Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Cherem to Les (Australia)

Letter 1
Bonjour . First of all I apologize for my
Anxiety . I read your profile several times and decided to write
Letter . I was afraid to write to you . But it turned out its not terrible I understand your surprise
Get my e-mail . We do not know each other, but I would like to get to know you
Better . You certainly
Do not want to learn a lot about me . I
I wish to tell a little information about yourself : I : Nastya. I'm from
Russia , live in Lykoyanov . I still could not find
Decent man with whom I can build your relationship strong
Family . I when was not married , I do not
Have kids . I think
Children - this is happiness . Now I'm already
39 years old . I still need your destiny in this world . For each person has
Its second half , but we need to look for their other half . Most people want to start a family , but no
Do not do this for . But I believe that we must act itself and seek its
Fate . My intentions are serious , and I want to find my second half .
In my life was not a good experience in the past . A lot of people have changed the bad side , and it is difficult to find
Right person . Now I want to try to search for its second half
On the Internet . I think
You also had your heart injury in my life . My intentions are serious and I want to
Find a decent man with whom I can build a new life , a strong
Family . I very much hope
Your're just the man to be taken seriously .
Between us long distance, we should not be afraid of it
The distance between us is . People may have
Friends in any part of the world . Distance should not be a problem for us . I understand
You will not just decide to write to me , but I hope for your
Decisiveness . I hope you will answer me , unless of course your
Intentions are serious .
I hope your're not going to play games with me . If your're not interested in me, that is not
Should write to me . I serious about finding a decent man , I
Do not have time to play games . We adults
And people have to take everything seriously|were not children to play
Game , you have to be responsible and serious|play ****** games only
People , we need to have serious intentions] . Now is the time that we have on a lot of risk , not
Honesty . ****** people play games , I do not
Going to play with you . I'm a grown woman and my intentions
Serious . With time, you
Be able to understand my feelings and make sure that my
Intentions are serious .
You read my letter , and if you are ready to be taken seriously , but I
I shall be glad to receive your letter . Now I'm going to check mail
Often hoping to see your letter . In
Next letter I will tell you about his life . I send my
Picture , now do you know what I look like . Forward with great anticipation
Your answer .
Sincerely , Nastya.
Letter 2
First of all, I want to ask forgiveness for a delay of my answer.
I understand that you waited for a prompt reply. I had many affairs
On my work. And I had no time to check my mail. Now I found free
Time, and I decided to answer at once you. I want to thank you that
You gave me some minutes to read my letter, and to answer me.
I am really very glad that you answered me. I am sure that you
Want find out about me and my life. I will surely tell about myself:
My name: Nastya. My age of 39 years. I live in Lykoyanov city,
The Nizhny Novgorod Region. Now I decided to be engaged in happiness
Search in private life on the Internet. In real life I had some bad
Experiences in creation of the relations. Time goes, and in my life
That does not change. I did not begin to push luck, and decided to
Operate. People around the man do not suit me. They want only not
The serious relations. Now there are a lot of spoiled people.
And my purposes on life, I want to create a warm married couple,
To give birth to the child to the beloved. I want, that in the house
There was a happiness, pleasure and love. Certainly I have reasons
On which I do not consider the Russian man. It is a lot of Russian
Men who drink alcohol in large numbers. I not against that men
Drank alcohol in not large numbers. The most important that the
Man always loved and appreciated the woman. And Russian men do not
Respect the women, they are afraid of responsibility. Russian men - as
Children. In them there is no gravity and responsibility. And it does
Not suit me. What future with the man who drinks every day alcohol
Can be, is afraid of responsibility. You understand that with such
Person, the future will not be happy. I want to find the man who will
Love me, children, to respect and treats with understanding. I will be
Very glad, if you appear this man. First of all, I want to become your
New friend. To have friends it is possible in any part of the world.
And time already will show that will be with us in the future. To the
Decision will get acquainted with the man from other country, I
Approached very seriously. I understand that there are distinctions in
Culture, language. It does not frighten me. I rather well know a
Foreign language. I can read, understand, talk in your language
Language. The age difference as does not frighten me. I consider that
In the person the main thing - soul, an inner world. The rest is not
So important!!! What is the age???? I think that the age is only
Figures!!! I am ready to change the life, and to begin new life.
Changes do not frighten me. I understand that between us big distance.
I realize all difficulties. I already long time postponed not a large
Sum of money. I try to be economical. I do not spend money for
Everyone not the necessary nonsense. Many girls spend money for
Everyone not the necessary nonsense. I not the such. I always buy only
The most necessary. I consider that it will help me to make a meeting
With the man with which the relations will develop. But about it to
Speak still very much early. I think that you understood what I am the
Person and my purposes in life. If I interested you, I will look
Forward to hearing from you with great pleasure.. I told about myself
And about the outlooks on life. Now I with great pleasure would like
Find out about you, and your life. Tell me. Find out all about you
Will be very interesting to me. I wrote the big letter. I hope you can
Find time to read my letter. I will check mail as it is possible more
Often to receive your answer.
PS. I send the photo. I hope to you it will be pleasant. I know that
You want to see more than my photos. I as will be glad to receive your photos.
I ask do not forget about me. I am sure of that that you want to know
Where I found your address of mail.
I visited a dating site:
I registered there the questionnaire.
On this site I found your profile.
I wait for your answer.
Your new friend of Nastya
Letter 3
I checked mail and I very much was delighted when saw your letter.
I am sorry for a delay of my letter. I understand that you waited for
My prompt reply. In Russia there were holidays - a Victory Day. These
Days I did not work. I left to the grandmother on holidays. I had no
Possibility to write to you the letter. This holiday in Russia
Celebrate each city. On May 9 in Russia it is considered very big
Holiday. It is very pleasant to me to realize that our purposes in
Life are similar, and we have already a little the general. Weather
At us today fine, shines the sun. Now spring and this fine season.
Already soon there will come summer. In the spring it is very beautiful
To watch the nature. The nature as if wakes up after hibernation,
Trees dismiss the leaves, the world gets bright paints of this world.
In the summer we with parents like to leave on the nature to arrange
Picnic. My favourite seasons, this summer and spring. I do not love
Winter, because in Russia in the winter very cold. Find out is
Interesting to me, and you love what season most of all????
I think that you too love a season - summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Je n'ai pas d'enfants. Je vis avec les parents. Les amies vivent
Non **** de moi. :-)
Now I will tell about the work. I work in (kindergarten). I work as
The tutor. In the days off I earn additionally the nurse. My work is
Not too rich. But I do not complain of it. I earn enough, and I can
Financially provide myself, and help the parents. My parents already
Are on providing the state (pension). The state pays to my parents a
Certain sum of money every month on which they live. But in our
Country pension not the big. My father earns additionally the security
Guard on building. My father says that spare cash will not prevent.
I live together with parents in two room apartment. The relations with
Parents the very good. We very well understand each other. I always
Listen to opinion of my parents. Because my parents wise people.
I love the parents. In a family I am the only child. I have no brother
And the sister. When I was small, I dreamed to have the younger
Brother or the sister. But parents did not decide to give birth to the
Second child. And you have brother or the sister??? Probably it is so
Fine, to have the brother or the sister.
I did not notice as time flew by. I should go. I wish you to spend
Time perfectly. I will come to the cafe Internet tomorrow. I hope that
You can find time to answer me as soon as possible. I promise to tell
More about the life, about the work in other my letters. I decided to
Send you a photo with my best friend! I hope to you it will be
Pleasant!!! I wait with big impatience of your answer.
On a photo I with the girlfriend. I on the left side of the photo.
Your new friend of Nastya.
Letter 4

Hello!!! I ask applications for a delay of my answer. I cannot write
The big letter now. I simply have no free time. I can write to you
Only on Monday morning. I wish to spend the day off successfully.
Do not forget about me. I will write the big letter on Monday morning.
Nastya :-)
Letter 5
I Very strongly missed your letters.. I yesterday all day only
Also thought of you. In general I really am proud of that I found
You in this world, and now we became friends. It is so remarkable!
Now with me everything is good, my mood simply remarkable. In general
My mood became better, after we got acquainted. On my face my smile
Began to appear more often. I have a grandmother who lives in the
Country approximately in 65 kilometers from our city. We with my
Parents in general often visit the grandmother. The grandmother
Lives in the village one and it is difficult to grandmother to one
To care of an economy. My grandmother has animals, a cow, hens,
Geese and rabbits. When I am at the grandmother in the village,
I like to watch animals. In general when we come to the village,
My father cuts firewood, makes all hard work. I care at this time
Of animals. My mother as helps the grandmother with a kitchen garden
And on the house. In general we tryto visit the grandmother as it is
Possible more often. The grandmother absolutely alone and to us her is
A pity. We could take away the grandmother home to the city, but she
Does not want to leave the house in which grew, and to leave animals
My grandmother very kind. I want to tell you as I spent the day off in
The village at my grandmother. You probably know that in the village
Always clean air. When I was at the grandmother, the grandmother woke
Me in the morning and brought a glass pair milk which it just took
From a cow. This milk such tasty and useful! You when be tried to
Drink pair milk from a cow???? In general I helped the grandmother on
The house, cooked food. As helped to make any work in a house yard. My
Grandmother already old and me it is necessary to look after her. It
Would be very good, if the grandmother lived with us in the city in
One apartment. So we could care of the grandmother 24 hours per day.
But the grandmother does not want to leave the house in the village
Because she all life lives in this house, she has many pets.
Certainly, I cannot give the help and care to the grandmother 24 hours
Per day because she lives not in the city. I and so try target to go
Everyone days to the grandmother. At the grandmother in the village
I have the girlfriends. But I had no time to go to girlfriends. I tried
To carry out all the time only with the grandmother. My grandmother
And my parents very remarkable people. If you got acquainted with my
Parents and the grandmother, you could estimate them. I think that on
My place you precisely also would make, and helped the grandmother.
I in general consider that each person should help people who are more
Senior than us. Last night the grandmother saw off me on the bus and
At her tears flew. The grandmother would not like to let off me.
But I should go to the city because I am waited by my work. From the
Grandmother I brought milk, sour cream, eggs. We do not buy these
Products in shop because the grandmother gives us such products.
Ingeneral in the future when be you will get acquainted with my
Grandmother, and you estimate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I now will finish on it the letter. Now I should go. I will wait for
Your fine letter tomorrow morning. I hope that you will answer me.
I wish you to spend your day perfectly!
PS. I decided to send a photo which was made this summer at my
Grandmother in the village. On a photo I, my father and my cousin.
I said to you that I have no brother and the sister. My mother has a
Sister and this is her daughter. I hope to you the photo will be
Pleasant! And you have grandmother or your mother who lives outside
The city? If is, tell me. It will be interesting to me to find out!!!
Your girlfriend of Nastya
Letter 6
I am sorry for that that I cannot write now the big letter.
I want to report that I did not forget about you.
Today difficult day and at me is a lot of work.
I will write you tomorrow the big letter.
I wish to spend successfully day.
Letter 7
Hi my dear friend Craig.
Many thanks that you did not forget about me and could find time to
Write me the letter. I waited for your letter. Having read your
Letter, it seemed to me that you the interesting person. But you need
To open more, without being afraid of anything. When I write you the
Letter, I open the soul. I never deceive. I write only that really
Occurs in my life. I do not want anything to hide, and to try to be
Pleasant to you "violently". I want to remain by itself, and to try to
Construct the future with the man who will respect, and to appreciate
Me. About love to speak still early. I consider that the word "love" -
Very valuable word. I also will tell a word «I love you» only when I
Will be completely sure of the man when will pass a lot of time and
When really there will be real feelings!!!
If I is I will fall in love with the man that I think that I could
Take a big step and would go on everything to be together. But time
Will show that will be with us in the future. I think that we in
General very much early speak about marriage. We are a little
Familiar. In general I dream to have two children the boy and the
Girl. It is a pity to me that your grandfather and the grandmother
Already died. It is sad. I understand that to you painfully to speak
About it. But all people go to other world, only at different times. I
Still had only one grandmother. 2 grandfathers already died also one
Grandmother. My growth of 164 sm. I like to cook food. What do I like
To cook most of all??? I at all do not know that to you to tell. I
Have many favourite dishes of cooking. I will tell more about it
Another time! I like to listen to classical music. Such music calms. I
Write to you to one. If I write to other men that it will turn out not
Correctly. If the person has purpose and aspirations, it is necessary
To communicate only with one person.
And now I have some questions for you on which I want to hear the
Answer (the honest answer):
1. Your full name?
2. Birthplace and accommodation?
3 your hobby?
4 that you like to make in free time?
5. On your intentions in creation of the relations with me how
Many are serious?
6 whether. You can arrive to Russia for a meeting with me?
7. Who in a family should be a leader, and under what conditions?
8 whether. You want children???
It will be very interesting to me to hear answers to these questions.
Whether on these questions I can understand much between us the
General! I do not consider that people should be absolutely similar
With each other, and with identical interests. I consider that
Everyone should supplement each other. I consider such relations - an
Ideal. As such relations are interesting and durable. Namely such
Relations, I also want to construct.
It is a little about itself:
My day begins with that I rise at 06:00 o'clock on morning jog.
I run in a circle of our park which is located not far from my house.
I consider that it is very important for health. And health it is very
Important, as I am a girl, and I will need to give birth to the child.
I want, that my child was the most healthy and beautiful child around
The world. I think that such dream at each girl who is going to give
Birth to children! And for this purpose I go in for sports to support
A state of health. After morning jog I take a shower, I have
Breakfast, I gather for work! My working day begins at 08:00 o'clock,
And comes to an end at 18:00 o'clock. As I spoke in the previous
Letter, I work in "kindergarten". I love children and I very much
Like my work. Every day I go for work with great pleasure. After work
I go home, I take a bath, I have supper. In the rest of the time I am
Engaged in useful rest. Tuesday and Friday is days in which I go to
A gym (I I do gymnastics).
My day off - revival. This day I usually meet the friends, and we
Go to theater or at cinema, or simply we walk on our remarkable
Recreation park. To you, probably, apparently, that I have a
Remarkable life in which already all is???? But it not so!!! All my
Friends already have the second half which they love, and at me is
Not present. But now I had a friend who is very far from me are YOU!!!
And I want to find out more and more with each letter on you!!!
I am very vigorous girl with good sense of humour. And inside,
I am overflowed with tenderness which I can sometime give to darling.
I want to love and be a darling!!! Write to me more about itself,
I very much want to know you better. Ask me questions that you want to know. I with pleasure will answer them. On it I will finish the letter,
and with impatience I will look forward to hearing!!!
PS. I send you the photo. I hope to you it will be pleasant.
Please send me more than your pictures.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Craig
I am sorry for that that did not write to you to the days off. I could
Not write to you because the cafe of the Internet does not work. At
Last that there came this long-awaited day. I so waited this day to
Enter into the Internet of cafe and to write to you. I so waited for
Your letter. For me in general this day off seemed very long because I
Thought of you. I well spent the day off with my family. Weather today
Good, shines the sun. Most of all I love summer when on the street
Warmly, it is possible to go to bathe, receive suntan on a beach. It
Is so remarkable. Yesterday in the morning, as soon as I woke up, we
With my mother went at once to church. In Church there were many
People as usual in the day off. In church all people pray to god.
I thanked god that he helped us to find each other in this big world.
You do not represent, as strongly I appreciate ours with you communication
And acquaintance. After church we with my mother went to shop and bought
Products. Then I houses cooked tasty food. When my father came home,
We began to eat. After a dinner I washed ware and began to make house
Cleaning. When I made everything, I began to receive rest. I watched TV.
On the TV there was very interesting film about love. So it was pleasant
To me. Already in the late afternoon we with mine mother and the father
Went to make walk in park. We often visit rest park with my parents
Because there always clean air and it is very beautiful. In general in
Park yesterday there were so many ***** people. I one am afraid to go to
Park because there many ***** men who stick to women. But with mine the
Father I never am afraid to go to park because my father never will give
Me in offense. After walk I cannot long receive a house dream. I lay in
A bed and only thought of you. In general I like to spend the days off
With my family. But today also it is necessary to start to work.
But from work not where to disappear. I hope you me understand,.
Now I have no skype and webcam. I plan to buy the computer and webcam
That we could speak on skype.
Thanks for that that you answered my questions. I decided to answer
The same questions too. I think to you it will be interesting to find
Out my opinion.
1. Nastya
2. I was born and I continue to live in the city of Lykoyanov
3. I like to make walks, to knit, cook food.
4. In free time I like to read books, to watch interesting movies. But
Usually I cannot do nothing. I always find housework.
5. My intentions are very serious. I was in earnest about search of
The man very much. Life is too short to play games. I am already adult
Woman and I have no time for games. So I am in earnest about
6. I could visit your country in the future. I have on it means. But I
Will be ready to visit your country in the future if both of us wish it!
7. I consider that in a family there should be the head of the family
And the leader a man. A duty of the woman to hold the house pure and
Cozy, to bring up children, to cook food. I consider that the woman
Should not ask with the man. She should submit to the man.
8. Certainly I would wish to have two children, the boy and the girl.
But at my age probably already late to give birth to children. I do
Not know. If to approach to such question seriously that it is
Necessary to address to the doctor for consultation.
I will finish on it the letter. I should go home. I will wait for your
Warm letter tomorrow. I wish you to spend well your day.
How you spent the day off? I hope, what everything was good?
How your mood? And you have a rest park?
PS. I hurried up to write to you and forgot to take with myself a photo.
I will send a photo in the following letter. I promise.
Letter 9
Hi my friend Craig
I thank you for that you wrote to me. It is very pleasant to me to receive,
And especially to read your letters. With each new letter all of us it
Is more and we recognize each other more. It very much is pleasant to
Me, and all of you it is more and involve me as the man more!!! I am
Glad to this event. I think that we should start to trust more and
More each other. I consider that it will be a big step to our relations..
That you tell thanks for that about the life. With each letter I will
Know you better and all about your life. I as try to tell in my
Letters more about the life.I will try to write to you every day.
I understand that I keep waiting for my answer.
In this letter I will tell you a little about the city, and I want to
Give ideas of our future relations which I want that developed in
Good side!!!! My city of Lykoyanov, not big, but also not so small.
Population of our city about 14000 people. We have many sights -
Beautiful streets, area, rest parks, squares and it is a lot of
Another. The most known sights of our city it: monuments of worthy
People, war and as well-known writers. As there are churches, a
Museum. I can tell about sights of my city of Lykoyanov very long. But
It is time and to pass to the our relations. As this most important
That interests me. Our city very good, but here is not present worthy
Men. All Russian men do not respect women and consider that the woman
Has no what is right, and all Russian men generally alcoholics. And
The man with a rich inner world which will love is necessary to me,
And to respect me. I decided to use the Internet for search of the
Worthy man - and got acquainted with you, and I think that you such
Person. Because men from abroad respect women. I am right??? You
Such??? You respect women???? I am 39 years old, and I consider that
It is time to me to start to establish own family, a home, to give
Birth to the child!!! I saved money long time, and now I have enough
To arrive to you in the future. I do not want to force events, but I
Consider to know each other better for this purpose it is necessary to
Meet face to face. But it is happen only when we will mutually want
It!!! If we solve, I will arrive to you, or you can arrive to Russia.
It will be very serious step to our relations about which we will
Speak later!!!!! I consider that in the relations is important not
Only love, and trust and understanding. In the head of the family
There should be a man, but he should consult on the woman, accept her
Advice, criticism to discuss problems mutually. I can take completely
All houseworks on myself. I very much like to cook, I will prepare for
You such dishes that you will forget about barchelor food. As I will
Work, that maintain the our budget. And as soon as we will be ready to
The birth of the child, we will make it! I hope that I do not frighten
Off you, asking these questions so quickly. I am sure YOU that man who
Is necessary to me, I hope for reciprocity. But certainly it is only
My opinion on you. But time will show. A lot of time will recognize
Each other from us in our letters. On it I will finish the letter,
And I will look forward to hearing with big impatience! I send in
This letter my friendly kisses.
PS. I send in this letter of a photo of my city, on a photo you
Will see my city, the street, park. I hope to you it will be pleasant.
As I send a photo which was made at home. I would like to find out
As about your city. It would be fine if you send as some photo of
Your city. I will be glad to see your city, your house. Nastya These are just some of the letter's I have received !
Letter 10
Hello! With me everything is good.
I will write to Monday.
I wish to spend the days off successfully.
Letter 11
big Hi, I could not write earlier because I left to my aunt on a
Birthday. I bring the thousands apologies for a delay of my letter.
We with parents and the grandmother went to my aunt on a birthday. All
Our native there gathered. We lived some days at the aunt. I could not
Write to you these days. The word of honor I thought of you much. I am
So glad that we with you have communication on the Internet. It is so
Fine! When we got acquainted, my life as if changed. I now cannot
Write the big letter. I wish you to spend successfully day. I will
Write to you tomorrow morning. Now I should run for work. Accept my
Friendly kiss. About everything we will talk tomorrow.
Letter 12
Hi my dear
At last I have possibility to come to the cafe Internet to write the
Letter. I am very glad to receive your warm letter which cheers me up.
All your letters cheer me up. We are seemingly familiar very little,
But I already very strongly became attached to you. It at the same
Time frightens me, and at the same time pleases me. Frightens me
Because I very strongly am afraid to fall in love with you, and my
Love will be not divided. I cannot sometimes understand you up to
The end. I cannot understand your feelings which you test to me.
I ask you to be completely open to me, and to say only that you
Actually feel to me. It will be much easier to me to communicate
With you. I hope, you will use my advice, and will be more trustful
And open to me!??? I very much hope for it! I am very glad that
I have you! You are very close to me spiritually. It is very easy to
Me to communicate with you. I told to the girlfriends that I found
Very handsome man, to which at me very big sympathy. They were glad
To hear it as my friends wish good luck to me. By the way, my friends
Say hello to you. I as told to the parents about ours with you the
Relations, about ours with you virtual connection. I told them what
You are the remarkable man. I showed them letters which you write me.
I told them that our sympathy to each other very big and can develop
Into big and pure love. I hope, you remember, what I spoke in last
Letters about a word «I love you»??? You know, how I seriously treat
This word!!! And it seems to me that I can tell soon it to you. I do
Not want to "look" very far in ours with you the relations as I am
Afraid to "maleficiate" everything that happens between us. But I very
Much want, that our sympathy to each other developed into LOVE!!!!!!
Weather on the street is cloudy. I have a dream which I want to carry
Out: I want to spend with you my holidays. I consider that if we will
Lead him together, us who when cannot separate. And our love will be
Eternal!!!! If all this happens in real life, and we will have a
Possibility to meet, I decided to buy the computer to my parents. It
Will be the best way to communicate with them on the Internet. I will
Do the utmost that depends on me. I will make all documents for a trip
To the fastest terms only to be with you!!! But I again look too far.
I like to dream. As in dreams it is possible to make everything that
You want, and there are no obstacles!!! I will finish on it the dream.
And you like to dream??? Or you got used to lead real life??? I tell
More about myself. I like to listen to everything, you don't say so!!!
How are you? Than you are engaged in free time? How your mood? I hope
That at you everything is good, and you often think of me!!!??? I did
Not notice, how time flew by, it is time to me to go. And when I will
Come home, I will try to fall asleep quickly to dream about you.
I strong embrace and I kiss you...
PS. I promised to give my photo. I send my two photos in this letter.
One photo is made in the village with my native uncle. The second a
Photo, I am in kitchen. During that moment I looked family photos.
I hope to you it will be pleasant my photos.
Your Nastya
Letter 13
Hello! You did not forget thanks for that about me and wrote me the
Letter. I too did not forget about you. I thought of you much and
Missed your letter. Now I have 5 minutes to report that with me
Everything it is good. I will write the big letter on Monday. Ok?
I wish to spend the day off successfully. I will miss. Accept mine
A friendly kiss. About everything we will talk in other letter
Letter 14
Big hello. Now I have a lunch break from my work. I decided to write you not the big letter.
I well spent the day off. I thought of you much and missed your letter. Weather at us fine.
Now I cannot write the big letter. I should run for work. I will try to write the big letter
After work tonight. Accept mine a friendly kiss. About everything we will talk in other letter.
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Age: 29
Name: Anne Williams
Age: 25
Name: Elena Mironova
Age: 38
Name: Gloria Lutunku
Age: 25
Name: Yana
Age: 25
Name: Charlotte Marie Ageiwaa
Age: 33
Name: Laura Bradley
Age: 32