Letter(s) from Sherisa Anderson to Gert (Belgium)

Letter 1

How are you doing sweetie?I told you i came here to south africa for a contract I'm a petroleum engineer and i lost my parents in a car accident,and i was born in Denmark before some misfortunes happened to me here, my manager and partner left me stranded taking all the cash that was paid to us, then the draft was in my name that's why i still have it i wouldn't have any money, i grew up being the only child of my young loving parents i looked upto my mom a lot cos she meant the world to me, at first i just wanted you to help me get the Holland and then i pay all that you sent me and more and we move on with our life's, but day by day my feelings for you increases, cos you are the only thing that is important in my life now and you and God is the reason why i am still living, you mean a lot to me and you have done a lot for me which i appreciate and will do anything to treat you right like a king that you are, i thank you for everything you have done for me and i know i adapt to things and i have been learning a bit of dutch just because i wanna be with you and make this work no matter what we cant give up now, in a relationship challenges would surely come our way but it should make us better and stronger, i know there is something you can do pawn, sell or borrow just for one day for our relationship and am sure you wont regret you did, i have written this from the bottom of my heart just to let you know you mean a lot to me.