Scam letter(s) from Angelia Smit to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
My dear,
I am having problems here and it might delay my return flight as I was stopped by customs because as they said I didnt obtain an export or buyers licence and the requisite documents for the kind of gemstones I bought here and intend shipping which are considered as national monuments and treasures here. When i spoke to the head of customs here, he said the only way out is for me to pay a fine for not obtaining the licence.I was also charged extra for the clearance fees and also the duties.I tried to speak to them about the possibility of holding the payment till I have them shipped and when a client of mine sends me payment but they didnt agree and I dont know what to do now because dont have time on my side and if I dont pay the fees I stand to lose all my goods and cant wait afford to lose the goods which are worth alot .Just need help till i can get back to the States and sort out the upfront payment from clients of mine interested in the goods as I dont have liquid cash on me dear. If i dont pay the fine I could be arrested and charged to court on charges of attempted smuggling and my passport has also been seized because of the nature of the offence that could lead to jail.You are my last hope at hand and I am so confused because i didnt know the gravity of the offence and just need a loan till I get back to town and promise to make it up to you big time.
Hope to hear from you soon.
love Angelia
Letter 2
Dear all I need is a loan from you to pay the fine so I can sort this out honey.Thanks so much for your care and concern. I also appreciate you being there for me and cant wait to make it up to you. I am short for about $1700 and will appreciate what you can help me with. I promise to have your money returned within a week of my getting back to town as I will be able to get an upfront payment from my client then. How has your day been and hope you are doing okay? Take care and hope to hear from you soon dear.
Love Angelia
Letter 3
Honey that will go a long way and thanks for your care and concern honey. I cant wait to be with you and how is your day going?
Letter 4

How are you doing baby and you can always send me the funds through westernunion dear. Here are the following details hon Name: Angelia Smit
Address: 46 Norite Street , Wilro Park ,Roodeport , Gauteng, South Africa 1724 Thanks once again honey and cant wait to be with you dear. I will appreciate if you could make it closer to $800 as I have been able to raise the rest honey.
Letter 5
Honey I promise to return your money by next week and what are your plans for the weekend dear?
Letter 6
Honey my flight arrives on monday dear and cant wait to be with you honey. How has the weekend been and just need to sort this out today.
Letter 7
How are you dear and havent heard from you in 2 days. When will you send the funds and had to reschedule because of the delay. Cant wait to be with you and be good.
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