Letter(s) from Tatyana Evdokimova to Craig (England)

Letter 1

Hello Craig. I have returned just from agency. At me 2 news. Good and bad. Good: 07 month July instead of year. I shall arrive to you on next to week. but I has learned that I should have with myself a living wage. I have all documents and the ticket but I also should have a living wage. I shall arrive to you for 3 months, but I can remain with you for the greater term if I shall prolong the visa. On every day residing at you I should have 24 $ in day. ?????R?. it is considered for 3 months. 24X90=2160 $. I should have this money at crossing border. I should show this money that I have an opportunity to live in England. I should fly to you on next to week already but I should have a living wage also. To me have told that I should know about it. But I have learned it only today. I know that you have spent many money to my travel, but probably you can find this money for a living wage. I shall give you this money at once as I shall arrive to you. It needs to be shown only. There can be you can take the loan in bank for some days. When I shall arrive to you that you can return it back. I think that it can be made.. On July, 14 my flight. Till this time I should to have a living wage. Whether I am sad because I do not know you can help me now.. In fact the help is necessary for my parents also.. I do not know that to me to make.. I shall wait for your letter. I love you.. I hope that we shall be together on next to week. Tanya