Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Briewskaja to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love of my life Robbie!!! I am very glad my dearest sweetie, my dearest love that we are so much close to each other! I feel stunning and bright inside! I am very glad, that already tomorrow i will be going to Kiev to the embassy to renew my visa! I feel very much happy for it! I feel really unbelievable. I bought already everything needed for my trip and everything is booked! So tomorrow i will be in Kiev already my love! When i will come back we will be able to book the tickets for me honey to come to you! I am very sorry my dearest, that you had to sell something very special and important for you for us to be able to keep moving on our road to be together! How are you my dearest man? How is your health? How is your weather? Here the weather is much better and i hope till my coming to you the weather will be the same ;)) My love, the dean doesn't know about my work and i will be informed about it when i will come to Kiev when i will be already leaving to you! When i will be coming to you i will be met in Kiev by the representative of the program and i will be given the papers with the place of my work, etc. So my love, i don't know where i will be working and i cannot tell you this information! My love, of course i will ask the agency how much would it cost to scan all our letter, but it will be not cheap at all my love! Maybe they will be able to give us some discount.
So i will also check about the weight of the box with letters so i will know how much i will need to pay for it! My sweetie, i eat very good and i feel energy inside me when i am working out and i am very glad, that we were able to take care about the new nutrition! It helps a lot my dearest! I gained around 1 kilo already and i am very glad with my results! I do more and more loading on my body and i enjoy working out very much! In the end of the training i don't feel very exhausted like it was in the beginning! I feel more and more power inside ;) My love, i would love to wear like in your dream, but i am not sure if i have exactly that clothes which you dreamed about. Honey, we don't have any unexpected surprises! I will need 1345$ for the trip to Kiev when i will be coming to you and that's all! Of course plus money for the weight of the box with letters and money for the scanning service of the translation office! My honey, i am very in a hurry to gather everything for my tomorrows trip and i have a lot of things to do, so i finish this letter now and i want to tell you, that i love you with all my heart and you are love of my life! Your love Mila!!
Letter 2
Hello my love of my life Robbie!!! Hello my worrying sunshine!!! I am happy, that i am back and i am happy that i am alive, because it was the most scary and difficult trip in my life! It was real mess and madness!
Everywhere there were people with weapons and a lot of injured people! It was real man and i am so much sorry for all that people who died in fighting for future of Ukraine!
I am really so much sorry for them! It's real madness and crazy!! But i am so much happy to write you my letter today and tell you, that this coward Yanukovich is running away!!! I am very sorry, that all that people died, but all of them are heroes and all of them are the symbols of victory and new life for Ukraine! I am very happy also, that if everything will go ok Tymoshenko will be free and i really hope, that she will become new president of Ukraine!! And of course my love, thank you very much for your letter today! I am very glad, that i can share this good information with you and i am very happy now! I am happy, because i know, that now Ukraine will breath another air and my parents will live in better country! It will be air of development, blossoming and freedom! I am sure in it! But to tell the truth if these new opposition will not do what they are talking about now, i will be totally disappointed in the world's truth! But i will be already with you and of course life in Ukraine will not be touching me, but my parents will be here and i hope everything will be good for them! My love, my visa was renewed and everything went good and without any problems! I am very glad about and i am happy, that we have just opened door for us and we can run to each other and even fly on wings of love. I will get the visa scanned to you so you will not have to worry my love! My love, talking about the amount which i will need to go to Kiev when i will be coming to you it will be much ****** than 1345$, because the prices in Kiev raised very much because of the revolution and all the situations which were going there! Thanks God we booked everything beforehand and now i will need to go to to the travel agency to check for all the prices again! And my love, buy for the the ticket only from Kiev to you and back! The tickets from Kiev to Lugansk need to be bought directly by me and it's the official request of the foreign exchange program! It's not me who decided it my love! Now my love, we can plan my coming to you even earlier than 8 of March, because i have already the visa and everything i will need my love is the tickets for me to come to you and the whole trip to Kiev about which i will need to find out more. My love, i talked with the translation office and they told me, that they will be able to scan all our letters for 350$!
I don't think, that we will be able to find much cheaper place to scan it! And i think, that we need to take care about it as soon as possible, because knowing all the delays which the agency can face i think, that the sooner the letters will be scanned the better it will be! For the box with the letters i will need to pay in the airport 120$. Yes my love, i need funds for the translation and also nutrition, because funds are coming to the end. I am very glad my love, that you are proud of me and that i am gaining the weight and becoming much stronger and my muscles are becoming much tighter especially when it comes to *** and legs ;) I want to be always the best woman for you and i want you to always enjoy my delicious boy, *** and ***** ;) taking about the quantity of repetitions my love, i can tell you, that i do as many repetitions and the exercises as i was making in the past, so my love i can tell you, that i am definitely back on track with my fitness. I don't see any differences in my ******* size, but i am sure, that maybe they will become a little bit ******. The deadline for the fitness center is this Thursday my sweetie! My dearest the next week will be week of my preparation to come to you and i will have a lot of free time! I love you my dearest man and i hope you are ok and safe! Love you! Your Mila!!!
Letter 3
Hello my love of my life Robbie!!! I very appreciate you my honey for your help and i received your transfer and i also received both your letters my sweetie! My dearest man, i was very in a hurry today to find out about everything so i would be able to give you the most right and the exact information which you needed me tot ell you today! So i am sorry my love if my letter will be not long as usual! I will just explain you all the details about which you asked me ok honey? Just had so many things to do. My love, i very appreciate you for your help with the nutrition honey! I am doing all my best at the fitness center and soon you will be able to see your lego Mila in real life ;) My love, you should book the tickets and i talked with the dean and i was told that they will be approved 100%. My love, i checked for the whole amount for the things which i will need for the trip to Kiev and it increased from 1345 to 1580$, because of the situation in the country!
Everything including, prices for taxi, food, medicaments, etc raised up very much! Honey, like i was told i need to pay for the trip to Kiev here, so my love, you will need to buy the tickets from Kiev to you, but not from Lugansk! So my love, i will need 1580$ before my trip to you, so i will be able to book everything!
The sooner i will be able to book everything the better it will be because the prices are raising. It's the demand of the program my love and i think, that in these last steps we need to do everything as smooth as possible, because i don't want us to face any problems right in the last steps honey and i am sure, that you also don't want us to have any problems. My love, for me it doesn't matter if you will buy the tickets for me to Kiev or i will do it! The price is the same anyway, but for the program it very important thing that i need to pay for the whole trip to Kiev including tickets to Kiev! So my love, you need to book the tickets for me from Kiev to you! My love, the translation agency will start to scan everything as soon as we will pay them 350$! My parents were still not able to sell the house and the prices for the houses went down again, so now the house of my granny costs around 500$ and my father is not going to sell it for such price! But he said, that when the pies will increase he will sell it and will send funds to us my love! My love, you shouldn't be scared, because we will not make any mistakes! We just need to do everything according to the rules and i think that it's already great success , that we were allowed the tickets to the USA from Kiev to be bought by you my love! So we need just to take care about my trip to Kiev, which costs now 1580$! My love, i wish we wouldn't need to play by the rules which we don't want, but in our case i think, that it's better to play the rules last time, in order to be together finally! It's ok with the foreign exchange program that you will buy the tickets from Kiev to the USA, so you can book them sweetie! I am writing my write spelling of the name and surname again and the date of my birth: Briewskaja Lyudmila 27 of July 1981 My love, i ask you just to make everything to be done like the program asks! I don't want us to face any problems honey! Yes, i was allowed to pay for the fitness center daily. I love you my sweetie! Your Mila!!!
Letter 4

Hello my dearest love Robbie!!! Honey, i received your letters and electronic tickets honey!
I am very very happy! I am so much happy my love!!! You even cannot imagine how much happiness i have inside me! It's pulsing inside me honey! My love the translation agency are scanning and printing the letters and i will take them in box with me! To pay in the airport for the box my honey i will need 120$. I very appreciate you my dearest for making everything work for us and i am happy, that i have such great man as you my honey! I love you with all my heart and you are my everything! I booked already everything and i am in a hurry to finish all my agreement with my working place and i need to sing a lot of papers for it! I am also in a hurry to pack all the things and say god bye to each other my love! I am very happy, that finally we will be able to be together!!! I am very happy. Tomorrow my love you will received my passport and visa scanned and also the copy of my electronic ticket! My love the agency gave you the right information about my leaving from Kiev! Everything is great! We are on our way to be together finally. My love, i want to ask you to write me your phone number again just for emergency! I will be able to take my co-worker phone just for emergency! My honey i will double check everything so this time there will be no problems at all! Everything is going to be great my love and i just need to be in a hurry to finish all the details here, so i will have nothing undone here. Love you my dearest! Your Lego Mila!!!
Letter 5
Hello my love of my life Robbie!!! Thank you my dearest for your letter today!!! My honey, i planned to send you all the scanned copies today, but wasn't able to do it, because the translation office faced some problems with their scanning service. Anyway tomorrow everything will be working! My sweetie, i see, that you didn't understand me when it came to the scanning of the letters! My dearest, the letters will be scanned and printed on paper, but not to your e-mail address honey! The agency don't provide such service! They can only scan and print the letters on paper! My sweetie for the taxi i will need 150$ and maybe 40$ for food! Plus my sweetie i will need 120$ to pay for he box with letters! In this box will be only copies of the letters so there is no need to be afraid that they will be lost! I actually don't think, that they will be lost, but even if they will anyway they will be just copies. My love, don't worry! The situation in my country is critical and everything can **** up any second, but i am positive and i want you to be also positive! My honey, the plans for the weekend are very busy, but i am doing all my best to solve everything! I am not working since yesterday and there are just some paper work left for me to finish my relations with my work! Honey, for me it doesn't matter what to wear! Tell me what you would love me to wear? Love you and miss you my sweetie! Your Lego Mila!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my love of my life Robbie!!! Honey, i very much appreciate you for booking the tickets and i am happy, that we are on the way to each other and that moment about which we were dreaming during our whole lives! I want to thank you once again to you for this chance for us! My dearest, i am very glad, that you was able to receive your money back for the tickets and i think, that it's really great, that they were able to give at least something to you back! Honey, please tell my thanks and all the best compliments to Karen and all that people who did their best to borrow you some funds to make this happen for us my love! So like you asked i am sending you all the amounts which we will need to face! Like i said my love, i have 990$ so i have funds to pay for renewing the visa! From this money i will pay for the UPS service 150$ and i so i will need 150$ to be able to pay for renewing the visa! By the way my love, i went to the UPS and was told, that if i wanted to send the package i had to come before the afternoon! They are not working tomorrow because of the Victory day and also the day after tomorrow, so i will be able to send you the box with letters only on Monday honey! So i will need 150$ to add to money for visa (because i will take this 150$ from that 990$ which i have) + i will need 1270$ + (for 3 days staying in Kiev) 630$ (130$ per day for the apartment and 240$ for food and medicaments) + 240$ for the taxi! So in total i will need 2290$ + if it's ok with you 100$-150$ for emergency case, maybe i will need to give bribe to somebody. So with the emergency money i will need 2440$! Honey, ok i will not take any clothes or something like this with me! I will just take couple of clean ******* ;) And i will be able to have them in my pocket! My sweetie! I love you and this time we will be together! You are love of my life and we will be together forever! Your Mila!!!!
Letter 7
Hello my love of my life Robbie!!! Sweetie, i am writing this letter to you in a hurry my love, because we really should be in a hurry now my sweetie! I received your letter my sweetie and i very appreciate you for everything you are doing for us! Honey, today i went to the dean to make the final agreements and he informed me, that he was urgently called from Kiev and said, that i will need to pass the medical examination in Lugansk, instead of Kiev and after it i will need urgently go to Kiev to pass the interview with the person who will give me all the details of my work in the USA, etc! It will be just like instructions! My love, i was told by the dean, that these news means, that to be able to pass the medical examination here in Lugansk, i will need to pay bribe to the doctors 1590$! I said, that i am very healthy and that i am able to pass it without any bribes, but the dean said, that even if i would be healthy like baby i wouldn't pass the examination without bribe, because the medical commission is corrupted here! So my love, in order to pass the medical examination to come to you my love, i need 1590$! I know, that it's unexpected surprise, but this step is should be done, because without it i will not be allowed to come to you :( Love you! Your Mila!!!!
Letter 8
Speaking frankly i am stunned with the letters you wrote me!
I stunned not positively but 10000% negatively! You speak with me not like with woman whom you love and with whom you want to spend life! You speak with me like with business project in which you invested money and now want to receive your dividends! You speak with me like i enjoy all the barriers on our way to be together! You speak with me like it's me who create this barriers! Do you think, i enjoy such news like i was told??? Do you think, that i was happy??? You speak with me like it's me who need this money and like i put this money in my pocket or spend them for myself! Your even called me SCAM!!!Why you dare to speak with me like this???? I really feel now like product for you! Like goods, in which you invested funds and now want to receive your interest on deposits! I feel really like this, because you be have with me like this now! I didn't ask you for money for myself! I didn't ask you to buy me diamonds or cars or houses! I just told you about the necessaries of paying bribe to the medical commission for me to pass it! We did a lot to be together and we invested a lot in our relations already and now we are step away from each other and now you write me such letters and even call me scam! Now you call yourself fool just because you want to be happy and afraid of what other's will say or what? Or you are afraid to lose faith in eyes of close to you people???
People who really cares about you and who loves you will never turn away from you my love! It's truth of the world! And now you are ready to give up? And now you are ready to sent to **** all the hard work which we did? And now you just sounds like "I don't care! Do whatever you want"! Are you adequate man or not? How you see actually the model of FAMILY and RELATIONS between woman and man who loves each other and who are together??? Is it ok for you when man leave woman to solve the hardest questions??? Is it man's step? And in all your three options you didn't write the most important - you didn't write "Honey, go and try to pass the medical examination"! The main topic your letter was - MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!!! And how fool you feel to agree to try this with me again! Do you think, that only ME need this relations??? Do you think, that you can behave with me like with rag or just investment project??? Do you think, that it's normal??? For me it's not normal at all! For me it's not normal when you behave like this! You behave like coward! You behave like ostrich, who hidden his head in the sand with words: "You need to fix this problem with the medical examination because there'll be no bribery as I have done enough already!" Well done Robbie!!! Well done!!! And how it was great to read your letter till the end and do not see any words "Love ya", "Your Robbie", "Your prince Robbie!". Well done!!!! Just "Robbie" is so enough for me!
Thank you!!!! You cannot lose everything in your life, but i see, that you easily agree to lose woman, who is love of your life like you said! Of course for you it's better to lose me, but not look like fool in eyes of close to you people! But these people will go home to their families and laughs of the kids and you will sleep alone in your bed! Of course it's much pleasant to sleep alone in bed instead of keep pushing and make our dreams come true and make us spend the rest of our lives together! Of course it's easier to give up when there are just one step left to dream! It's very easy just to spit on the whole hard work, JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT SOMEBODY TO THINK THAT YOU ARE FOOL OR BECAUSE YOU CANNOT LOSE EVERYTHING!!! You are ready to lose the whole progress because you are afraid of the convictions views on you! You are ready to sacrifice our happiness and our love, but not look like fool! Don't you have desire to look like King with me near you after making one more step???? I talked to my parents and they agreed to sell the house in which they live now and relocate to smaller one, and give us all the funds which they will be able to have from such operation, but it will take time which we don't have! PAY ATTENTION!!!! If you are ready to make another step and borrow the necessary sum to pay for the medical examination now, my parents will sell the house and send us funds when we will be already together! Approximately they will be able to send us around 4000$! If you are ready to borrow the funds for the medical examination bribe and make us be together they will do it! It's your choice my love! My parents will be able to give us these 4000$ so we will be able to pay back all your debts!
But when we will be together already, because it will take some month before they will be able to sell the house, find another one and make all the paper works etc! And we don't have this time now! Love you!!!
Your Mila!!!!
Letter 9
Hello my love Robbie!! Honey, my parents are ready to do everything for us and everything what will be necessary! I love you and i want us to be together and like i said my parents are ready to send us funds when i will be with you and like i said honey they will be able to send us around 4000$! But it will take time to sell the house, buy new one, etc. So if you are ready to make the last investment in our relations and our future together let's do it, because the time is running and we need to do everything fast! I love you! Your Mila!!!!!
Letter 10
Dear Mr. Robb! Your lady Miss Mila told us about it on the 19 of May and she didn't change the tickets! Have a good day!
Letter 11
Hello my dearest man Robbie!!! My dearest man, i am so much sorry, that i am writing my letter only today, but i had the reasons for it and i am sure, that you will understand me! Honey, today i will be short, because there were a lot of difficulties in the center of the city where the agency situated so they have short working day today!!! But anyway i was able finally to come to their office to write you my letter honey!!! My love, i want to tell you that i was on my way to you honey! I was flying to you and i landed in the USA, but at the passport control i was refused to enter the building of the airport, because like i was told i am one of the coordinators of separatists in Lugansk and that's why i am not allowed to be on the territory of the airport and the USA! I was shocked and really stunned! I couldn't believe their words, but i demanded them to explain me everything!
They told me, that in their list of coordinators of separatists in Lugansk is Brievskaya L. So that's why i wasn't allowed to enter the USA! I was deported back to Kiev and was able to come back home by passing cars!! I faced a lot of horrors on the way there and one guy demanded me and when i refused he just throw me from the car! So i contacted the embassy in order to clarify everything, because i am definitely not separatists and i was told, that there is really Brievskaya L. the coordinator of separatist and she not allowed to enter the USA and several European countries. After some investigation they investigated that me is not she and they renewed the visa, so i am allowed to come to you again! My love, i need to go because the agency is closing and i am ready to answer any your question! I love you!!! Your Mila!!!!
Letter 12
Hello my love Robbie!!! I don't know what you are talking about and i was in the USA and i was on plane and i was in Kiev and i received my visa!
I will prove everything to you honey! I love you and i am honest with you and not telling you any stories! I was informed at the agency, that because of the situation here they will be closed for some days and as soon as they will start to work i will let you know and will write you my letter! Love you! Your Mila!!!
Letter 13
Hello my love Robbie!!! For me it's not pleasant of course to read such aggressive letter from you, but i am sending you my photo anyway, which i did in Newark airport... On this photo i am smiling, because i was on my way to you, before i was told about that situation because of which i couldn't go further... I didn't call you, because i couldn't do it in America with Ukrainian chip which is inside the phone... I couldn't make a lot of photos, because the battery died very fast! So you still think, that i lied to you???? Love! Mila!
Letter 14
Hi my dearest Robbie!!! You know, even if i was hoping, that you would write me different letter i was ready for something like this! It seams, that you know the whole world! It seams like you are the president of the world! It seams, that everybody owe you and that you know everything about every person in the world! You are like super hero, like All-Seeing Eye!!! But now you are wrong... I was in the airport! I was on my way to you when the translation office informed you about it! I told them about it late in Saturday evening and they said, that will be able to inform you only on Monday! I agreed, because that time it was the only one way to inform you about it! After it i had the phone, so i couldn't tell you, that i have it! By the way, i didn't take that photo of myself! I asked one old couple to do it! Their names were ****** and Andy! So All-Seeing Eye maybe you know them also and know everything about them? maybe your agents have some information about them? By the way this Andy is around 170 cm tall and with great hair and long beard without any mustache! And ****** has curly grey hair and 1 head shorted than Andy! They live in Georgia state and were going home after visiting their son Roger in New York! I didn't say, that i couldn't use phone, because it was made in Ukraine! Here in Ukraine we have SIM cards which we put in phone and every SIM card has it's phone number! Without them you cannot use mobile phone here... Or your detectives didn't know about it or Ukraine is too far for All-Seeing Eye? The phone didn't have battery power when i was already in the USA, so that's why i couldn't make more photos! I had battery power when i was in Ukraine! I just didn't have enough funds on the phone to be able to call you or write sms.... Did i say, that i cannot scan the tickets???? Why you think, that i don't know when the planes left the airport? I was on my way to you and i land in the USA, so i know everything... And you also forgot, that i can also check for information!
I checked that you just would never be able to receive the information if i am on the plane or not!!! So why you lie, that you know if i was on plane or not??? You tell me, that you know 100%, that i wasn't on plane, but at the same time you ask me to send you the scanned copies of the tickets to prove you, that i was there! So you guess some your agents and detectives could give you wrong information? So after all your words and after i send you a lot of proves you still think, that i am not who i am???? Very painful to read it, but i expected such letter from you! You can only blame and say how much i am awful person! But tell me, should i forgive you for all your ***** words when i will send you the scanned tickets????? Why you didn't read my letter carefully in which i explained you the situation???? The US government put that woman in black list! I said nothing about other countries! So i had no problems on my way to you before i landing in the USA!! WHAT HARM HAVE I DONE?????? It's not me who put that woman who has the same name and surname as me (but different spelling of letters in name and surname) in the black list!!!!!!!! It did the US Government!!! So why you tell me , that i did some kind of harm????? You are so ******* smart ***!!! You told me a lot of awful words, called me all the most disgusting names and now you tell me, that you will apologize when i will prove you, that you wrong???? Why you don't ask me if i will accept your apologizes after all you wrote me???? I really thought, that you are not such kind of man... I will prove you, that you are wrong and after it we will see... Mila!!!
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