Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Espen (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello there, I hope you have your day going well today and I will not spoil it with my letter. I know this is nonsense if women wrote the first to get acquainted with a man, but I like to keep everything in my hands, I like to pay attention to the man.
Sorry if I bother you, but I could not find another way to interest your attention to me. If you do not ignore my letter, I am sure you will not regret that you have a friendship with me. I'm very pushy girl and I almost always get everything I want in my life, soon you too will be in my power))) aha-ha, just kidding. Please don't be too serious about me. Usualy I'm very serious girl and want the same from my friends and my boyfriend. But sometimes, I like to be a little crazy, you know what I mean? ;)
I do not want to bore you with my empty chatter, I'll just have to hope you like me and you will answer me back soon. I understand English but not very well, I can write, but I do not have much experience to speak English. I hope that I will understand you and you give me the experience necessary to I improved my English, my accent is terrible.
If you heard me speak English, you would have thought, "What sounds are emitted by this woman?" )))
I have a lot to tell about me, but I want to be sure I interest you, before we continue.
I really want you to send me your picture, I want to always have it with me. Photography is very important, we should represent who we are talking to it was like a real contact.
Now I want to say only one thing about me if you think I'm a girl for one night, you can delete this email and forget me forever.
If you do not know what to write, you can write to me only a few lines to let me know that you are interested. For example, you can write about your city or your country, where you live, for me it's all very interesting. I have to finish now, I'll wait for your answer as soon as possible. I almost forgot, my name is Tatyana!*) Have a good day!
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