Scam letter(s) from Elena Antipina to Dave (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love!
I saw your letter, and I immediately felt good and warm at heart, fine. It is very nice that you want to even the tickets for me. It is very nice that you took care of me. But my dear, if we want to meet soon, I shall execute all documents, including a ticket through a travel agency. Otherwise I have to wait about three months visa. And travel agencies will not do for me only one visa. She organizes trips and contracts only to organizations of all trips, ie contract includes visa, passport, insurance, taxes and tickets. This means that I can not enter into a contract with the travel agency to book only one visa. I can not make out all my documents without a travel agency, it will require a lot of time and effort. It will be necessary to get me to go to the embassy in Moscow and wait three months. Of course, through a travel agency a little more expensive, but it saves a lot of time and effort. After all, if I do all the paperwork for the trip on their own, all my weekend spent for this purpose. Of course, you can buy a ticket for me, but I can not come to you for your ticket. Thus, you will lose your money. My dear, you must understand, I do not want your money lost. Do you understand me? My love, the best option is a travel agency, I considered all the options, but it is the most optimal. I hope, dear, that I was able to explain to you all the details. In fact, it is very inconvenient for me to ask for help, but no one else I ask for help. I will definitely compensate you money in the future, if you help me! I always return the debt. The agent told me that I can not break the contract with the agency now, otherwise I have to pay a fine, and the agent can not help me. And another important part that I want to tell you. Honey, do not doubt my intentions in severity. I'm serious girl. And if I decided to come to you and get to know you, I have to meet you! Otherwise I would not have asked you to help. It's really inconvenient to me to ask for help. I've always considered myself an independent woman, and it turned out that I was wrong. What do you think about what I wrote? I need your opinion. I love you and want you to love me!
Kiss for you! Your Elena. Kiss. I miss and wait for our meeting.
I received this after sending the report in to you, funny huh?
Letter 2
How are you???
I am very glad to receive your new sweet letter. My love, you are so beautiful as your words that you put in this letter. My Darling is a miracle, it's just a real miracle!
You can not imagine what you Dave to me. You are everything to me in the world! Dave Now I can not live without your passionate love. Dave Very hard for me without you. You call me so much passion and sweetness. Passion is capable of much. I can confidently tell you that all these forces come from only one feeling this feeling and name - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Dave I love you! I miss you! Dear I am happy that you are interested in my trip to you, my prince I'm really happy. Expensive these days I will also learn in detail all the nuances of our meeting with you. And my love is known only by your love Dave. With each of our letter for me it is only growing. Our tender letters to you - it's like a love weapons that we use, by which we now express their feelings. In our love to you there are no rules. Everything is decided by only the heart, a small heart that contains so many feelings and tenderness! Dave In my soul and in my heart as if now was the most severe hurricane, hurricane of love! He did not bring any trouble, he brought to my heart just lots of love to you! After this hurricane as if my heart start life again. I love you Dave! I've found my sweet prince, and in my heart a lot of love, but my life is not enough just one, one beautiful moment. My love this beautiful moment - this is our meeting, that wonderful moment when we can see each other's eyes and understand how much we love each other and can not live without each other!!!
I am very much, I love you madly My Dave!!!!!!!!!!!
The most tender and sweet kisses only for my favorite!!!
Your lonely princess Elena!!!!
Letter 3
Hi Dave!
I am pleased to receive your letter. I thought about you. All my thoughts are only now that we can soon be together. I'm happy just at the thought of our meeting. I'm glad you understand my feelings. Also, I'm glad to know your feelings. Your letter as always warms my heart. I do not know how to describe what is happening. I've told you about it. Yesterday we talked again with my mother about you. I told her that I can not live without you. I want to see you. Mom thinks I should go to you, and not one to suffer here. My best friend Julia, I 've told you about it. It also supports my decision to be with you.
This year, to meet with you, for me it's the only chance. You know that I have a tight work plan. Fate gives us the chance for us to use this chance. I hope that you will also be able to have a holiday from work during this period, and it does not hurt us to meet! If some days you have to go to work. I can meet you after work in the evening to cook dinner. What do you think about this? I just want to be able to touch you. I think that time together can show us that we might not see for many months of correspondence. This will be our first meeting. And this is very important! We can understand the reality of our senses. We will have to decide whether we will live together one happy family! And I'm not going home. Or do I have to go back home. I really want us to be happy together. So I 'll be happy for a happy sequel after our meeting.
When we start talking about the details of our meeting, I understand that this is not a dream... And this makes me feel nice and good...
Now I have only one dream. In this dream, I get down from the plane and see you. I see flowers in your hands, it rose. I hope you did not forget that this is my favorite flower??? I come to you, and you give me a bouquet of flowers. And now I'm in your arms. We become one in passion kiss. We go to your home. I make for us a romantic dinner. On the table is light food. Plays soft music. We were overwhelmed with emotion, and we silently looking at each other. Then we dance and dance slowly takes us into the bedroom. We find ourselves in bed and slowly begin to undress each other. Our love, our passion, makes us one. It's so beautiful!
I await your reply with impatience.
Your Elena!
Letter 4

Hi Dave!!
So tomorrow, I can go and watch more of my arrival to you. I do not know how much the trip will cost and how difficult the preparation of the necessary documents.
So now I want to ask you a very important question. Perhaps the most important question in your life. And I want you to give me a definitive answer to my question. Last answer. YES or NO. I hope you understand the importance and seriousness of our first meeting. You really ready for what I have come to you? Are you ready for our meeting with you? It is very important for me to know. For me it is a very serious selection. I know that for a trip to you, I should spend a lot of time and effort. YES, I'm ready for this. Dave, And you're ready??? I think you know that our meeting - the first, but also very important for our future relationship. It is only now in the letters, we want to love each other. In fact, everything can change. But not for me. I do not change my decisions. Now for me the main thing is your decision. Do you understand? So for me, it is necessary that you give me a definitive answer now. And if suddenly before my departure you tell me NO. I am very much offended you. I hope you understand...
I want to be with you. I promise you that I will do everything for it. Nothing will stop me. Dave, I think you do not mind if I ask you some questions again. I need you to clarify some information for the trip. Good? - Which airport should I arrive? You to be closer and more convenient to meet me? - We're going to live in your house? or I'll have to stay in the hotel? I'll have a private room? - Can you give me your full details (your full name and address)? I give it to my mom. My mom is a little worried about my trip. Thus, it would not worry too much if I'll give her that. okay? I will wait for your answer with impatience. I hope that you answer all my questions today, because it's really important to me. okay? And wait for my news tomorrow! Your Elena!
Letter 5
Hello my prince Dave.
How are you today?
My dear I am glad and happy to receive your letter. I am grateful to you for what you are serious with me. I am pleased that I occupy as though any place in your life. For me you are the most expensive and the most beautiful thing in this world. I would even say that you are the meaning of my life. at least I can not imagine my future without you! Today I decided to go to a travel agency. My dear Dave, I'm interested about my trip to your country. My love, I was afraid that it would be very difficult for me. My treasure but there I was given all the necessary information. I was told that I needed to prepare the necessary documents for entry into your country. First of all I need to get a visa, insurance, and airline ticket. Expensive to obtain passports and visas I have no problems, visa and passport I pay myself, I determined to meet you because I love you! I want to have a serious relationship.
My prince, at work today I spoke with the director. I told him that in the near future I want to have a vacation. He let me. I imagine our meeting at the airport. I am a little scared because I've never been to another country. But I hope that you will meet me. And when I see you at the airport, I go crazy with happiness and joy. My prince Dave, I can finally give you a hug! My love, if you wish, I even kiss you or give you a lot of kisses!
I told my parents about the trip for you, my parents are very happy that we are finally able to meet with you. Expensive at the moment I gave a visa application, visa costs favorite I pay myself, I did not know that the trip will cost so expensive unfortunately I do not have such amount so that I could pay the ticket, favorite airfare will cost 25,000 rubles, $ 700, dear I really feel ashamed to ask for your help, please tell me I can count on you, you can help me remaining amount of $ 700, dear you can help me? I hope for you!
What do you think about my trip to your country? I would be glad and happy. I think that for me it would be easier and more convenient. Also for me there is no problem of communication in your country. Of course, I will still make many mistakes. But you could teach me to express even better. My love Dave, I've never been in other countries and I'll be happy for the first time in life to go abroad. I'll be happy to visit your beautiful country. But most importantly, I can be with the most expensive for a human being. I could personally tell all that keeps my heart. I could finally hug you and kiss! How did it perfectly! I love you! You want me to come to you? My prince I think we're two adults and be able to accept this decision, which will be beneficial for both of us! My love, I want to say again that I love you! Favourite all my friends and relatives to give you a big hello, I send you a copy of the contract for the paperwork.
Today I have a very good mood. My love I hope that my letter will bring to you the same emotions. I love you Dave! I want to be with you! I hope that after a while, our meeting will be a reality! In the meantime, we can write to each other these sweet messages! Write to me and do not forget about me!
You are the only one for me and the dearest person in the world!
Gentle hugs and kisses!
Your love Elena!
Letter 6
My dear Dave, I really hope that we can be together with you! My dear, if you can help me then we can be together with you. I was told that in the world there are companies such as MONEYGRAM, are engaged in remittances. My prince Dave, I learned almost 30 minutes all the information and asked many questions. First of all I was interested in on the company MONEYGRAM, as the bank told me that it is very convenient and most reliable. I was given a site on the Internet MONEYGRAM offices in almost every bank, post offices and sometimes even shopping malls. I think that you will have no problem finding MONEYGRAM office in your city or in nearby towns. My dear in the bank told me that I can get money is just a 5 - 10 minutes after you make a transfer. Favourite unfortunately the company with which I am going to buy air tickets only accepts payment in cash, they do not work with credit cards especially owners of other countries. Favorite send me $ 700 money order, favorite unfortunately I forgot that without my passport I can not get your own money, your passport, I gave a visa, according to this on my own I can not get your help, dear please send cash in the name of my girl friend Kseniya, all the data for remittance I wrote to you below. Favorite send money so I could pay as soon as possible ticket, I even can not believe that soon we'll be together. My prince send money exactly $ 700 in the name of my girl friend she help me to get your help, I need you to do it as soon as possible as I need to book air ticket is expensive airfare to one side, my prince to send money this amount that I can pay for airfare, my love I can buy a ticket at the only company that is engaged in registration of my documents since I entered into the insurance contract they bear responsibility for my flight, that's why I need to pay the ticket in cash as soon as possible. My dear now I tell you the most important information so that you can send the money you need the following data: - Name - Kseniya
- Name - Malysheva
- City - Izhevsk
- Country - Russia My love, I will also need your following information: - Your full name;
- Your address;
- The city from where you send money (which is MONEYGRAM);
- The exact amount of money;
- And most importantly, it's a secret code of money transfer. Everything else you'd better tell the bank. I think that sending money via MONEYGRAM will be much more convenient and safer. I want to tell you that I have no bank account, and I was advised to fast translation MONEYGRAM, I think this is the best way. Once you send the money, then write me a letter with all the data transfer. It's better if you send me a copy of the form that you will fill in the bank. I hope that soon we will be able to solve our problem and we can meet. Forgive me Dave, I turn to you with this problem. But I really had no one to turn to. If I myself could solve this problem, I would not ask you about it. I've always been honest and sincere with you! I just want happiness and love with you!
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