Scam letter(s) from Natalia Smirnova to J. M. (USA)

Letter 1
hi my dear, thanks for your answer mine lovely! Yes it is a photo I did the last year by a boat. I hope that at you very well mine lovely and you successfully to spend yours weekend! Thanks that you will help me by the end of month and I can do my documents. I am very grateful to you for it! I as would like to speak with you in skype! We can speak ?? today or tomorrow? The data that you asked for transfer Intermediary Bank: BKTRUS33 Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, N.Y., USA Correspondent account in Intermediary Bank: 04413603 Beneficiary Bank: CBGURUMM VTB 24 (JSC), Moscow, Russia Beneficiary: Smirnova Nataliya ? of account 4272290095504676 BIC number: 044525716 My telephone +79877185474 The address where I live the Country Russia city Yaransk a street Lenina 44 I think that these data will suffice you for transfer.
I very much hope that the all this truth and you are serious with me and we shall meet in the future.
I wish to you successful weekend I shall wait your answer yours Nataliya.
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