Scam letter(s) from Ilona Shamrilo to Peter (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hi Peter, thanks for writing back to me. I would like to thank you for more information about yourself. It's a pleasure for me to learn more about you. As for your question the population of my town is nearly 50 thousand of people, it's a small town, we have a beautiful nature here. Found the picture from my job as I told you in my previous letter, you can see it at the attachment. Hope you like my pictures as I know I'm not so pretty and I'm not looking like a model. Any way I'm who I'm I like being myself and I think that people should accept others as they are. As I told you my ex husband has new wife right now who is more than 10 years younger than me. He was a good husband and good father but then he met the young and pretty girl and he told me that he isn't attracted by me any more. I'm not blaming him I just try to avoid such men in my life as it was painful to get over this. I'm searching abroad as I have heard that men are more family oriented there. I seek the family life, that's why I want to try even I don't know any foreign language. I speak Ukrainian and Russian. I'm planning to start learning English I know that it's not easy but I'm educated person and I don't think that it's an insurmountable barrier. Right now I use the service of interpreters and I hope that they do their job in a good way and you can understand my letters. Please let me know about this. I write in Ukrainian and they translate into English.
Bye for now, Ilona
Letter 2
Dear Peter. Thanks for your letter. I was waiting for it. Thanks a lot for sharing with me photos of your grandson. I adore children. As for your question about work we have both men and women here. I'm glad to know that you are also calm person and you try to avoid arguments. I consider that every problem can be discussed and solved. You look so happy with your grandson. I thought about you and your ears must have been burning))) Here we have such an omen if you have your ears burning it means that some one is thinking of you. Do you have such an omen either? I'm glad that our communication is developing and everything is going well. I'm thinking more and more about our meeting. It will be great to see you. I hope it will be possible to arrange our meeting in future. I want you to be get acquainted with Jenya, I'm sure you will like her, she is so curious and cute girl.
She is my biggest treasure. I attended parents' meeting at the kindergarten and I was informed that the kindergarten is privatized as it used to be government. It brings some the good changes. I have always been dreaming about Jenya attending a good kindergarten but also it causes the raising of monthly fees. I have my job and I earn enough to pay my bills. I want to give everything the best to my child. I know that the funds I paid for translation is getting over and soon my account is expired. I planned everything and I managed to pay but with the new fees for kindergarten it might take some time for me to renew the translation.
I will try to find the way out as I'm interested in maintaining our communication. I hope you have the same ideas. I wish you a nice day and hope to be in touch soon! kisses, Ilona
Letter 3
Dear Sir, Excuse us for bothering you but we have to inform you that your lady Ilona isn't able to answer your letter as her account in our firm is closed because of the lack of funds. She asked us to inform you about this fact and to tell you that she wants to continue corresponding with you in case you write her. If you have any questions we are always ready to answer. Have a nice day. Regards, Lingvo Interpreting Center
Letter 4

Dear Sir, Thank you for the letter. If you are interested in maintaining relationships with your lady Ilona we can offer you our service of translation. You can find the information about it at the attached file. If you have any questions you can ask them by email or call us on the phone. We will be glad to answer all your questions. Have a nice day. Sincerely,
Lingvo Interpreting Center
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Peter, Thank you for the letter. Please confirm that your made MoneyGram transfer to the name of our manager Sergey Onischenko. If you used the service of MoneyGram the reference number should consist of 8 figures and you provided us 9 figures (549 711 93) Please check everything and provide us correct information. Waiting for your reply. Have a good day. Regards,
Lingvo Interpreting Center Team
Letter 6
Hello my darling man Peter!! You cannot imagine how great it is to come to the translation firm and find your letters)) I am glad the weekend is over, and we can write each other again, honey. I missed you very much! Thank you very much for the wonderful photos. I keep looking at them!! It's even hard for me to pick up the favorite one. The nature is so beautiful in our area. I will also try to find some photos of my and Jenya to share with you in return! I'm sorry for being your bad girl, thanks for putting the numbers to the letters. I have all your letters printed and I keep it at home.
When I start writing to you I have some many thoughts in one moment that sometimes I miss some details that I wanted to discuss you start with the other topic, sorry for being absent-minded some times. As for my town it's possible to travel to Luganks by bus, it's not so far and there are hotels there and airport. Also there is a possibility to rent a flat, it might be even more comfortable and cheaper than hotel room. Also this way you will have a kitchen so I will have a chance to spoil you with my cooking when you are here!)) And don't worry I will be able to feed me for long))) By the way forgot to tell you that I didn't get the letters you sent to me translated, please resend them if it's not much trouble for you. The weather was nice and we went to the BBQ I told you about.
Everything was great, good food, nice company and warm weather...but it appeared that almost all my co-workers took their partners with them, wives/husbands or girlfriends/boyfriends.. and I was among the minority who were alone. I looked at them and thought how wonderful it is to have a life partner. I was dreaming how lovely it would go to such an occasion with you, or even organize one when we meet. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to my friends and folks. And I am sure we would have a great time together. When the evening approached we decided to return home, as it looked like rain. I reached my home place, but the weather was still nice and I decided to go to the shop for some food. But I guess I was too slow, because when I finally dressed up and combed my hair it started raining, and I stayed home of course. I was looking out of the window and dreaming about the rainy days we are going to spend together, my love. I think we would not get out of under the blanket,because I sincerely think that rainy weather is perfect for staying in each other arms..I hope you agree? I see now that I will better write you a part of my reply at home and bring the part of letter ready to the translation office tomorrow as I want to give you detailed answers to your question and each question is the whole story))) I'm very pleased that you ask me questions about different things and different parts of my life! As I'm so interested to know everything about you, I'm so impatient but I cheer myself up that slowly we will learn everything about each other lives. Well, honey, I need to finish my letter here, don't worry I didn't forget about the questions)) I wish you a pleasant evening and sweet dreams tonight, I will be there for you tomorrow. Send you my sweetest kisses and I wait for yours in return!))) yours Ilona
Letter 7
Dear Mr. Peter, We would like to inform you that your lady letter was translated to your lady Ilona and she asked us to inform you that she is missing you much and keeps thinking of you. If you have any questions we are always ready to help. We are glad to see you and your lady Ilona among our clients. Have a good day. Regards,
LINGVO Interpreting Center
Letter 8
Dear Mr. Peter, Let us congratulate you with the up-coming holidays of Christmas and New Year. Let the coming year of 2013 be generous for luck, inspiration and love! We are happy to cooperate with you and we would like to offer you our services of congratulating your lady with the coming holidays and services of delivering presents to your loved one.
In the attached file you can find the price-lists with various gifts from our partners. if you get interested in our services, please inform us about it by the email. Hoping for our cooperation, Sincerely, LINGVO Interpreting Center Team
Letter 9
Hello,my dear Peter How are you honey? Missed you s much. So good to hear from you, i wait for your words like a drug addict waits for his dose))) I really need tou! and i feel good about it))) Finally the weekend is here. We have been through a tough week, but i hope the next one be easier for me.. My working day is over, one more to rest so i feel quite alright. Our town seems to comeback to life, today i see the shops opening their doors again, and people came outside even with kids. Of course it is obvious that there are no so many people in my town anymore, many are away for the unknown period of time. But i feel much more positive about the situation, and i hope we will come back to normal life soon. As to the question of ,memory, i think i will never forget it. you know, we here have been living in a very peaceful country, and it could never come into my mind that there is war possible here...but now i will always know that IT IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE, and i will never feel safe. This is very sad. The other things in my life remain unchanged, the working day passed well. Today we have enormous heat again, about +37C and sunny all day long...better weather for the beach, not for the work in town. But what can i do? in the present situation i can only dream about any kind of vocations. I am already happy i have a job still. Honey, as to the money transfer. This is not possible for me to receive the transfer in my town anymore - they closed the bank department. can you please resend the money to the name of Elena Cherepakhina, and she will pass the money later to me. I do not plan anything for the evening or for tomorrow. I still feel a little stressed out and i think reast and sleep will be my best remedies. I hope the weekend will go quiet too. By the way we have the Trinity day holiday tomorrow, and Monday will be my day off too.
I hope i will truly have a good rest, and my next letter to you will be filled only with positive emotions!!!! Now i have to say good bye to you, my love. Pleasd stay welland keep thinking about me, i think your thoughts and prayers help me in the lowest minutes of my life.
Love you so much!!!! Yours Ilona
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