Letter(s) from Susan Hudson to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Let me start by saying , I'm into sales i do buy and sell Electronics,Antiques and other electrical gadgets etc. well right now I'm not in the states at the moment I'm in UK at the moment doing business over here and I'm gonna be back to the states in 2 weeks time. Well i must tell u that i really admire Ur profile too and i really want to know u better as well and if we get to like each other, things can change for the better for us. if u know what i mean, lets just keep contacting ourselves till i get back to the states and we finally meet each other.
Secondly,i really love to make people laugh ,i love the outdoors very much and i enjoy going to exciting places like the beach going to the movies stuffs like that and i really enjoying meeting exciting people well lets just keep contacting ourselves. I also yahoo yahoo instant messenger, You can add me now... susanhudson170


Letter 2

I am the Only Child of my parents born and raised with short stay in Spain... My father in the Military and we travel a lots and visit lots of place when i was still a Child.. My father died in a car accident which makes affected my Mother and she got an heart attack and died... i relocated to United State. after, due to the lost of my parents.

My ex cheated on me he took my money($145,000) and ran away which gave me a wrong impression about men generally and made me thought i wouldn't have anything to do with a man due to my past experiences, Not until my best friend advice me to sign up on the online stuffs because she's always wanted me to finally meet someone that would bring smiles to my face.

For my hobbies.. I like camping,fishing,cycling,biking,movies,golf,all kinds of sports....like the indoors too but I'm mostly an ourdorsey, i also like the city life.I take a walk out when the weather's mild,but go to the pool or mostly the beach when it's sunny.


NB: I am ready to relocate to anywhere i found my Joy and Happiness.. Yes i love eating cheese sandwiches

Letter 3

I learned a lot from past relationship. I know I believe in marriage and think with the right person and open communication, a little hard work, and a lot of faith, marriage can be a wonderful experience. But, both people need to be honest with themselves and each other.

I have not given up hope in finding my soul mate, best friend, confidant, and lover. The one I can tell my inner most fears to and know he will be there for me through the good and the not so good some day I want to walk hand in hand with my love down the ocean beach, just like you see on TV I want to stop in the moonlight and give him a soft little kiss and hug without saying I word to him.

I'm a touchy-freely type of girl...I like to kiss and hug, and cuddle, but I won't smother you. I'm an honest, thoughtful, caring, clean,independent, fun, one man girl. I like honesty & loyalty and I hate liars I am not sure what happen in my last relationships and i do not like talking about it cause i get upset and want to cry.


Letter 4

I'm not gonna lie since I am trying to find "my match". But I don't require perfection, I'm certainly not perfect myself I have some imperfections ... but I'm happy with myself and I think I'm sexy. I want to find a sexy man that is honest and caring.

I'd also like to find a fun companion ... everything starts as friends and hopefully (fingers crossed) something more will naturally occur.. I'm just a little tired of spending weekends alone, tired of declining party invites cause I have no one to take.

I try to be good - really I do! Really really! Well ... I'm not big on crowds or the "bar" scene ... I like smaller, more intimate environments. Not a HUGE drinker, I don't smoke, no drugs (ever). I like having fun.

I love kids so much and I always want to raise my kids to be one of the rare breed out there: a gentlewoman or man who owns his/her words, who will be independent, self-confident, knows his/her worth, loves God, treats people, and especially men & older people with respect, focused, disciplined, be playful, be fun, sense of humor ~ always and be a warrior with a tender heart.


Letter 5

Hello, Guess you dont wanna talk again


Letter 6

Hello sweetie, I am going to leave here on Monday to be with you. I am so happy because you have been nice and great to meet with.

I spent over $13,500 USD to settle the shipping company because i want all my goods to leave here by tomorrow. But immediately i got back to the hotel room, The hotel manager was acting funny he said that am owing some bills which i couldn't remember anymore. If i dont leave here, i am going to loose my ticket.

Sweetie, I want you to please loan me $950 USD to settle the hotel bills and leave here to meet with you. I promise to pay you back when my goods arrives in a week time... I am expecting the goods of $550,000 USD.

I Susan swear with my late Mom and Dad grave that am going to pay you back.

God bless you and your family.


Letter 7

Sweetie, I am presently in Manchester, United Kingdom and that is where i will be leaving from... Sweetie, please check now, how much can you please loan me... I promise to pay you back in a week time when my goods arrives in the state.


Letter 8

Sweetie, please talk to me fast so that i can leave here on Monday night and be with you on Tuesday morning... How much can you please loan me???


Letter 9

Hello sweetie, Please kindly send all what you can send to me through Western Union or Money gram... Here is the my information


You are going to get back to me with the sender's information, amount sent and the numbers


Letter 10

I can see that you ran away....

Letter 11

I would like you to help me cash my check and send the cash back to me... the bank here couldnt cash the check to banking system and they advice me to look for someone in the state to help me cash it and send the money back to me... What is the name and address to send it to??