Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Martinova to Gorjan (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hello, Gorjan...
Today in the morning I went to the travel agency to find out about trip to you, and they said me that first I need to get international passport, and I need to go to the passport department to find out about getting the international passport! So I went to the passport department and there works very good woman and she explained me everything I wanted to know!
So she said that there are 2 ways to obtain it, if I will have 3-4 months to wait, I could pay for passport 150$, but honey, as we decided to meet soon and my vacation will be soon, we don't have so much time to wait for my passport. I explained this to the agent and she told me the second, short way, I will receive my passport in 5-7 working days, but we have to pay for it 300 $. It is really so, because many people obtain for the passports and they just make you wait so long.....
Darling, I really feel so disappointed... Please, understand me, I have so little salary that I will need time to gather such a sum,I would like to pay it today, but I have no savings. I feel very miserable, because I was so happy when we decided to meet, and I have already even dreamed how it would be great to spend wonderful time together with you my dear man!
I really don't know what to do... I am confused.... But honey I hope we will find the solution together, as we both want to be together!
I am looking forward for your reply
I send you my sweetest kiss!
Sincerely your Anna



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