Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Tom (USA)

Letter 1
Im beginning to have some feelings for you, but I just want you to give me your 100% trust.
Letter 2
How much can you get this week then?
Letter 3
I do understand, just that want my family to see that we are serious about each other.
Letter 4

Alright my love, even if you are not able to get full 250, try and get it something so that my family will see that we are serious about being together.
Letter 5
Yes, i will be able help with 500usd hopefully i will get it next Saturday.
Letter 6
Yes, Im the one but just want you to know that all those see pictures you saw were me. But all that i want you to know was the man that who made me came to his place, shared a lot of pictures on the net just because i made up my mind not to date him again so that he'll tarnish my image. I want you to know that I've reported all that to the police, but they are still doing something about it. But since you said you dont trust me any longer or love me anyhow. I guess i should **** myself to end all the pain and tragedies as I can't continue to live loosing you, as you mean a lot to me.
Letter 7
How do you expect me to respect your wish after I've fallen madly in love with you. Does that mean you having a big problem simply means am a monster? Is that how to treat a lady? I've much disappointed in you. You've torn my heart into pieces just right now, making me to go through a lot of pain. But i know the almighty has seen that am innocent.
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