Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Ivanova to Marty (Cayman Islands)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Marty!!!
How are you doing? What are the news? I hope that everything is going perfect and you stay in nice mood and high spirits. Do you plan something special for the week ends? How is the weather?
Here the weather is pleasing each day. Though many people are complaining that it is very hot, I feel joy each day as our weather is so changeable and we have so cold winters that I feel that we have no right to be upset because of heating...That is great, finally we can put on skirts, T-shirts and summer dresses...!!! AS my best friend says, "people feel joy, we have three months of summer and the rest is the winter, so enjoy yourself now as winter is so soon":))))
Darling, I see that you are a special man and I don't want to search for somebody else.
Thank you my dear for the invitation. I would eagerly visit you. Both of us are adults and understand that communication through letters is not the right way and people should see each other's eyes, hold each other's hand, hear the bit of each other's heart.
I know some people wouldn't be able to understand and how they would ask the question of " How can you know you love someone if you have never met them?" All I would simply say is that " We have our hearts, and in our dreams ...everyday and every moment that we think of each other, we are together... we both feel the love that is there for one another...every thought, every time you feel that tug at your heart, anytime one of us is sad or unhappy all we have to do is think of the other and suddenly everything feels alright...we know that we are there for one another...we haven't had to meet to know what we mean to each other...this is why love is so is not something that you can "make " will know and feel it in your heart when its there!! Sweetheart...I feel like my heart is going to burst as I just have so much love and affection saved up for you, I just hope we would be together soon so that I can give it all to you
Darling, today after work I went to my travel Agency. So the situation is like this. I have done my passport in 1999 as I was going to visit the wedding of my friend in Prague but due to financial circumstances I didn't go there. Afterwards, few years later when my son got acquainted with the lady from Poland I used my passport in order to visit Poland to meet with the future wife of my son. Today i came to the Travel Agency in order to find out what I need for the trip to you and what did I find out? The term of usage of my passport is expired! And now I have to do the new one. So my dear, if we want to meet as soon as possible we have to do the passport for me and as we can't wait for 3 months we'll have to pay 200$ for it. But I won't be able to do that without your help....
The passport will be done in two-three weeks. Afterwards I will collect some documents from my work, place of living and so on, make photos and go to Embassy to get the visa. As I will open a tourist visa I will have to buy the tickets here. It will be cheaper than through Internet. In order to have the visa opened I will have to assure the Embassy that I won't stay illegally in your country and for this I will need to buy tickets here, in Ukraine. All these trifles I was told by the travel Agent who knows all the shadow sides of this process and she was kind to explain me how it is easier to open the visa. So now, we shouldn't waste time and start making passport for me. During this time I will collect all necessary documents and by the time I get my passport I will be ready to apply to the Embassy. I think, both of us are adults and of course letters is a good way to know each other but you and I understand that it makes no sense to make endless communication through the Internet and it is much more better to meet.....What do you think? Please, don't wait much with the answer...
I will be able to come to you in July-I will have vacation, but for this I need to know the approximate dates when you are able to meet me. While this time I will be able to arrange other documents. By the way do I need visa to your country?
Dear let's talk by phone. I do want to hear your voice. Will Saturday be suitable for you? 6 pm? +380504763725 this is the mobile number of my friend and I will borrow it. Please don't be late. If you won't be able to call please tell me that in your next letter ok?
Darling you wanted to know my full name: Evgenia Ivanova.
Please don't use the post. I am not sure at all that I will get your letter by post. It will either be lost on its way or somebody will take off it from my post box (this is a common knowledge here) or simply it would be opened on the border and if you want to send something valuable the thing will be taken off. Please belive me, that is not Ok, that's is all for today. I will close my letter for the moment and I hope to hear from you soon. Remember that I am always looking forward to your reply with great impatience. Kiss you tenderly Evgenia
Letter 2

Hello my dear Marty!!!
How nice it is to get letters from you!!!
I thank you and god that we have met over the Internet. There are not to many special people in this world and I think you are one of these, you are special to me and make me smile and feel the warmth in side when i receive your letters. It makes me special to know that somebody so far away thinks about me and cares for me, so heres a big hug and thank you from your Evgenia:)
Your letters always bring me comfort and warm my heart. Each letter brings me closer to you. My dear, it is my dream to see your smile early in the morning. I would hold you tight and never let you go. It would be nice to drink coffee in bed with you and caress and cuddle. I can only dream about you for now.
Dear, the information which you need:
full name - Evgenia Ivanova
address - Ukraine, Donetsk region, Crasnodon, Pervokonnaya street 45/9
zip code - 91000
Dear, the telephone number is the very which I gave you in my previous letter. But I will better write you it once more time +380504763725. I will be waiting for your call. Please try not to be late.
As for the visa... I will find out all the details and let you know. Ok let's make step aside from this topic and let me ask you some questions in order to explore each other...
What trifles bring you joy? What can easily rise your mood?
As for me (I'll open you a small secret)these are... flowers. yes I know may be it is not very unusual but still if a get a bouquet of flowers and it doesn't matter which one as I like all kind you'll see a smile on my face immediately. Also I forget about everything surrounding me when I see a child smiling to me! It is incredible feeling:) I can't be indifferent to all babies in the world as they are so sweet:)
If you had one place you would like to visit just one country where would you want to go?
Ok, honey I will close my letter for the moment and hope to hear from you soon. I wish you all the best, and look forward to your reply with great impatience. Kiss you tenderly Evgenia
Letter 3

Dear Mr. Marty,
I have received your message. We have discussed with Evgenia the best way of transfer money. Unfortunately, our lows don't allow us to use your credit card. Western Union system very popular but at the same time it has a very big commissions. I this situation I suggest you to use a current account of our account-manager. I send you details of it. Tickets for Evgenia will cost 1400$ and this price will stable during 3 months (till October) so you and Evgenia can use any date during this period. The details of account: *Beneficiary: Natalia Birulina
*Account: USD 0700913901334
*Bank of beneficiary:Lugansk Branch,Lugansk
commercial bank"PRIVATBANK" Dnepropetrovsk,
Ukraine Swift code: PBANUA2X
*Intermediary bank: Bank of New York One Wall
street.New York,N.Y.,10286,USA Swift code:IRVTUS3N
*Correspondent account: 890-0085-754 CHIPS 332357 Sincerely
Dasha Garina
Letter 4

Dear Mr. Marty,
I would like to inform you that we received your transfer.
Tomorrow morning we will start prepare documents for Evgenia. Sincerely
Dasha Garina
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