to contact you because of my situation here. My name is Miss Helen Docas.
Am 31 years old girl I was born i United State, but currently living in Zimbabwe in a refuge camp after the death of my parents that make me relocated back to my father's country, the only daughter of Late Mr Paul Docas. my late father Mr Paul Docas was an importer and exporter.
my late father was killed by higher killers, my late father business partner sent group of higher killers to my parents, the higher killers, killed my father, killed my mother,and my only two brothers, am the only survivor in my family because i was not at home when the high killers came, i was in the school Hostel that is what save me. i run away from Zimbabwe my country because my father business partner want to **** me too, i run away because those killers still want to **** me by all means i decided to move out from Zimbabwe for the sake of my life, Meanwhile,I wanted to escape to Europe, America or Asia but is very difficult for me because i do not have money at hand for traveling document. i manage to **** my Father's Files which contains importants and vital documents. So I decided to run to the refugee camp in Nigeria where I am presently seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the Refugee here in Lagos Nigeria, I wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your country. please please please i really really need your honesty and trustworthiness,My father deposited the sum of US$ 15.700.000 (Fifteen Million Seven Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars) in Finance Firm with my name as the next of kin. However, I shall forward to you the necessary information of the deposit on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer and investment of the fund in your country. i want the bank to transfer the money to you in your country and i will join you in your country, i want you to help me in this transaction and i want you to help me to invest the money for me in your country immediately the bank transfer the money to you in your country, and I will like to complete my studies in your country because I was in my school before i decided to escaped to Nigeria to safe my life. According to the financial governing laws of this country senegal, people under refugees are not allowed to participate into monetary transaction or operate personal bank account with large sums international or locally. It is from my heart to compensate you with 20% of the total money for your services and the balance will be my investment capital. This is the reason why I decided to contact you. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes.
As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. I am staying at the female refugee camp here in Lagos Nigeria. Am waiting your urgent and positive response. Please keep this thing only to your self please I beg you do not tell anybody this till I come over to your country after the transfer. I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need further clarification then send in your questions. i will try to send you my pictures in my next mail. Thanks as i hope to receive from you soon. Yours Helen Docas
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