Scam letter(s) from Felicia Martinez to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Chris, Thanks for the email and it was nice hearing from you, i am surprise you got me back and i would really like to get to know you better ,but i don't always get on line to chat and am not so good at phone cause at the first time i just don't know what to say, but i always update my private mail account,well we both know a little from our profile so i think we can go this way and see what we have in common ....I believe getting to know someone first.. That friendships are built. They are built from a strong foundation first, and then they continue to grow from there. Yes, it takes Times, there is give, and take involved. I believe in open communication, standing in our truth, being honest, and having integrity. Honoring and respecting each other is high on my list. I treat people the way I like to be treated. I believe what comes around goes around. I am a very compassionate person. I am in no rush, I think it's very important to take the time to get to know someone. That is what builds true friendships. Quality friendships,let me know what you think.I will try in writing you more about me and i will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Am looking for a man that will be able to listen to me , communicate his feelings to me , make me laugh, hold and comfort me in need,stand by my side, respect me, passionate lover in every way, support me in every way, love me and only me, make me smile, protect me when needed, romantic time to time ,constantly reactive, and treat me right, I know you will think what is a pretty lady like me doing on here .. Yes the reason I came on to the internet to find the special person who deserves all the love and passion that makes up my heart and soul is because I do not have the time to meet others out in a public setting, and the fact I feel you can learn so much about someone through letters, as a person has to take there time and think about the words they want to express, so it allows you to gain a better understanding of someone than you would probably otherwise. As far as i dislikes.I don't like fake people, I don't like man that are all into money and not Kind to caring(sure money is important but there are other things more important). I like a man that is comfortable and confident in his own Word of kind,Caring life. I hope this message finds you well and hope you can share some photos in telling me more about yourself,ask me anything i always have a hard time knowing what to tell about myself. Your letter warmed my soul! The more I get to know you, the more I like you! My full name is Felicia Martinez Your New Friend,
Letter 2
Chris, Thank you so much for getting back in touch with me as it actually made my day!!! I am really going to put a lot of effort into writing this letter to you in hopes it will provide you with a good understanding of who I am, what I am all about, and what has made me the person I am today. The reason I am going to write a letter rather than just send a message is because I am serious about wanting to establish a quality friendship with someone honest and caring, and because of the fact I rarely contact anyone on here, so when do you can be rest assured I am serious about my intentions as am here for real. I'm a single lady,I have a great career, a great family, but as the future get older the days come and go more quickly as I am reminded of how much more fun it would be to find the right person to share life's journey.

I am a single lady of 29 year old , single never married , Home town Australia, in the city of Adelaide the southern part of Australia, i obtained my degree at the university of Adelaide in Australia before i moved down here in state years ago and graduated in Accounting .To my family I laugh with my dad so much before i lost him and even a lot with my mum because i learn dancing from her, lo ! I love dancing too much more than the friends,when I hear the music from party or.. my body starts to move all alone lol, I swear it is the reality.and I asked this question to my mother to know the secret of that and she told me that when I was a little baby on some months she put me in the middle of the room and she starts dancing because I was really a lovely baby and I looked at her dancing, that's why I'm a bit special lol. Am US Citizen and also been to Germany so many places when my father was till alive then, in his Auto Mobile trading from Germany to Egypt. Well i lived in State here back now and it is a lovely place. I find very much peace and tranquility here. I`m 5`7"140 with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, God Fearing, and a positive person,I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I love to play golf and I enjoy chilling` with my friend/family. I like going to the movies or watching movies in my room , I like swimming , fishing, listening to music and dance, traveling , going bowling and etc.I am a family oriented person and I get along with everyone in my family and outside my family, and There is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself. Am here down for a serious relationship.

Chris, I love all kinds of music and I started to learn golf recently so this is something you can teach me if you are good and active you know. I like all kinds of music any thing that makes me dance I'm up for it even though my dancing is terrible :). I listen to hip hop,R & B ,Rock...I like stand up comedy I watch Jon Stewart every night. I am a very good listener and giving the chance I could talk your ear off, loll. I am really shy at first but once I get to know you be ready to get an ear full loll. I can't think of anything else to write now I will send another e-mail later if you would like. I don't like to argue if i say something most likely mean it i do not like it if somebody says something about me behind my back my grandpa always told me if you cant tell somebody face to face how you feel about them then you shouldn't talk behind there back a true friend will be there for you a friend that is not true will only be there when they need something . I thought this would be a good way to start, getting to know someone by E-mail/letters first I think will help. I hope to hear from you soon and I am really interested in wanting to know more about you as you wrote me little but what makes you the special person you are today,( What would You like to Tell me?) I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, your Age,full name, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me.I would love to talk to see if our personalities match as well. You sound like a very sweet man and down to earth i would love to hear from u again soon i will try to send u some more pics of me ,thanks again for the reply hope to hear from u soon. I look forward to hearing from you soon and I can't wait to meet you to begin our friendship. Felicia
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