Scam letter(s) from Lidia Biama to John (UK)

Letter 1
Okay Thanks .. I am looking for a Honest Caring and Responsible man who can take good care of me in all ways and Help meets my needs.. As at now am Talking with you i am in a big problem and to let you it is about my landlady she is demanding for her rent but i have no money now but i will dont want to bother any one with thatt i will apppreciate any help from anybody and most of you could be one to help me .. If you pls try and Text me so i will know if you try your best from your heart for me okay .. here is my cell phone number .. +233 50661 5953.. My pleasure to meet you.. and Hope we shall be good to each other .. A,lso if i may say you are very handsome and gentle and i like you pic too .... . Clara
Letter 2
Hello How are you doing .. Pls can you tell me more about you
Letter 3
Thanks and nice to meet you Joseph....Am 32 years old and will be 33 on the 7th of july , am single and i have No kids , a mixed race born by a mixed parents mom from Ghana dad from Australia , i was born and raised in Australia Gold Coast am now in Ghana with My mom due to my dads death .. am Looking for honest , reliable , caring responsible , open minded and sexually active man , who can love me and accept my Love back .. I am a down to earth Kinda Straight woman , God fearing and a Christian .. some few pics of me hope you send me yours back and I hope our meeting here will not be in vain , i see age as a number and distance shows how love can travel .. so it does not bothers me but if it does to you let me Know am Online now ..
Letter 4

Okay Thanks Dear .. here are my Information for the Funds and hope you Like the Pics .. Pls for you Eyes only and Hope this not going to any extra mile pls cause i did this from me to you and Hope you will do you best for me .. *** i will check online later for the details of the money and *** it is 200 dollars and Thanks and God bless you .... Pls email ,me with the details or try my number .. +233 50661 5953 NAME: CLARA HARRISON
CODE: 00233
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