Scam letter(s) from Gladys Bawuah to John (UK)

Letter 1
My darling John, you have touched once more with your love words, each time i read from you, my heart is filled with joy and happiness, i really cam't wait to be with you to have all the fun in the wold with you my love, in shot the way i feel for you now my words are to small to express the fillings that i have for you dear, dear i head all what you will love me to do to turn you on and i will be very willing to do all those to things just to make you feel like the man that you are and i will be happy to if you lick my ***** because i love it too but being tied to bed, i have never tried that before dear bur i will be looking forward try that my love and i wish you where with me right now for me to lie in your arms right now before falling asleep, but i will try my best to imagine that you are with me right now my love i have a pic for that i took this evening before going to take my bath my love and please my love i want to also see some more pics of you too my love sleep tight and have a very sweet dream about me and you together my love.
Love Belinda
Letter 2
My dearest John, I am very happy to read form you now my love, I don't think the pics are that different dear, maybe it because the last pic that I sent to you, I was a bit tired cos I had a rough day and my makeup too was different as well dear, my dear I love the pic that you are there with your kid most cos your face is clear on it and your kid to was so cute on it as well dear and on the other pics I did not really see your face but I still love them as well, dear please can you give a big kiss to Purdy for me, as for me dear my day was not bad but the best part of my day was when the emigration center contacted me and said my passport will be ready tomorrow, so dear I will be going there tomorrow to collect it my love, when I will collect the passport I will send a scanned copy of it to dear, sleep well and have the best dreams of me and you dear, lots of love from me.
Love Belinda
Letter 3
Hello my dearest John i am so happy reading from you once more dear, my dear there is much deference on my pics dear maybe i look older on the last pic because i had a rough day and i was tied when i took the pic dear and my makeup was different as well, my love i am so happy to see your pics too dear, i love the pic that you are with your kid cos your face was clear on it and your too as well, as for the other pics dear, i did not really see you face clearly on them but it was ok dear love the pics so much, as for me i am on my way to collect my passport cos the emigration center contacted me yesterday that it will be ready today my love, i am so happy and i can not wait to go and collect it my love, dear please can you give a big kiss to Purdy for me? i hope your work today was not that stressful, ok dear i'v got to go now ok when i will be back i will try to send a scanned copy of the passport to you, until then dear, have a nice time and lots of love from me kissssssssssss.
Love Belinda
Letter 4

My love I just wanted to check if you are back from work, and how was work today? I want to let you know that I have taken my passport already but I sorry that I can not send it now cos I don't have a scanner at but I will scan tomorrow dear, kiss Purdy for me
Letter 5
Have a good night and give a big kiss to Purdy for me my love, I have been trying to uplaod my passport and send to you love but my internet connection is very slow, so I will have have to do it tomorrow, take and sweet dreams about us.
Love Belinda
Letter 6
Darling John, your words are sweet and touching in such a way that when I read your mail, my heart is filled with tires of joy and piece, dear, the fillings we have for each other is real cos I can feel it even though we are thousands of miles away from each other but I believe that we will be together very soon to share our love, and I know its not possible to love some one that you have not yet met before, but the the fillings I have for are indescribable, like for instance, I can not wait to read from you cos reading from you makes me feel so happy, please dear can you do me a favor and sleep like a baby for me?
Love Belinda
Letter 7
Hello my love, how was you day? I am just from the emigration cecter now, I went there to finding out about the visa, my dear the visa was a lil bit expensive than I expected, but not to worry, I have ask for help from my mom on the visa, I learned that the visa will be taking about a week or more to be granted to me dear, that is all the details I can give you now my love take care, kiss from me to Purdy.
Love Belinda
Letter 8
My dear ii have been waiting to read a mail from you but to avail, I will be waiting to hear from you soon love you so much and have a good night
Letter 9
Hello my love John, i am very happy that i can be chatting with you more often, my love thanks a lot my love for telling that you will give my expense back to me when i am there love, that make to feel that you are very good man and that you really love me and think more no my feature, i really did not know that the visa will be expensive as the consultant at the emigration center told me dear, that is why i had to ask for help from my mom, my love the consultant told me that it is going to take about three weeks or a month for the visa to be granted to me, but the process can be fasten up and i will have to pay a fee for the fasten up of the visa so the it can be granted to me in about a week or less, my love, my savings are running out, so i don't really know what to do now, i really need to meet you, that is the only thing on my mind now my love.
Love Belinda
Letter 10
my love thanks again for your advise, my love, it was the British consulate at the British embassy that gave me all the details my love, so dear you need not to be afraid my love
Letter 11
my darling John thank you so much for all the history on the Great Britain and i was tought about Britan in school but it was nut that serious but thank you so much for telling more about Britain, you have just make me to feel more iger to meet you cos you are so interesting and i will love to be with you for us to explior all those iteresting things, expecially the mysterious circle of large standing stones, i have read about those stones and it will be my pleasure if you will take me there my love, and my love the British consulate also gave me some directives that i will be needing my love, like for instance that i will be needing an invitation latter from you which you have already given me that and he brieve me on all the possible documents that iwill be needing to apply for the visa my love so i was thinking that i will also try to look for a mince to apply for the visa tomorrow my love so that by this day next week i should be sure to have it my love
Letter 12
Hello my lovely John, thanks very much for all the corrections in my language, i know that my English is not really the best but hopefully i will try to improve on English when i am with you darling, dear i am so happy that you have looked at my passport and find out that my birthday will be on Friday next week, my love i was thinking of really celebrating my birthday cos since i was born i have never really celebrated my birthday before, so i wanted to do it this time around before i can visit you but since i will be needing money to arrange my documents for the visa, i don't think that i will have enough money for the celebration any more my love, darling the worst thing that i can have now is shortage of money so i will not like to have any shortage that can delay me from visiting you all because i wanted to celebrate my birthday, and for the record, i love you so much.
Love Belinda
Letter 13
Hello my lovely John, i am so happy reading your mail dear, sweetie, my heart is so heavy because it looks like things are not really moving as i though they were supposed to, my love to tell you the truth, seriously i never knew that coming to visit you will be this expensive dear, i am already finding it difficult to apply for the visa, the savings i had, i thought it will be enough, but to my greatest dismay it will be more than me my love so i will really need your help darling, cos they is really nothing that i can do now, my love, from your mail i figured out that you will love to see me taking my bath so i have taking some pics when i was taking my bath so that you can at least see me on pic while bathing, until i will be there, before you will see me while i am taking a bath and of cos (we shall take our bath together), darling i cannot wait to be with you my love, you are the only though on my mind and my only dream is to visit you for us to have all the fun in the world together, kiss Purdy for me and lots of love to you my darling John.
Love Belinda
Letter 14
Hello my lovely John, dear I clearly understand you very well, darling i will not like you to think of me like that dear because i am trying my possible best to process all what i will be needing for the visa application my love, the first thing that i will like you to know is that, i did not really know how it is going to cost me to visit England ok dear, my love before i applied for my passport, the money that I had in my account was 400,000cfa francs, my love, the passport cost me about 180,000cfa which left me with a balance in my account of 220,000cfa, so my dear when i went to the British Embassy for the visa application, the British consulate told me to go and first of all make some medical checkups and come back with the medical certificate along with my passport for the visa application, so i asked him what will be the cost of the visa, and he told me that the visa is 297,000cfa, that is when i went to my mom for some more money so that i can add to what i have and go to the hospital and make the necessary checkups that the consulate told me to do, my love, my mom's friend is a doctor so she called him and ask how much is the cost for the medical checkups and he told her that it will cost me about 63,000cfa, so dear that is when i wrote you the mail that i don't think that i will be able to make it darling, i totally understand you when you say that you will need some reassurance, dear i will go to the bank that i have my savings they to get a bank statement and then i will scan it later in the day along site with my bank book when i am back and sent a copy to you as you requested dear, if that will reassure you, darling after all, i want you to know that i am not out for any games with you because from your last mail, you really sound bad and to tell you the truth i was not all that happy cos dear i have tried by making a passport just to reassure you that i want to be with you and dear when i will have the visa i will send a copy to you too as well dear, my love i will have to go to the bank now for the bank statement, and from the bank i will then go to the hospital for the medical checkups, and if i will be through with bank statement and the medical checkups today, i will make sure that i send you a copy of all ok dear, maybe if i do that you will then take me serious and stop doubting me, ok i'v got to go now have a lovely time and take care of yourself for me, i love so much and will give up so many thinks just to spend some time with you.
Yours one and only, Belinda
Letter 15
Hello my love, my love I read your mail and I will do as you say dear, I will go again to the British Embassy and find out every thing about the visa tomorrow ok my sweet heart, my love about my passport riecept, I will try to send a copy to you too as you say tomorrow, but my love I don't really see a need for all this but I understand you and I will send a copy of what ever you want me to send ok my prince, I did the medical checkups today and I have the riecept with me dear, and I apllied for the bank statement as you requested but it will be out by Thursday my love so dear I hope when I will send you all this things you will have to stop doubting me and stat believing in me so that we can join our hands together for me to come so that we can be together cos I cannot wait for to long to be and have some fun with you, good night my love and don't forget to kiss Purdy for me, Love, Belinda
Letter 16
My dear John, I'm glad to read that you had a successful day and that nothing bad happed to you and Purdy, and you are right dear, I explained to my mom how you are finding it difficult to believe in me despite the fact that I have send a copy of my passport to you, and she totally understud you and told me that all what you are doing is right and that there are many bad people from this area, so you have all the right to be careful, so I was like "woaw is that so mom" and she was like "yah my child" and she explained some setting things to me that made me to understand you much more better, my love I was not able to send the receipts today because my day was so very stressfull and tiring, I got up in the morning, prepared breakfast, took a bath, whent to the hospital for the medical certificat but the doctor told me to come on Friday for the certificate, from the hospital to the bank for the bank statement, the bank mananger also told me to come on thursday, from the bank, I went to a cafe for lunch, from the cafe to the market to get some stuff requested by my mom and from the market back to the house and I had to take a bath, prepared dinner, after that I ate and slept until now that I have just got up from bed just to see another lovely mail from you that have just put a big smile on my face and It makes me so happy when I knoe that my pic is the last thing that you see before going to bed. I love you so much, sleep tight my lovely John and before I forget my mom says hi.
Yours dearest Belinda
Letter 17
MY LOVE, how was your day today? hope every thing went according to plan, my love i went to the bank today in the morning to get all the information about my account so that you can do the transfer in my account, but the bank manager told me that my account is not an international account and that if i will need to receive any money through account transfer i will need to create an international account, so my love i don't know if you will want me to create the international account or you will send the money through western union but i will prefare that you send the money cos the bank manager told me that creating the international account will also cost some money and i will not want us to wast money on creating an account again, my love this is the receipt of my passport, the medical certificate and the bank statement is not yet out, good night my love sleep tight and sweet dreams about us,
Love Belinda xxxxxx
Letter 18
Hello my lovely John, how are you? darling, i miss you, i am happy to read your loving words once more, my dear the bank manager told me that for you to send money to me, i will need to give you some details for you to use to send the money love and will write all the details that you will be needing at the bottom of this mail, please try to always write me at least once a day so that i can be sure that you and Purdy are doing fine, dear, today was another busy day for me my love that is why i am only writing you now, and yes my love i have been to the market today but i did not go to food stuff, i went to the market to get dresses for my mom and my little sister and i prepared dinner as usual, i prepared rice and chicken stew, my love i took some pics today for you my love that i will love you to see them, i will attach them to this mail my dear, lots of greetings from my mom, kiss Purdy for me and let her know that she will soon have a mother to take care of her for the number of weeks that i will there, lots of love Belinda
Letter 19

Hello my darling John, i am so happy to read from you this morning my love, because you are the first person to wish me happy birth day and that really makes me want to be with you more than ever before my sweet heart, darling, i think for the medical certificate i spend about 63,000frs dear, my love i so happy because with the money that you will send i think that it will be enough to apply for the visa, you are the best thing that have ever happen to my live and i cannot wait any more, i just want to meet and be with you my love, thanks again very much for the birth day wishes, lots of love.
Belinda xxxxxxxxx
Letter 20
my love i will love the idea of going to a lovely restaurant for a nice meal with you alone and to look in your eyes while we eat and have a good time, i love you so much
Letter 21
Hello my loving John, i am very happy to hear that the advisor will look for the best deal for my love, darling you are the only person on my mind right now and if there was a way that i can just be with you without having to do anything, i would be the happiest ******* planet earth, and darling, how am i going to get the money tomorrow? because i don't really understand my love, are you going to give me the any detail that i am going to use? or is the bank that is going to send the details to me dear? here in Cameroon, at first the banks don't usually work on the weekends but recently they work on Saturdays from 8am to 12noon, so dear i will go and check tomorrow as you said, but i am a lil confuse cos i don't have any detail that i will use to collect the money my love but if you have the receipt that the bank gave to you when you did the transaction you can scan it and send it to me so that i can show it to the bank, darling, you don't really need to starve yourself all because you want to look slim for dear cos i love you for who you are and not for what you look like, my dear i love the way you talk to me, the way you advise me, the way you correct me, the way you always put me on the right direction, that is just to name a few in the hundreds of things that i love about you my darling John, so my love please try to always take your three square mill per day ok. i love you with all my heart, take care for yourself and Purdy for me.
Love Belinda xxxxx
Letter 22
My love, I understand I may encounter a few difficulties at the bank tomorrow if I don't have the full transaction details from my correspondent. Pls my dear don't you think it will be easy on my part if you send the full details via email? Most important the money transfer code number, your full names as on your id, test question and answer together with any other required Fields. I hope you still have a copy of the receipt right? please my dear I will really need the full details before going to the bank to avoid embarrassment from any bank teller. Hope you understand? Cameroon is one very complicated country and most bank tellers are not very welcoming. It will not be proper if I just go to the bank with my ID to get money of which I don't even have details of the transaction so please my love I will be expecting the details.
Belinda xxxxxxxx
Letter 23
But all the same dear I will go to the bank tomorrow as you said and preasent my id to the bank manager as you said so dear what are you up to now? And what will you be doing tomorrow?
Letter 24
Ok my love I will go to the bank and do as you say dear good night, sweet dreams and kiss Purdy for, hope to read from you before I go to bed.
Love Belinda
Letter 25
Hello my love, I was already sleeping before, I have just got up from sleep and I thought of it to check my mail dox if I will read a warm good night wishse from my sweet heart but instead I read a worried message from you dear, my dear I really whish that it will not have been that you should have to send me money dear, seriousely I wanted to do every thing by myself and just come and meet you for us to then have our quality time together and dear it is rather unforturnate that we had meet online, but I really wish that we had met in another instance or in another way but I think that every thing happens for a reason and there is a reason for us meeting online my love, and I understand that you have the reason to be worried but my love I want you to know that I am also worried my dear and cos I really want us to meet fast so that we can then take our relationship to another level and I know you want us to meet too and that is why we have to put our hands together and see into it that our dreams come true which is meeting each other so that they will be no more doubt or worries between us my love I don't care about money dear, all I care about is you and meeting you.
Darling it is late and I'm really filling sleepy so dear I was typing and sleeping at the same time so my love please don't mind my mistakes in my mail. Love you, sweet dreams about us.
Love Belinda xxxxxx
Letter 26
Good morning my love, I hope you slep well and did not worry yourself that much, I wanted to know you slept last, take care my love and have a nice day, lots of love, Belinda
Letter 27
My love work this morning too hope that you were by my side, there is nothing that I will want more that being by your side every morning my love when I'm there with you and I can't wait to make love you are not just having *** but making love, my love I cannot wait to kiss you lips and to ly on your chest evry morning before I get up from bed, that my I think I am the person in our relationship that I need to put more efort for us to be together, so dear I will go to the bank this morning after breakfast and see if I will get the money that you sent and from the bank to the hospital to collect the med certificate so that by Monday I can go to the British embassy and apply for the visa.
Love, Belinda
Letter 28
Let me go and take a bath now my love, and I wish we where together in the tob to bath together, I have just write you but I'm not too sure that my message wend through, because an internet connection erro message was sent to me after I sent the message to you, my love I will go to the bank this morning and do as you said from the bank I will go to hospital for the med certificate so that by Monday I will go to the British embassy for the visa aplication, talk to you late my love,
Love, Belinda
Letter 29
My love, I will love that you really do something about the bath before I get there, my love I'm at the bank now ok dear, when I see the manager I will let you know ok dear, I really need to start my visa application on monday, I love my dear, so much.
Letter 30
My dear dear I have seen the bank manager and I was so embarassed because he is asking for the MTCN code number and I don't have it os he said that you need to give me the MTCN code number before he can track the money for me my love, just as I told you my love, I'm writing you from my phone now at the managers office dear please just send the MTCN code number so that I can show the manager, Love you.
Letter 31
Ok dear, I have seen it let show the manager now, get to you back my love
Letter 32
There are asking for the text question and answer, my dear I have been here for too long my love, please look for the question and answer and give me please, I'm tired sitting at this bank, thanks my love write to you shotly
Letter 33
Hello my love, its is just that there is banking system here is very strit my love no need to be suspisious, the bank manager just wanted to be sure if the money is coming to me that's all, please dear he just ask me the question and I have answered himok my please calm down and stop worring your self ok, I have collected the money, but I'm already tired to go to the hospital for the med certificate, I love you so much and please you have to calm down and trust me ok love, I'm in a taxi going back to the house, we will chat when I get home.
Love you
Letter 34

Hello dear, how are you? I came back home and I was so tired, I took a bath look for food, ate, and went straight to bed, my love I'm only getting up now from bed, I saw your massage that you where worried that I could be a scam and that really makes me to feel bad and as well breaks my heart to know that the person I love and I'm willing to do anything just to be with you but you don't really trust me and that my love, really hurts my feelings, but better still I do understand you my love, but I want you to know onething that trust is the highest briving force that can make a relationship last for ever, that is what learned from my G-mom before she passed away, my love I will ever hurt your feeling and I trust and believe that you cannot hurt my feelings, I love you so much and all I can think of is being with you, I cannot wait to be with you and Purdy.
Love you with all my heart, Belinda
Letter 35
Hello dear, how are you? I came back home and I was so tired, I took a bath look for food, ate, and went straight to bed, my love I'm only getting up now from bed, I saw your massage that you where worried that I could be a scam and that really makes me to feel bad and as well breaks my heart to know that the person I love and I'm willing to do anything just to be with you but you don't really trust me and that my love, really hurts my feelings, but better still I do understand you my love, but I want you to know onething that trust is the highest briving force that can make a relationship last for ever, that is what learned from my G-mom before she passed away, my love I will ever hurt your feeling and I trust and believe that you cannot hurt my feelings, I love you so much and all I can think of is being with you, I cannot wait to be with you and Purdy.
Love you with all my heart, Belinda
Letter 36
Hello sweetie, good morning, i was so tired last night that i am only seeing your mail this morning, how did you sleep? my dear, i cannot wait wait for tomorrow to come so that i can go and apply for my visa my love, i got up this morning at 8 this morning, an the first person that could come in my mind was you, so i immediately rush and check if there was a mail from you and once again there were some loving words from you, my love i am so happy because tomorrow i will have to go and apply for my visa, my love not to worry ok every thing will be ok when i will be there, they will be no need for you to be sorry for doubting me ok dear, you are only human and there are some feeling that you cannot avoid, my dear i think that i will not go to church today cos it is already late for me to go to church so i will only have to stay at home and watch some movies,i will have to go and prepare breakfast now, i am hungry and i will love to read from you before i finish preparing the breakfast, lots of love.
Belinda xxxxxxx
Letter 37
MY Darling, i finished the preparation of the breakfast and i prepared some fried eggs, salad, toasted bread, with a cup of tea, and i ate while watching a very romantic movie and all i can wish for is to share the movie with you my love, it's a series movie though, but it's very romantic, passionate, and sweet, there are a lot for things that can be learned from the movie, my love please try to make sure that the TV should be working before i come ok my love cos i really love to watch TV with you while sitting on a coach, dear, what have you eaten for lung today? i wish you are going to love the the mills that i will be preparing for you, i am a very good cook though i only fear that some spices that i can be needing to cook for you can be lacking over there but a good cook is always a good cook, my love please be careful when you are cutting the grass cos i wouldn't be fine if you harm yourself, when i will be there i will love to cut the grass with you dear, cos i also have some experience with that, you my mom only have my and my kid sister so i am the only person who usually do all the work around our house. Take care for yourself dear and lots of love.
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