Letter(s) from Svetlana Sidorenko to Don (USA)

Letter 1

Hi. Good day. I have found your structure on webdate.com. And to want to get acquainted with you. My name is sveta. I live to Stavropol. It is the south Russia. To me of 30 years. I to search for the beloved, and probably future spouse. I single and to not have children. If to you interestingly write on my personal address electronic mail: nfquf@inbox.ru I shall send you the photo, and to write the biography. Yours faithfully. Sveta. nfquf@inbox.ru

Letter 2

Thanks for your letter, my lovely Donald! Know, at you good, pure soul and your appearance, to me it is very nice. I so and to represent you, you to be in my heart. I to speak mum about you. My mum to send the regards to you, mum not against our acquaintance. Know, I very much frequently to think of you. Yesterday at night, I to reflect on our acquaintance, it is possible we the truth are intended each other by destiny? I to not know, probably it is the truth love, what you to think? You the gentleman and frankness the man! I with you shall be frank also. I shall answer your questions. I to know about many happy marriages with the foreigner.. I Think that a marriage and family it is necessary to make, only at mature, intelligent age. The man should be more senior than the woman. But I to think that before to decide a marriage, it is necessary to learn well each other in the person. Really I to want to be married, I to want a meeting in the person, I to not be interested in a long correspondence. I to not want anything to think, but I hope for serious and long attitudes with you. Please, be fair with me. My life and destiny, an our life probably is solved. You to speak the truth, I like frank people! Certainly it is interesting to me to see your country and to meet you. I can receive a vacation then we it is good to learn each other. I to not know as dearly it is cost. If you arrival, you will be to dear visitors and probably the groom? I the usual woman who to want happiness and love. To think that to us to be good together. We of a different nationality, but we to have much in common, we to search for one in a life.... Sometimes it happens me very sadly and alone.. On a life I to try to be the optimist. Know, you to give me energy and meaning of the life. I to trust in the fine future, I shall trust that I am happy! The hope I to make you happy??? It is very important to make the man happy. I to want to be necessary, to want to love and be we like! Certainly sex, it is necessary and very important, between the man and the woman. It is impossible to be interested only in physical affinity. There are feelings, understanding, love and harmony of attitudes, you agree? Heat in our attitudes Brings to me only pure pleasure. Likely it is virtual love, but to me to seem that I to know you. I to hesitate to admit to you earlier, but I love you!!!!!! I to want a meeting in the person. I to understand that to you is difficult to find time to visit Russia. Therefore I shall learn about necessary documents and cost to visit you, hope it is not expensive also I can visit you. A kiss from Russia, my to loved Donald!!!!!!! Yours Sveta

Letter 3

Hello my lovely Donald! Yes, I to know the English language. I perfectly to understand your letters. You to like to go to a campaign? I simply adore and I love the nature, reservoirs when we a meeting, you to take me on the nature? Forgive, yesterday I simply to not have time to write to you. I am happy today. I to learn the information as us to meet. I have visited travel agency which are in my city. I to receive consultation at the manager of this firm. To receive the visa emigration independently, practically not a reality. It is very difficult for private person to make it. But the manager of firm informed me also about that that I can make the contract with their agency. The agency is engaged in registration of trips under the tourist visa. They can make out the tourist visa for 90 days. And this service will be cost accordingly 350 dollars. Term of registration of such visa will borrow from 5 till 10 days. (All depends from such as Quickly American consulate will check my data). But the firm renders this service only in that case if the client orders in them registration a package deal. He includes also the order of the air ticket, cost of flight in New York, approximately 970 dollars depending on airline. Write the airport nearest to you, I shall specify exact cost of flight directly where to you conveniently to meet me. To me informed that at desire to remain in your country for joint residing I should address together with you in the Russian consulate and inform there on this decision. And the consulate then will interpellate in emigratory service and together with it to make out to me residence permit. When we a meeting in the person, hope we to decide to connect our lives. Yes, loved Donald, I am valid to require yours the help. A total sum of money which is necessary for document registration, about 800 dollars. It is the visa, consular gathering, the medical information. I to have savings of 200 dollars, but it is not enough of it.. .. Understand, to me not a reality to pay it... Yes, I to speak the manager our situation, that I trip to you. It is the visa of the tourist and agency to work directly with citizens of Russia. To me to tell that the remittance the western union, to operate all over the world. In your city there is a western union? Your real help to cable money directly to Stavropol, for my name Svetlana Sidorenko. 600 dollars are necessary for me. In my city there is a western union. I can receive money and pay the visa. It is necessary for me to attribute still tomorrow him documents, the information from work and the certificate on a birth. If you the help, tomorrow I to pay it. Please to not overlook to write the name of your airport. If you to not understand something, inform me. I to know that with you, I shall be happy! Mum certainly to experience and excitement about I, but mum to wish me of good luck, you good the man, I to trust that you to not cause me a pain. You the gentleman, I to not meet such the man in a life. Tomorrow in the morning I to wait your answer. Whole! Your Svetlana.

Letter 4

Thanks for your letter Donald! I to understand you. Thanks for the name the airport and your phone number. Forgive, I at once to not answer you. Simply I to be very much excited about ours a meeting, I to think it a reality? You sincerity, you the good person. Simply I to want love...... I can work as the doctor and the help to you in a life. I now on a vacation. You should me tell fairly, you to want me to see? You to want that I to arrive to you? If yes, I shall save money, I shall ask the loan. Probably I can stay at you some weeks, it is less expensive. You to want it? Simply I shall be happy to lead my vacation in USA and to meet you. Write, how you? Wishes to you of all good and happiness. I wait your answer. A kiss to my sweet Donald! Your Svetlana

Letter 5

All is good!!!!!!!! Forgive for the long answer, all is good. Donald, my love, I should receive the visa of the tourist. I only to return from a tour agency. I to give them copies of documents and the information from work. Now it is necessary to wait for registration the visa. I to reserve flight in St. Louis, Missouri, airport Lambert. If we to want, I can prolong the visa and remain with you. I shall be flight on August, 8-10. You should plan to meet me. I from Moscow, the airport of the Sheremetyevo shall fly. But you owe the help to me money. You to write what to have an opportunity, help me money. You should cable money in Russia, Stavropol, for my name Svetlana Sidorenko, through the western union. Inform me number of remittance. The address of bank, and a tour agency, I to want to see you.
STAVROPOL , 355012
(7 ) (865) 2562511.
licenses: 05352 E-mail: office@skalsa.ru
The international and internal tourism
Index: 355003v City: Stavropol
The address: Lomonosov, 23
Code: 8652
Phone: 35-7472
I so am happy, in some days, we to be together!!! I so am excited about ours a meeting! You to take care of me, to us to be good together. I very much, am very much excited. Whole also I embrace you!
Your Svetlana