Scam letter(s) from Daniela Egobabe to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Jimmy, You made me smile with your apology on responding to me a day late. Obviously, I find it very humorous as you had absolutely no reason to apologize as your mail was not late at all. However, I have accepted your apology nonetheless. Again, oh, I've seen how "****" you are from your photos! You really are a very well-built man and certainly not ***. On the contrary, you look pretty good and I mean that. Wow! your mail was quite comprehensive and detailed. I really do appreciate your openness to telling me a whole lot about you and the things you like and the ones you don't. Hopefully, I will reciprocate that gesture. I am 23 years old and just graduated from the university last month. I live in the capital city of Mali called Bamako. I can only hope you have heard of that place before eventhough, I doubt it seriously. Mali is a west African desert nation. Unfortunately for me; I do not have another family. I am my family. So, there is no talk of if my family is large or small. I didn't even meet my mother as I was told she passed on when I was barely a toddler. My dad was a very busy person and could not re-marry. He too, passed on last 3 years. So, as it stands, I am alone and continuously working assiduously to better my lot in life. My dad did told me that he has 2 other brothers but they live in either Zimbabwe or Zambia. I never spoke with them on phone before and have never met them in life. I am not sure they know of my existence and not planning on looking for me. I have tried to locate them through the internet or facebook but have not been successful. Offcourse, I don't have the means to go to any of these countries mentioned to look for them as I don't know what names they could be bearing. Surely, they must be alive and have families but they don't know of my existence and care less about that anyways. It's good to know that you have a daughter who is grown already. I can only imagine you having dogs as companion? Wow! well as for me, I have my school friends as my companions here and doesn't tend to regret what life has thrown at me rather tend to use it to make me even stronger. Optimistically, we shall get to know more about each other as time goes on. Do have a very beautiful weekend.
Smooches. Daniella.
Letter 2
Hi Jimmy, Nice to hear from you and also seeing your new photo with your cute companion. Yes, I did enjoyed your openness and appreciated the fact that you took your time to address certain issues. Optimistically too, you appreciated my explicit mail concerning myself. Presently, I don't have a boyfriend and the reason is not far-fetched. I've had boyfriends in the past but it doesn't last more than 3 months. Infact, only one of my past relationships had stayed for 6 months before we both parted ways. ALL the guys have really found it very odd that I don't want to have *** with them outside marriage rather preferred to keep my virginity. Over the time, I have come to realize that most men don't like virgins but I don't care. I've come this far to let go on my principle of NO *** before marriage. If any man wants me enough for ***, then, he should also want me for marriage and be patient enough for the wedding night to have me. I have absolutely no qualms with your age as I don't consider you too old for me. On the contrary, I find you very good-looking and nice. In every relationship, all that matters are the mutuals. Mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual affection, mutual love etc. Do have a very blissful weekend. Huggies
Letter 3
My Dear Jimmy, Firstly, I am not a model or an actress. I am just a young graduate from the university. As a matter of fact, I just graduated last month of May finishing with a second class, upper division in Political science and international relations. I have no faintest intention of modelling for anybody or acting as that brings undue attention to oneself. I would not want to be inundated with loads of frivolous suitors who only wants to get in-between my pants. Reading about your romantic story with the Nigerian girl is exciting. Unfortunately, it had to end the way it did without notice. However, I am comforted that you understood that she may have found someone else whom she fancied. As for the other ones whom you've met but they refused to proceed on a relationship with you on the simple reason of seeing your body scars; Godspeed to them! One thing though, you can be assured of is that what you have is only but a body scar, it has not touched your soul, did not even alter your body built, did not paralyze you as I've seen your first photos where you stood quite upright and a very tall and huge man. Therefore, you have absolutely NOTHING to feel bad about yourself or start having a complex situation. Your life was NOT consumed in that accident which is a testimony of what God wants you to achieve in life. You were NEVER born with those scars hence; I am as sure as tomorrow that no matter how **** those scars looks like, it doesn't alter your gene, doesn't alter your ego, doesn't alter your personality and quite frankly, does not alter whatever that I feel or will feel about you rather I will only marvel at God's mercy in your life. Not quite sure if you are religious, but I am very religious and a good Christian hence; such frivolous thing as body scar from someone who survived from an accident doesn't scare me nor devalue your personality. I did sent you a message earlier and complemented it with this latest one. Huggies
Letter 4

Dear Jimmy, Let me begin by saying that I have no faintest intention of stopping correspondences with you or our friendship. However, it is important for you to know that sometimes, my mail responses may be slow because I do not have a PC at home or laptop. I rely on the use of cyber cafe and this does not come daily because of limited financial resources on my part. Having said this, I do hope that you will understand when I am unable to respond quicker to your messages and pardon me for that? Thanks for your encouragement as regards my position on keeping my virginity. Some other men would have chastised me or even said that I was stingy and inconsiderate with my principle but you have surprised me. Hopefully, our friendship will blossom and we shall get to know more about each other as time goes on. You have my utmost support and bear it in mind that no woman can make you lose your self-esteem because of your body scars rather you should be proud that you escaped unhurt in that accident and it was only the flesh that it was able to affect and not your soul or life. I'm glad you appreciated my moral support to you and I meant everything that I said. I am looking forward to reading from you again as you promised. Do have a very beautiful week ahead. Huggies
Letter 5
Hi Sweetheart, Nope, you did not say anything to upset me; not even in the slightest. On the contrary, your mail was quite explicit and smooth. I am not sure if there was anything that I wrote in my mail response that depicted me as being upset; if that was the case, then, it was merely a misconception as I was never upset at all. Oh, that's very beautiful to know that you kinda like an independent-minded woman like me. Yes, I might come out strong in some of my opinion or positions as regards issues but beneath that strong-minded person lies a very soft inner-mind. You can be assured that I am not such a rigid person but very easy to get along with. Your frankness to issues has endeared you more to me I must confess. Not very many men would be as open-minded as you've been to me especially considering that we are getting to know each other. However, it's been a no-holds-barred situation with you as you have been very forthcoming with me from onset and I must quickly confess that it's a very rare trait from someone as hugely built as you. As for your sterility following your accident, do not despair! You already have a daughter who is grown up and quite frankly, I don't believe that's so much of an issue considering the fact that you still have your ******** and can perform in bed. Inasmuch as you still functions sexually, there is a thin chance that you can still be potent again. I believe so much in miracles and the power of God. I also believe in second chances. If you were kept alive from the accident, it means, you still have a purpose to serve here on earth. Do know that making babies is not the only thing that you can achieve in life as I am sure there are other tacit and genuine things you can conveniently accomplish. I am so proud of you. Thanks so much for your understanding about my late responses and my inability to respond as quickly as possible. However, you can be assured that I will always respond. I also think of you always. You are truly a good man Jimmy. So much hugs sugar. Danny.
Letter 6
Hi Jimmy, I didn't realize that there is hurricane in your area. I will look that up now. I am hoping that it doesn't **** your city away rather the strength and power of the hurricane would have withered before it gets to your city. As for my photos; are you on facebook? If you are, look me up using my names Daniella Egobabe that way you can view my photos. Regards
Letter 7
Hi Jimmy,
Firstly, it was my birthday today and I had every reason to be joyful and glad! Not many people lived to see this day. Not many people lived to see their 24th birthday. However, God made it all possible for me. I did not step a foot outside the house today until this night that I am at the cyber cafe to write you. I didn’t have enough to eat let alone to give myself a treat so, I decided that the best option was to sit my **** inside the house and give praise, worship and thanksgiving unto the Lord. I did try in my very way to make myself happy and I am glad to write you. I truly wish I could have celebrated it since it coincides with my graduating year from the university but I didn’t have the financial resources to pull it off. Altogether, I am happy though for a beautiful life. Oh, so glad to know that you did check out some of my photos on facebook. Well, modeling doesn’t pay that much here in Africa and even in Mali in particular rather it has the tendency of exposing me to exploitative men who may want to capitalize on some weaknesses to sleep with me. So, modeling is a no-no for me here; maybe, if I am opportune to relocate to an advanced country where laws are respected and such trade can benefit me and enhance my status. It is even more joyous to know that the hurricane didn’t hurt you in any way and did not destroy things in your area as badly as was widely expected rather it got weak even before it got to your area. That’s very fantastic. So, tell me, how do you spend your free time? Do you usually have fun? What and what makes you happy and what do you do for fun? I bet you had a beautiful weekend? Huggies.
Letter 8
My Dearest Jimmy, I know pretty much that I can always count on you. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Oh about forgetting dates? You are not alone on this as I know very many of my friends who are not very keen about dates. Your words are exciting as well as comforting. You are truly a genuine and good friend. Nevermind about the distance though, I know you are a kind soul and I feel pretty safe discussing with you and will feel even safer being with you. Optimistically, I hope that our relationship will blossom and even metamorphose to something greater than it is now. I genuinely have that feeling. Those **** photographs were when I wanted to do something crazy for myself. Good to know you admired them. Well, should I say that I am even better in real life than on photos. Well, you will make those assessments when we eventually meet. Do have a very beautiful evening. Hugs
Letter 9
My Dearest Jimmy,
I thought of something in the middle of the night which is obviously posing a hindrance to our getting to know each other more and more and very rapidly too and do wish to rob minds with you on this and see what you think of it.

You may have noticed that my mails sometimes does not come as quickly as it ought to because most times, I am constrained to be at the cyber cafe to read and respond to mails as promptly as possible. As a matter of fact, I do come quite regularly these days just to ensure that you don’t get the wrong picture and that is at a great sacrifice. Obviously, there are some things about my background that you don’t know yet. I am my own family. I am my mother, my father and my siblings. I know that at this time, you may be wondering what I mean by that? Quite frankly, I never met my mother as I was told that she passed on when I was a toddler hence; I didn’t have the privilege of meeting her and have a proper mummy’s cuddling and care. My dad never re-married as he didn’t think he was good enough to marry again since he was always on the move for his businesses. I was raised by a nanny with my dad and when I was 8 yrs old, was sent to a boarding school and only returns home during holidays. That way, it afforded my dad the time to run around for his business. Unfortunately too, I lost my old man in 2010 and have remained alone and an orphan ever since. However, God has been very faithful to me as I have always survived. I had to pass through my university because my dad had this education program fund he made with his bank. So, it was the bank that paid through my university education with a monthly allowance of an equivalent of $150. It was really nothing as I always had to manage to survive with that meager allowance. I was always receiving that allowance even when my dad was alive and he supplemented that with the pocket money and clothes that he always buys for me. However, following his untimely demise, life became so hard but God is always on the throne to see me through my challenges.

Now, without appearing to bore you with my life history, I only told you this just so you know where I am coming from. It is exceedingly difficult for me to be coming to the cyber cafe always to read and respond to your mails and keep up the flame that we are founding on our relationship. This flame can easily be put off if we are unable to communicate as often as possible which is why I am bringing up this suggestion. I know there are places here in Bamako where they sell used laptops; I mean very old ones for cheap prices. I can even get some at low price as $150 equivalent here. Now, with that, I can now subscribe for internet connection here which will cost an initial amount of another $150 with a monthly subscription of $60 subsequently. This is affordable for the rich but certainly NOT to a poor soul like me at this moment. I know that in the future, I can afford it but certainly not now. So, if you think as much as I do that we need to correspond and communicate quite often, this is a fair suggestion and you are not under any obligation to please me with this. However, I feel that we can improve and enhance our relationship through constant correspondences.

Do have a very beautiful day.

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