Letter(s) from Lubov Zinchenko to MevlYt (Turkey)

Letter 1

Hello Mevlut!
I hope this letter finds you happy and well! Well, I am new in such way of making acquaintance but hope I will be lucky. What to start first????
I live in Ukraine in a small but cozy town. I live here from my birth. Here I live with my granny. She is my closest relative. I don't have parents or sister and brother.

I work as a librarian at a school library. I adore reading and I think the books can teach not only some actions and behavior but they teach to feel!
Have you read Tolstoy or Pushkin? I like these writers a lot.
I know English well. I write to you on my own without any help. I leant it at pedagogical college.

I can play piano. I finished musical school. Maybe one day I will have a chance to play you some nice plays by piano))). Who knows???? We will see!!!
I like different musical concerts. Do you like Rachmanoff's piano concerto??
Do you like jazz? What kind of music do you like?

I am very romantic and tender person who is searching for only that one man I need.
I live not reach but comfortable life and I learn to enjoy simple but very precious thing in life: I can't say that material values are not important to me but they never can compare with friendship, love and mutual understanding.

In a man, I am seeking a sincere, intelligent, honest and kind man who has serious intentions and mature views. Unfortunately I was not lucky to find my beloved here in Ukraine. Maybe the problem is in Ukrainian men or maybe I just need to find my love somewhere very far from here and to start our family.
If you are interested in me, then write back to me. I promise to answer any of your questions and be open .
Awaiting your soon reply,
Wish you a nice day

Letter 2

Dear Mevlut!
How are you there? Thanks for writing back to me!
I am happy to see your letter in my mailbox. It is a rather busy and noisy day at work.
Children decided to get books for reading))))
Beginning to write a letter is always hard. Beginning to write one to someone you don't know is harder especially knowing that just this letter could change your life forever. Do you agree with me?
I mean how do you go around starting something as important as your future happiness?

In lack of thinking out something better I thought that in this letter I should try to present myself, then it’s up for you to decide whether or not I’m worth getting to know better.

As I work as a librarian my daily life is like this , I wake up at 6 o'clock 3 days for gym and then at 7 other mornings. I start work at 8 and finish 5 or 6 o'clock.
I work 6 days a week and on Sunday I am free, just staying at home and going around the flat to make it clean and cozy). I don't have my own flat, it is a rented flat but I like to make my family to feel comfortable and cozy there).

I am a very active , sport girl who is very tender and fragile at the same time.
I like romantic candlelit evenings, giving each other massages, and adore causing my man to smile and giggle.

I could astonish you with my culinary masterpieces. I do like cooking a lot!
By the way, what is your favourite dish? Have you even tried Ukrainian national dishes?
If not, then you should do it! I wish I could cook one for you, promise you will like it))))
I just came back from my work and have to go there again soon because my break is finishing. I will end my letter here and promise next time I will tell you more I have good feeling that we are starting something beautiful between us :))
and hope that will be always like that :)
Sincerely, Lubov

Letter 3

Dearest Mevlut!
Thank you for your letter, and for your response. I really liked the way of your words , feelings and thoughts that you have expressed ..
What the good happened there with you? What are your plans for the evening?
I have some free time from my work now. Today at work I had a problem with children. Actually not me but they had a fight. And I had to stop it and give them a good discussion about their behavior. I read a lot and I used to tell them the example from the book that makes them to think about their life. I feel really sad when I see how cruel the people are, expecially kids.
They can hurt with word and even don't notice that they do harm for the person.
I like children and when they come to the library to me I often try to suggest them a good positive book that makes them feel not aggressive to the surround people.

My feelings are sometimes good, sometimes not, I am happy when I can see the sun shining in my face, when I have holiday, watch good movie, and have love and kisses :-) I like hugging!!!!!! It is something that I need!!!!

I am actually very funny and love to laugh, listen to good music from rock and pop to hard rock it all.
I hate cruelty for people and animals. I don't like when somebody talks behind your back and possibly more but nor really interesting.
Tell me about your feelings ? What makes you happy ? What makes you sad?
Today my friend Anna suggested to go to the cinema. Do you like cinema?
What film do you like to watch? Do you like cartoons?
We will go to watch a cartoon. I like cartoons)))) I can't tell what category of films I like more. I am different in it. As usual the category of film depends on my mood!)
Please write me more about you.
I'm not a player, I'm very honest and passionate.
Yes I'm ready for a family, I do not want casual relationship, I want the long relationship that is also very important to me.
Impatiently wait for your letter
Your Lubov

Letter 4

Sweet Mevlut!

It is a gloomy day today outside. The sun doesn't shine, the sky is full of clouds.
I have waken up today with the thought about you))))I mean it. I thought what you were doing at that moment when I woke up))) Have you got such thoughts too????
How are you there? How is your health?
You know, yesterday evening when I came home from my work I talked to my granny about you. Well, she knew before that I decided to find my man though the Net
You know she is one of the most important person in my life and I share with her everything I have and what has happened to me.
You know she understood me well. She knows that you are older than me but she told me that the age is not a problem at all. She and my grandfather had the age difference in 10 years but they had lived a wonderful life together!!!!!
She asked me if we were going to me!!!!!! She told me that if we want to know each other better we should arrange the real meeting as through the Net by letters we can't know each other very well. Even it takes some time the real meeting is worth of all our letters!!!!! I agree with her and you????????????????????
Do you want to meet me there with you? Please be honest to me!
I know you so little, but you're so close to me.
Now, I am waiting for your answer and your thoughts.
You gave me a special inspiration, thank you for this!
With my tender kiss to you,

Your Lubov

Letter 5

Dearest Mevlut!
I can tell you that i am fine just thinking too much of you everyday!
How are you doing today, my sun?
I hope that you are ok there without me.
You know at work on my table there is a globe and when I look at the globe and see your country I try to guess what you are doing now, at what part of the country you are now.
I miss you more and more every day and the life becomes more difficult without you. I often ask myself how it is possible to miss the person you have never met?
I think we should get to know us in person as soon as possible. Then, then one knows immediately whether the chemistry is right, if you have butterflies in your stomach, and loves.
Everything I have from you is your words and thoughts. And I keep it in my heart and I don't want anybody know about it. But at work my colleagues notice that something attracts me something makes me feel happy and smile.
Ukrainian people always say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so everything is in my eyes: my desire to you, my affection and passion.
It is so nice that we have found each other but is not good that we are separated with thousands of kilometers!
But I know we will arrange our meeting come true!
Remember please that you are like a sun for me.
With love and millions of kisses
Your Lubov

Letter 6

Dearest Mevlut!
what is your name and your surname?
I am Lubov Zinchenko
do you have cellphone?
The number is +380631500802 call me tomorrow from 1 p.m. till 3 p.m by Ukrainian time do you have passport? No, I don't have it I'm so happy when..opening my mailbox...I get a letter from you!! You make my day sunny even if it is not!!
Well I only want to send you a huge kiss for the moment..tomorrow I'm going to write more...
I wish you a great evening (hope you are going to check your mailbox tonight!!)
I'm so enthusiast about our relationship...hope one day to meet you in real!!!
Deep kiss!
Your Lubov

Letter 7

Dear Mevlut!
The telephone line is terrible. Every time the calling was cut off.
Please don't give up on us
Your Lubov