Letter(s) from Evgenia Trosheua to Allan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Allan! It was so pleasant to see your letter today, and you have made my day better! I thank you Allan! How - you today? It is very a pity to me, but I have not understood your question, please write me your question once again. I with pleasure will answer your question. I still badly know English, I can have passed your question.
I thought, that I always answer all your questions. Excuse, if I have not answered your question, probably I have not noticed your question.
All is excellent on work today, I have coped with orders, have received several days ago. My director has expressed me gratitude for completely made work! Director was in good mood today, it has approved a lot of serving. I am confident, if everyone always speaks kind words with employees, they will try to make the big successes, and to do work completely! In general, when I read your letter, my increases of mood upwards. I think, that we are good friends! You can be convinced of my sincerity. I even more frequently remember last vacation. I would like, that they arrive soon. I would like to spend this time in the good company, with end and the expensive person. Probably, I would like to visit the Your coutry, I never was there earlier. Tell Allan, you already spent your vacation this year? Whether you have any plans during the period of the future vacation? So it is interesting to me for knowing about your life! Certainly, I understand, that you, probably, spend a lot of time for work also. But probably also it is necessary to give rest to an organism! I think, that the most important, that the rest and work are always in norm. Then the person will be always vigorous and full of forces! Then any work it made, will be a success. You agree with me Allann.

Letter 2

The finest time - when all family travels together. I remember my childhood, my parents have taken always me and my sister to travel.
What happy and carefree time it was. Since my childhood my parents have shown us the big love to family. I dream, that as soon as I and my future family we shall travel more, and my children also will be pleased and loved feeling. I want to give them love which was given to me in my childhood. Allan, I want to tell to you, that I am grateful for all advantages to the god also. I believe in god Jesus Christ, it has died for the sake of our sins. However I have no opportunity to visit church frequently, I do it once a month. I understand, which we trusts in the god, can be excellent. I hope, what it will not be a problem for us? At the same time I support any belief. In my opinion, the person should trust, and it is not important, who of it or its god. The main thing - that there is a belief in his heart. I hope, you agree with me? Tell, what you think of it? Dear Allan, my friends in my work ask me also about you very much all time:) I speak them, that you are very good person, also I want to tell to you, that some my friends (girls) envy me a little because I have found the good person through the Internet. But I do not pay attention to their envy. Allan, I feel, what our attitudes - it is more than friendship, whether not so? I feel it in my heart and soul because I cannot without your e-mails now. I wait for your e-mails as soon, in the greatest possible degree!!! I already start to dream of a meeting with you once! I think, that it can be understood in our case if we - both will be had with desire to meet. I think, that it is very important. It is important to meet the person first before any other attitudes. I sincerely want to tell to you, that you are very interesting to me, and I imagine you as my person. You are a good person, and I think, that you are in my taste! Tell to me, please, fairly, that you think of me. You feel interest when speak with me? What do you feel, when you write letters to me? It is very interesting to know about it because I have serious intentions in All my family. I very much love the family and relatives. I send you new photos. Here all my relatives. All my family. And also I think much and I reflect on you Warm kisses of tenderness. Sincerely yours Elena.