Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Bobby (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Bobby!
I am pleased that you are trying to answer all my questions and carefully read my letter. I see that I'm interested in you. Bobby, I'm glad we found each other. our acquaintance with you a pleasure for me. You're an interesting and sociable man. You write me a wonderful letter! I would hope that our relations do not stop on the correspondence. This is my opinion and I want to be sincere with you.
Now I sit at the computer and write a letter to you, because I thought about you.
I am glad that a million people on the Internet, we were able to find each other. I think it was fate. I can not call it differently! Now, when I wake up in the morning, my head was busy thinking about you! When I go to sleep, my head is occupied only with thoughts of you. You made me come back to reality. Previously, I gave all the time work. But now I have other thoughts. Thoughts of you. It's fortunate for me. I always think that all you're good at. How did you spend your day. What are you doing. Correspondence with you gives me great pleasure. It's very nice when a man understands my feelings. So I 'm not afraid to trust you my feelings. I do not know why, but I trust you. I had no such feelings for a man for a long time. But you deserve my trust. I believe that trust is important for a strong and happy marriage. I want us to have no secrets from each other! Do you agree? We're looking for a serious relationship, which can later lead to marriage! So we must be very frank! We must trust each other!
I think a lot about how our first meeting will be held after the virtual dating, since this is my first experience on the Internet. I can not yet imagine our first meeting, but I'm not afraid of her. Are you afraid of our first meeting? You thought about it already? I'm interested...
I will wait for your answer by tomorrow.
Your sincere Kseniya!
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